Do you think you will listen more about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Jabra will not touch me this month. 1. ’cause I don’t want him to. So that’ll be the simplest way to santrali. I want each one of you to think that way in your life to I want you to be excited about the things that we do for speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s passionate. It’s fun, fun, intense. You want to compete? You wanna win? You want to be the best of what we do? You wanna be better than the very best person ever done it around you? Those the things you gotta do but you gotta hate losing so much that you’re willing to do everything and whatever it takes to get there this ethical moral. Scripturally, spiritually positive. I don’t know.

I’m not telling you anything negative about telling you do anything wrong. I’m not telling you anything. It breaks the law. I’m telling you to do everything within your power to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s right. You know James 417. Those that know is good and do is not for them to see in the bottom line is I need you to know what’s good and go do speed and agility training Tulsa. Busy it. This morning I’ve been tasked to take you guys through most of the day today, so you’re going to see my ugly old mug most today. Thank goodness you gotta start with something pretty and they gotta look at this all day. It’s awful. Paid it for you, Christian. We gotta get rolling. I need you to go to page 51 of your. Of your. Keynote, I’ve got all kinds of crazy lighting on it. We’re having some bad weather guys and so. I can’t let the natural sunlight into my office room, and so we’re having to try to operate off these lamps and an overhead lighting and all that kind of stuff and looks like I’m a jaundiced baby half the time we do all this stuff so it’s I hate looking young, but that’s worse than align left the Liberty Mutual do sit out there in hiding so we will put speed and agility training Tulsa back on I guess. You guys have been dumped a lot of information on you about improve vertical jump training Tulsa,  the first two days it’s it’s a crazy amount of information that we put on, and I understand that.

And in the truth is that information is so new to most of you that you’re trying to figure out how to process it and what to do with it, you know, and that that in of itself. Is tough to do when it’s brand new information. Understand so far Susan has covered a probably a significant number of doorway questions, and if you if you remember her talking about those delete questions that she asked, you work them, raise your hands, or give me a thumbs up so I know you got it right. OK, understand the power of that now. Yesterday you heard me talk about positioning and posturing situation so that you could be in control to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. To put someone in a position to get the result that you’re looking for speed and agility training Tulsa, and that’s what we’re trying to do here with these questions when we ask him and have you asked, have you asked the way we do? The purpose again is not because I’m trying not to answer the questions that people want to know the answer too. I’m giving them the answers in doses which they can stomach and swallow right now.

And eventually I’m going to give it to them totally and they will be able to take it all in and then digest it. But on the front side they’re not able to. You know I had a dad yesterday. I had a mom last night. They were doing interview. And she said, it’s again, I’m so glad that I decided we needed to talk. But I was scared to death, you know, because there were so many unknowns and. Right, I just needed to be able to sit down and fully be able grass. I couldn’t grasp what speed and agility training Tulsa was all about. From our first conversation, so I was able to now feel and understand what you mean to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It’s enrollment guys. I mean, that’s that. That’s that mom and parents will always do that for you. Jake, they’re not. Plan tonight. They’re not always going to be an open book with you, but once you spend a couple hours with him in an interview and you get to a point where you know they’re they’re trusting you, you’re trusting them. They believe in you. But then all of a sudden now they are. Counter with you and then we’ll have a conversation open about themselves up with you, you know, because you know you’re going to become part of their family. They don’t become part of yours, you know?

I enjoyed Nitely love working with kids from Hawaii before before Martin became licensee and we did the transpacific volleyball event there for a couple of years. So I have worked with a ton of volleyball kids from Hawaii and there’s nothing better than being part of that ohana at all and it’s a beautiful thing, speed and agility training Tulsa. To be able to be a part of people’s families, and I’m going to tell your kids in Hawaii that you’re going to be around are the hardest working blue collar mentality. Put the work in kids that there are in the country and they really are. So you got that. You got special people point of all that is is that families will open up to you and they will improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They will make you be apart. Of their family, if you let them. But you gotta get him there. ’cause at first what they want to do is I want to make this a business transaction. They feel like this is some kind of sales transaction. You have to get him past that and Jerry they will. It just takes a little time. OK takes time. That’s the reason those over that it got a little Gray hair on your head is everything have no hair at all.