Wonderful will go win start taking improve vertical jump training Tulsa, looks at finals and then going from there. But hey, good luck to everyone of you guys will soon get a little bit later in the week as we start to wrap up speed and agility training Tulsa, but they’re all yours. Susan, have you gotten numbers for finals yet? Brian, but I haven’t even looked yet. Alright smile we go through that real quick so you can know what what they think they got and make sure that you’re finding is that fair. I so Clint. Tell me how many athletes you have in your funnel and then how many emails you have. You’re going to come off mute. Currently in the funnel that I put in there, not a single one. I was. Now what you wanted to hear, I know. I was kinda late getting in last week so I’m just getting geared up this week for speed and agility training Tulsa. Number. With the pregnancy so. I’m battling it right now I got I got I got pages to enter, just haven’t got to improve vertical jump training Tulsa OK? My Chris, what do you have in your final? I’ve already started my list, but I have not started putting putting it into the. So we move my daughter back from college last weekend, so it’s kind of been crazy. Susan, we just flashed here grabbing terrible storm and everything just flashed here. So I’m going to. Yeah, I’m gonna make you the host. I will kill this TV ’cause I don’t want it to.

Tell me about your funnel. I’ve got 22 right now and like Brian was telling us I don’t have emails. I have Twitter handles. He said that was the best way to go with football players and that’s all I have right now. Is football players. So I have Twitter handles for those, but obviously if I need to email as I can reach out and get those fairly easily to speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright alright. Jerry, what do you have? My computer so damn slow. I’m trying to bring out my list Jesus things sticking like crazy. I know I have over 200 emails and stuff in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m just trying to bring it up ’cause I’ve got emails as well. Yes. I got over 1000. I got over 1000 emails from from my tournament. Subron Jerry is going to be one that we want to hit sooner than later. Alright, beautiful, tell me about yours. I have 103 names. Much like Christian football, I have a few Twitter handles but not emails.

Primarily went through Maxpreps and basically next step for me would be get the email addresses for speed and agility training Tulsa. I. Alright Corey, where are you? Let’s see. So I I run my own combines and so I have 372 in the list. Mostly volleyball, however, I’d have to do a search or would have to do a filter for graduating year for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I think I probably have some elementary school in there, not a lot, but I’m sure there are some. Alright, then you have emails in those in there for those as well right emails. Jerry and Corey then are the ones so far that need to have theirs hit alright. Jack, what does yours look like? I got about 110 names on here all across players 22 or younger a year. Like graduating new .2 younger, about 30 emails, OK? Jack, we’ve got several in your area that we’re going to be adding to your phone as well, so we’ll get those in this afternoon.

If we keep our, I should say. Thank you alright J. Cole. Hey tell me what you got. I’m right there with Clint right now. I don’t have any in there, but so I got homework to do as well. Alright. Todd. Again, my databases for the last five or six years, so I’ve got over 1000. Not enter them into Google. I was ready to go through this training process as I’m breaking them down by age 2000. 16 age group. You will. What form are they end ’cause I hate that I hate for you to sit there and enter something that could just be transferred. Their Excel spreadsheets. If that’s something that would it be assistance for speed and agility training Tulsa? His phone numbers. You know all about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Based but. Maybe for anybody if you happen to have things already in Excel, you can send us the Excel spreadsheet and will convert it to Google Drive so you’re not having to do that. I sent mine to Larry today. Wrong person Larry understanding about computers. I think I think he’s still own listening. He may come busting through the door any minute, but. You can, if you got Excel spreadsheets, email those to me. OK, that’s Brian ryan.com, the same as Ryan, just to be in front of it. OK. I have a spreadsheet or a funnel. Much like a. In this as a facility, I’ve been kind of sending my kids up.

I got like about 20-30. Oh kiss my facility but I got gifted a about 130 names from mark need over here. Or maybe. Letter was just going to fill out. Some of the gas and the guys that we both had emails together, but I also actually emailed Cousin Excel, emailed it to Ryan. So should I send it to you, Brian? If you’ve already sent it to Ryan, I wrote speed and agility training Tulsa down and I’ll have him look for it. OK, awesome. OK, perfect so that kind of gives you a heads up. It looks like Jerry and Corey are the ones who right out the gate you know or are ready. Probably ready to go with the first emails, so maybe Nate’s right behind him and then Todd for sure. Gonna have a big go blast. Yeah, absolutely. Get your funnels in the best improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Situation if you got step on a pen and paper, you’re gonna have to just get that inner OK, and so that’s pretty important thing to do because Brian can use MailChimp that he talked to you all about. He can hit that tunnel for you and we can. We can go after a lot of people all at once kind of letting them know a little bit of soft touch.