When’s the last time you saw Nick Saban walking around a football game on Friday night handing out business cards to improve vertical jump training Tulsa like Oprah Friend for Hands Out Books of speed and agility training Tulsa? You ain’t never seen it. When’s the last time you saw Pat Murphy University of Alabama softball walking around handing out Bill Windsor? Last time you saw Betty Arena? Which is a friend of mine walking around at an event handing out business cards. You have it. So why would you do it? And there’s gonna be people that are gonna say to you. Well, you know Clint man, do you have a card? Y’all know what that’s that’s code language for, right? Hi Clayton, oh do you have a card? Code for leave Me alone business exactly. It don’t ever mistake that for anything else. Don’t ever mistake that for other interested, and that’s whatever they wanted. My car, who? Let’s get all giddy. No, they wanted your card so they could throw in the garbage if they wipe their own with ’cause they didn’t have any toilet paper. Or they could keep in a car and take notes on the back of it when they were on the phone and they pulled over on the side of the road at speed and agility training Tulsa. So when you get it from nicer for somebody to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, there’s a right way to do it, and it’s really simple. Could you cut the mustard core right here when you’re in a tournament event? I don’t have cards with me. I don’t take him with me. I don’t even have me in my possession. Only when I’m there so that when somebody says coach you got a card. Yeah, I know what that means, but the end of the day we fixed it fixed to get right as rain is now  fixed. I’m gonna get what I want because you need to understand this name. Everybody pays me. Everybody pays me for my car. ’cause that’s how valuable I am. Just to have my card, you’re going to compensate me for that.

Now there’s all kind of ways to compensate me. In this instance. In this instance, Jack the compensation is going to be information. You’re going to compensate me with information, so when you’re at a tournament at a game at a practice and somebody to ask you, do you have a card for speed and agility training Tulsa? The answer is, you know, I don’t have one with me. I don’t usually carry those, you know, college coaches, my peers. We don’t walk around handing out business cards. We typically ask people that were interested in what their information might. It might be so we can reach out to him. So tell me this, tell me more about your daughter to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. She won’t play in college and I’m gonna go through the doorway. Questions this season is gonna take you guys. And then I’m finally gonna say, well, I tell you what, why don’t you let me have your cell phone number tomorrow? I’m gonna send you a quick text. It’ll have my Business Contact information in it and then I can follow up with you about this evaluation of your child so that you can know if she truly can play in college or not. Is that fair enough, mom? And 99 times out of 100 will see what she mom or dad gonna do. What you say about speed and agility training Tulsa? Yes, Kevin number Chris coach.

OK so you think she can play with my valuation yet mom? But I’ve gotta finish it and just like my peer in the college coaches until I know if I wanna offer it really doesn’t matter if she if she can’t play dead in Western there’s no reason to have a conversation about the future. So yeah, what’s your cell phone number for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? OK, great. Did you get that text? I just sent your mom. Yeah yeah, yeah I know create yeah I played Ole Miss you know yes to. Yeah. Good, I’m looking forward to follow up with you. Now you all see the difference in the way that that’s handled there in a way that somebody just asked you for a card, and you hand it to him. Is there a difference number one? Yes, it’s subtle. But yet it’s tremendously not subtle. It is amazing how things can be one way and they can be totally opposite at the same time. Is subtle as it was, it wasn’t. It wasn’t the least bit. It was really invasive. ’cause now I’m in possession of the information that I need. To move forward, and ultimately that’s it. And that’ll ask people for their email addresses. OK, I don’t ask people for email addresses right here. I’m in person for speed and agility training Tulsa. I’m looking at your face to face. I’m having a conversation with you. I’m looking at how much I want your cell phone. OK.

The purpose of going to tournaments and this is something I want you guys to hear about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. A lot, specially my younger so young guy. Just understand I’m talking to you right this minute. You’re going to leave, and you’re going to leave. You’re going to spend all day at a soccer event all day at a basketball turn. All day. It’ll baseball all day at a football Central 7 all day involved, and you’re going to leave with three names and people. Is that good or bad? Bad it ***** Chris. I mean, you know, but you’re going to feel good about it, ’cause you were. You got three. I got three names. You mean to tell me there was 250 kids there and all you did was get to three people. Now let’s go back to what I told you guys other day. That’s the definition of lazy or scared.

One of the two. Right, can we agree with that? You’re either too lazy to do speed and agility training Tulsa, get up and go talk to somebody and do the things we’re going to teach you to do today anymore, or you were too scared to actually go up somebody and start the conversation or too scared to be in the right place for them to ask you the conversation. They will have many times you think in my 15 years of the 14 years or 15 years of doing this, do you think I’ve been standing on the field next to the field next to the gate next to the behind the dugout needed behind the home plate improve vertical jump training Tulsa?