I’d like to be around erase them so so just what’s best for our family. It was time for a career change and when Covid hit particularly so it was, it was really difficult for me to step away from improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But but I knew I needed to do do something different than, but I’ve I’ve always loved what? Would have done and want to stay in the same field. So when this opportunity came along, I like thank you for this opportunity. It’s another way for me to work a little bit more remotely, and I’m still going to be going out, traveling and seeing people. But Nasser lot more accepted these days now by people they don’t ask questions about things like that anymore. And you know, with all the athletes working on their speed and agility training Tulsa everyday, I mean in the in a gym. So we understand for sure this should be a better fit for you. Know that we’re glad you’re glad you’re here in the one we’re glad that the good Lord gave you another data to breathe and another day to walk. That’s important. The second piece of that is is that you know we’re thankful that that your health is hopefully is improving, and we’re glad that you’re here and we appreciate you. Sharing that with us. Yeah, I mean she’s got a story and The thing is, now whoever gets to go next, unless you’ve been on the brink of death twice, I don’t know if you’re gonna be able to top that story so.

But we’re glad to share that with us and welcome aboard. We’re glad you there. We’ve got a big need in wrestling world as wrestlers know the importance of good speed and agility training Tulsa for certain will go from will going Chris next, Chris, you’re next on the list man. Let’s rock and roll talk. Tell us about yourself and what you do to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Well, compared to everybody else, mines probably gonna be boring. But that’s OK with our stories. Our story, right? I’m not gonna go back. And just highlights right here. Played high school baseball football played at Auburn under speed and agility coach josh hamilton. Chase the corporate dream afterwards. Got to. Kovik and where we were in a really good place, code wise and. Unemployed. So coming up was working forward from a workforce of 300 down to 40. And I was one of the unfortunates. So for the last. 13-14 months and then everybody laugh at once. I’ve been delivering groceries. Because you do what you have to do in life, whether you like it or not, and when you’ve worked for most of your life to get in a good position. You certainly don’t want to go backwards you want to go upwards by training to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and so that was what I was literally. Doing is getting up at 5:30 in the morning to be around at a grocery store centralized area to deliver groceries for dinner 12 hours a day and. It it humbles you, and not that a hard day’s work in any. Career is embarrassing, but to go from the corporate world to delivering groceries, that’s a little bit of a change.

But it’s also good when you see that there are things going on behind the scenes. That lessons are being taught. Humility is being encouraged. And you find yourself in. For being prepared for things that you don’t even know that are coming down the pipeline so that all being said. That’s what I’ve been doing and praying and finding what am I supposed to do next, and my daughter plays travel, softball she also does speed and agility training Tulsa and friend of ours. Mention this to me that he was doing this and that I might be interested. He thought it might be a good fit to improve vertical jump training Tulsa because of all the people that I know and my background. And. You talk with the Rusty and Brian and Mike End seem to. I think a win win on both sides. And so here I am. So it’s it’s. Pretty exciting as far as the guys talking about. Not everybody’s brought up age, but certainly the younger guys who know speed and agility training Tulsa well are, but being an older guy in my mid 50s nobody wants anybody in their mid 50s. Even in your mid 50s I think its not too late to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Is it? No. That’s what I keep saying,

It’s just there’s there’s very very very few spots that people are looking to hire older people. So. To say that this is a opportunity and a blessing as an understatement, so very grateful and your Gray hair will benefit you very well in this job. And that was one of the things that Rusty actually mentioned was well. The corporate world is not excited about people really. Over 50 at all. There are some very selective niche in the world better. Perfect fit. That’s a good thing here Chris. Wanna say number one is is. Maybe I think I think everyone of us. We all understand that when when something adversity hits, you know you have two things you can do in your life. You can either you gave about adversity, you can go up to the adversity. I’m not about guy. No, I mean and and I don’t think you are either. And I think I think one thing you said to me, which blood gave me chill bumps when you said it? If you’re willing to get up at 5:00 in the morning and go deliver groceries because you know you gotta do whatever is whatever it takes. To be able to. Continue to have some form of. Income and life standard. Whatever it is.

Whatever motivated you that to do that? Seeing others do it to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. that’s what my motivation was. Then there’s absolutely no one, not one ounce of me that thinks that you won’t grab every opportunity that’s given to you by MSR and work just as hard at 5:00 in the morning or six afternoon or whatever time it is. because if you’re willing to do that then that tells me you’re not man you can’t be lazy and you can’t be scared and so at the end of the I want my I want my people I want to be surrounded by people that are willing to bow their neck willing to work hard at speed and agility training Tulsa. Because the end of the day, we don’t need anybody bow down to to the knows.