Now you know improve vertical jump training Tulsa is something you’re doing in high school to get to college athletics. Once you’ve been through the NCAA Eligibility center, you don’t want to go back. I do want to clarify speed and agility training Tulsa, though. If you got a kid that didn’t do the eligibility center. And I go, Jacob. Do you know what that means? If a kid doesn’t, I think Todd knows if a kid doesn’t go through the eligibility center or get cleared by the eligibility center and they go JUCO, they have to stay both years and they have to get equivalent to their AA degree before they can move on. Graduate. Ha. Adulate from the junior college. If a kid is a qualifier. And chooses to go JUCO, but they got through the eligibility center. They can leave at any point. So you’re going to have a lot of failures or like, hey, my kids in JUCO, can you help me? Well I need to know where they have qualifier. Did they go through those ability center for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, or did y’all bypass that altogether? Because that’s a whole different set up than speed and agility training Tulsa. While I’m talking about this. Completely off subject, but I want to make sure this comes up. If a kid OK, I was dealing with scout the other day. The kid has like a 4.2 GPA and a 30 on the AC T. And the dad said we’re just gonna go JUCO. Because he wants to play baseball. Tell me what, how, what do you say to a dad?

That saying I we were just gonna go JUCO with a 4.2 and a 30? You got other options for him. He’s probably thinking just do one baseball. But there’s there’s a. There’s another side to it. I want you to think about. I mean, you could accept an academic scholarship. Or going to play sports if that’s what you really wanted to do. I’m never going to recommend walking on ever, but I understand what you’re saying about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I understand that it’s different if a kid can get a full academic and the coach wants so many takes a roster spot. All that I get that. But that’s not the point. I want y’all to see here. I want you to see the other side of speed and agility training Tulsa. If a kid goes JUCO. They basically flush their high school GPA and their test score. With a 30 on the AC T, You can go just about anywhere for free. It said, I believe. That would be a really expensive mistake for a family to make to choose juko. When you, when you’re holding a 30 on the AC T, does that make sense? Kind of stuff you’re going to be having a talk to families about so that they understand ’cause what they’ve been told and what they’re thinking is not smart.

And and I hear this a lot with you ’cause you have a lot of parents like. You know, we’re just gonna go JUCO for a year. And then we’re gonna decide what to do. For some people, some people do that when they think their kids draftable as well. Most kids that are draftable aren’t holding the 30 AC T. Let’s just be honest. Alright, I’m talking about this high academic student and you’re right in baseball, that’s a different animal and I get that. But I’m talking bout this high cademic student. But Mom and Dad just think they’re not ready for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, or a big college yet. And moms and dads don’t understand that coming out of a junior college. The academic money available from four year schools is miniscule, if any. Coming out of high school speed and agility training Tulsa is huge. That’s just one of the things I want to make sure you understand before we move forward. OK, so Susan. What you’re saying basically, if I understand this right, to use this to our advantage is that we can help.

They only use that more to their advantage and help it by helping placing them at a. For your school somewhere is that is that how to use that is that what you’re saying about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? That is going to be one of the tools that you use when you’re talking with families, and they go. You know what? We’re just going to go Jayco, our first year Mom. She’s holding a 30 AC T score when you go JUCO you flush her AC T score and academic monies that she would have had for four years for speed and agility training Tulsa. Are gone. OK, but but but using us using that information and using what we can provide for them, we would be encourage ING them to look at other options that we could help them with so that they could cash in if you will. He’s cool for sure. Scoring and go to a place of help them find another place if they’re going to the JUCO just to play baseball, softball, whatever. We could help them find a place where they can get more out of that 30 AC T scores.

What I’m here for sure, absolutely. But understand. A lot of what you’re doing is educating parents about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They have a lot of bad information. And nobody is telling them that if you have a high AC T or SAT score, JUCO should be off the table. Nobody is telling them that. Nobody is telling them if you have an athlete, they better start taking the AC T or the essay T is a freshman an no later than a sophomore killing themselves that they don’t do speed and agility training Tulsa. We have tons of information. And we’re going to show you how to present that at the field. OK, we’re not there yet. I’m just trying to make sure you know all the knowledge and then tomorrow we’re going to start utilizing that knowledge to make this work. OK, thank you, thank you. No problem, yeah, anytime you want something clarified, let’s get it.