Basketball kids had to be recruited for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, had to be treated as recruits. Because they were getting 7th and 8th grade boys to commit to a shoe brand and then ultimately to a school that represented speed and agility training Tulsa. And along with that will pay moms, moms and grandmoms rent or electric bill. Or you know it was getting very corrupt. That is the Division One basketball at the highest level is very corrupt. The recruiting is so corrupt. So these he delete tried to slow that down and they said listen 8th graders are recruits now. That’s the same thing they’ve done with softball. They’ve tried to slow it down so that they can’t be hitting these middle school kids. But those still that recruiting is still very early. Why do you need to know speed and agility training Tulsa? If you’ve got a softball picture that I don’t know, let’s say she’s the writing and she’s 67. And she’s a senior doing improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

You know that as a senior, the Division One programs have already spoken for their money. They’ve already got all that promised out. Does that mean there’s no place for her to know? That means it’s going to be very difficult to find a place is ruling to make a spot for her at this late date. If you got the highest level Division One Mens basketball athlete that money is gonna be committed out early. Let’s take the flip side track and field the absolute latest. Recruiting happens in speed and agility training Tulsa, track, and field. For several reasons, number one, a lot of kids don’t get the numbers they need for collegiate athletics until their senior. Number two, a lot of. The track and field coaches in college are accustomed to recruiting seniors. That’s what they do. They don’t have to get involved earlier. Turn a lot of kids think track and field as their secondary sport and it’s not until in their senior year they realize if they can improve vertical jump training Tulsa, they’re better at that sport than they are. Have basketball or football or whatever. So track and field is the latest to recruit. Why do you need to know that? I’m not scared to pick up a senior pole vaulter at all. I know that that money is still very available. Is that kinda makes sense? Do you see where we’re coming from speed and agility training Tulsa? Trying to get you to understand and think about the kids you want to work with? There’s gonna be a time like if I were to ask our softball scouts right now. Are you interested in 21? Heck no. Are you interested in 20 twos? Most of them would tell you no.

They’re only looking at 23 and 24. Does that mean we’re not going to sign at 22 for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? No, it means I better know. What I’m signing in the time then I’ve got some schools that are looking for her. I’m not just going to go out and blindly sign a 22 right now. Alright. So we’re still talking about the first phase of recruiting, identification, recognition. Let’s talk about questionnaires ’cause those come out during this time frame. If you see on here it says Auburn football in 2010. That was right after they had a national championship sent out 3400 questionnaires and they had no more than 25 scholarships available in the football world. So there would have been 33175 kids at least upset, right? Thinking they were getting recruited by Auburn and they were not. Why do they send out so many questionnaires? Is there trying to build up a camp for speed and agility training Tulsa? ’cause what do camps do for improve vertical jump training Tulsa?

I paid through the stop ends. They make money. They help you buy extra uniforms as travel money. It’s all kinds of stuff. Cancer big money maker. But I understand back in the day there used to be a lot of questionnaires that went out. My son would get on. He got on, you know weekly anyhow, and they’re pretty impressive in the football world. But questionnaires aren’t what they used to be. Now, more often than not, you’ve gotta coached in a link to a kid to fill out a questionnaire. Or the questionnaires legally have to be posted on the schools website for anybody to fill out? And that’s exactly what happens. Is kids go and fill out questionnaires. So you gotta be careful how you ask. The number of questionnaires they’ve got because usually kids are going in finding the questionnaire and filling it out themselves, and as you can imagine, when you go find a questionnaire and fill it out, that’s going straight to a camp list. Unless there’s something on improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If you gotta GA looking through those. Questionnaires and you get a kid that comes through and she’s a volleyball player and she’s 6:30.

We probably pull that questionnaire out and probably get it to a coach. So if there is something about the box. On this questionnaire that jumps out at somebody if it ever gets looked at for speed and agility training Tulsa. A lot of don’t ever get looked at. Let’s just be honest. But if it gets looked at and there’s something that screams at them because of their box, that it might get somewhere, but that is a very long shot. Alright, so that’s identification recognition. Anybody good with that first phase of recruiting? Keep in mind the second phase is evaluation, but evaluation. This is what you need to get from this evaluation. That can’t happen if they weren’t already through the process. The evaluate identification and recognition process. You don’t get a valuated before you’ve been identified for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Evaluation these days with covid. Most of its video. You know the college coaches have been very limited as their leading campus to recruit. I mean, that’s easing up in June. But a lot of recruiting has been done via video. A lot of our evaluations have been done via video. And it’s definitely going to be part of it.