I’m dragging this out and it’s killing me, so we’ve got to a point to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Now where we’ve already texted Mom, we texted add Dad showed us ahead. We’re good to go to speed and agility training Tulsa. Later that afternoon, it’s time for me to get the girl like LinkedIn, so it’s simply a question like this if I don’t have the girl’s cell phone number. I text mom and I say, hey, Mom, I need I wanna ask little Susie a couple questions and just chat up some ball with her. Would you mind adding us to a text group or giving me her cell phone number? And let me add her to a text group with you so we can kind of chit chat about some bowl. And then now I’ve got dollar in. It is now the next thing on there. Hey, you know little Susie, this coach Cagle. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys on camera on and talking about valuation. I sent mom a questionnaire. She’s gonna fill it. Yoga is going to fill it out tonight. I’m excited bout hey is your dream to play in college? Yes, Sir it is.

That’s awesome how long you been playing travel ball for speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright, well y’all are committed then aren’t you? Yes Sir, I am OK. Well can you get that? Get that questionnaire completed for me and send it back to me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll see you guys in a couple of days by camera. Why have I now gotten the daughter on the conversation with us to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Help me out. Portuguese Canada. Person is going to be most excited about it all correct? She’s gonna be the most excited one else Mom gives you that number. You you you have gone or that trust right? I’ve got to give up their kids number. Correct so crush. The kids will be excited wild. Two reasons OK. One has to do with with Jerry’s statement of excitement. When they get together this evening for dinner. As a family or the next morning for breakfast as a family or whatever, it is, their downtime is together. What do you think is gonna be the girl subject of conversation for speed and agility training Tulsa? She brings up the parents. Conversation. Chris Robinson texted me, Mom, and I’m excited to talk to you. What’s that gonna be like you think you know, sweetheart? I don’t know. It’s gonna be an interview, you know, and that’s gonna be it improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Number one. I’m doing it for that to get her excited to do this.

OK now once the 2P words I’ve used with you guys, it keeps coming back up. Visioning, Master positioning, posturing and positioning. Developed excitement. And so that there’s, you know. I will be in need, but you developed excitement from all those individuals and communication. So who are they talking about? You’re talking about you, Mom, Dad and Sue’s or I’m talking about you. Now let me take it to a deep, dark place. The heavy attention now. Let’s take it to the deep dark place. Are you ready? I get daughter involved in speed and agility training Tulsa. So that dad or whoever is going to be the my opponent in the. Of closing table. Will have to look at his daughter. And tell her no. Now fellas. That’s positioning. And it’s posturing. No, you look at me like I got some kind of glow in my face and I get excited about that, right? I don’t mean it that way at all. It’s just that I understand the dynamic. And no Dad wants to tell his daughter. No. Do you, Chris? I have one for those of you that have stalked me on social media. You know what she looks like improve vertical jump training Tulsa? She’s kind of pretty.

She’s kinda freaking athletic. She’s kind of really freaking smart. Thank goodness she’s like her Mama. But when she picks up the phone and she calls me and says hey, Debbie Diddy. I know what’s coming next. It involves money. And I’ve the most difficult time of speed and agility training Tulsa. Of saying no. No matter what it is is The Dirty gets you every time. Just don’t wanna say no and in the book and she knows that she’s not stupid. OK she gets it she don’t even play ’cause i’m not a roll over so i do tell I need $100 for what? OK, Are you sure? Sure, you don’t want to take that out of your savings account instead of me giving it to you right now. I wanna save my money for so and so. So OK, you know. Or Dad, I need $100 for this. You know you don’t need that. You know there’s no reason to do that right now. I don’t mind saying though, but in a circumstance where I’m in a group of people in front of a group people and it’s something that’s reasonable about a dream or something improve vertical jump training Tulsa. She’s been really going after. Are you gonna be the guy that says your daughter no.

You’re not. So understand that I put everybody in a position where they see the necessity, the need, the arms broken. There’s a level of trust. The daughters excited she wants to get positive results for speed and agility training Tulsa. She wants to be get positive feedback. She’s wanting dad and mom to do this. The bottom line is I’ve got everybody in the right place and state of mind now for us to have a meeting. That’s the deep dark reason why do protect? That’s reason it several years ago, when we, when I introduced this in the check into the whole process of training. 90% of the stuff went. 60% of the stuff that we do outside of the interview has been set up by somebody that was really successful to do it, and we put things in place to help you be more successful improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And this is one of those things.