You can go look at our scouts to improve vertical jump training Tulsa and some of their BIOS if you want some ideas on how to do that. OK guys, that’s your homework for tonight. OK. With all that done in the morning with speed and agility training Tulsa, first thing we’re going to go over all the contracts, the services. The questions you have on the services and when you can sell a senior contract and then I’m going to go over payment and how that works when it’s a full page versus when it’s not a full page. We’re going over all that in the morning. That’s going to take probably about an hour, hour and a half. Then I’m going to hand everything off to Robert and he’s going to start doing the interview with you. He’s gonna do the pre interview the interview and then the clothes. Any questions about your homework? Yeah, where did you say for the BIOS? Where can we find examples for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You can go to, our main website, go to locations is going to bring up the US map.

Click on a state that has a scout or licensee in it and you ought to be able to find us with our with our BIOS. Awesome, thank you. Alright, where is it on access season speed and agility training Tulsa? Where to edit your profile. I’m just probably missing. It’s probably right in front of me. Go to if you go to access and you got the menu edit profile should be one of them. Yeah, I just didn’t see it. Even mad my access looks different from yours because I’m an admin, so I have to kind of tell you what I think it looks like. Sorry, one more question. I’m seeing an example of a bio here for Kerry Natal and it’s in the third person. Sorry yeah, but yeah so it’s not like I am at this. It’s like back like a little. OK third person works a lot times for those BIOS. Better than talking about me. Sure, OK? Mom and pop. This is really. Yeah, if you’re not reselling the product, they shouldn’t ask for it to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s like me going in and getting an Angel attack done. That’s different, right? That’s totally different, but yeah. He’s probably got something that they can just send out. You can even ask Brian if you’d rather Ryan and Brian, or just one of them for speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright. Nothing. I didn’t ask you about. We ask you to listen to the recruiting seminar Journal lunch. What did you get from that? Your husband controls the conversation. Always start. Finish confident. Can you imagine? Can you imagine our arguments at the house? Your boat, you’re both asking questions. You are exactly right.

Nobody ever answers right that we already know the answer too. There you go improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Yeah, you know why the question was asked. That’s right, yeah. I still can’t find the bio stuff. Somebody somebody help me here? Somebody tell him where the Axis Edit profile is on yawls. Come on come on Jack. Oh here we go. Profile login. Ola. Did you log in? Should be there. It says edit profile. There you go. Time go to menu, pop. Right now that I’ve done speed and agility training Tulsa. But I’ve been in many times, yeah menu. Menu is start on the documents page. Menu is where it says hello, whatever. One of the documents on the documents page. Got it, he’s got it. What else did you get from the recruiting seminar today? He paused a couple times after he said something to just give it like emphasis. Those reforms. Sometimes you gotta pause and let the people process what you just said. You definitely need to create some pauses in there. Oh, and instill a sense of urgency and apply pressure. As well, I got definitely some urgency. If there’s the urgency, should should imply a little bit of pressure. I’ll give you that. Two things, one make letting them know what their high school coach to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Or travel ball coach or your travel fee may entail, and what that includes basically doesn’t include the recruiting process and communicating. Reiterating to the parents. You know, again, like you have said, what they don’t know, they don’t know about speed and agility training Tulsa. Basically, I mean, if you don’t, if you’re not currently speaking to college coaches, you’re not being recruited. Thank you. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Alright, I hope you got the overall tone you got the idea that it was presenting a problem, making them realize they potentially had a problem. There was never a solution involved. There is a time for this solution, but it’s not till after you’ve done an interview. I had a scout two day at lunch. Tell me that he was gonna go ahead and send a family that he hasn’t set an interview with yet. He was gonna go ahead and send them. The link to our athletic services are acting session. Aren’t you say that’s ridiculous, right? This guy’s been with us a year.

Why the crap? The dad said he just wants to know what we do. You know what? Dad doesn’t have the right to ask me that. That’s not my process and I’m not gonna fall for that crap. I gotta stay in control. I’m not giving that up. I don’t give a solution to a problem we have in all agreed that you have to do speed and agility training Tulsa. I give a solution. It’s just that Dada. Valuator kids. Broken what time evaluate the kid to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Evaluate their parents. And decide after that if you want to make an offer, that’s right. They can’t, you don’t. Just like a college coach, college coach Devin Walk in given all and CKD. Coming, you know, coming through the airport, looking like first team, all airport. He looks like he could be an amazing fit for one of my college coaches.  What do I do then? Approach him.  Ask him what year he is and if hes talking to any college coaches?