People that care about from you little bit. You know why you should improve vertical jump training Tulsa? ’cause I don’t have to close it tonight. Do I want to? Yeah 99.999% of the time I do. I got a vibe in the middle of that speed and agility training Tulsa interview that it wasn’t gonna close tonight because of Dad asking the question he asked. So therefore, Jerry, I made the decision to pull the plug on it, not to have not to present because I felt like everybody was tired, everybody was. He was almost kind of pressing that he was. It was it? They’re going to do it. They’re not, you know, not going to do it, but he’s going to listen. I didn’t. He didn’t say that, but that’s the feeling I got. So Nate, it was best for me just to pull the care it back and decide. You know what? I’m gonna let you sit and wonder if I’m gonna offer to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Let’s see if you let’s say yeah and I told him, you know, this is same process. Every college coach is gonna take through. And then make a decision for go offer. So he’s wrong to we will come back to this piece of this after I make that decision. Monday. Is that fair enough speed and agility training Tulsa? We’re not going to talk about that now. I have made the final offer decision yet.

Well, I gotta make sure that’s what I want to do, so that’s how it works. It does tonight. All that man said. Do not send. Athlete services do not send. Brochure promotes in pamphlet. Don’t send people to testimonials. And crap like that. Tune before you get there. OK, don’t do it. It will show them. And then be smart enough to realize when you need to pull something back and when you don’t. That was an exception last night. I rarely ever do that. but it was after 9:45 at night, almost ten. I’ve been home with you guys. I’ve already done one full blown recruiting side for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, one full blown interviewing, got it closed. I was exhausted. I was tired. I probably wasn’t on my best and I decided not finish up today or last night. But ’cause that guy said what he said. And it struck me wrong. And instead of taking a chance of blowing and I said you know what, I’ma let them wonder if I got off yes clear. So what’s your speed and agility training Tulsa? It’s probably hard to to. Communicate this. What was the average length of the interview before you close it? You know, if you let it go past 45 minutes to an hour 2 hours.

2 hours before I even open up the the opportunity to present close. OK. Invasive, it’s a matter if you and we’ve gone through this this year, we had people on Academy, call, yeah. Well, my interview only lasts an hour, you know, beating their chest I can get this done in an hour. In that kind of stopped on those under because I sat and list, I sit and listen to the Academy ’cause I sit and listen to the training calls that other people are running improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And finally I haven’t stepped in. I go and I did. I step down. I said folks, if you’re at this wasn’t in the moment ’cause I didn’t want embarrass. The people that were talking about speed and agility training Tulsa. Yeah mines an hour. I do mine an hour 15 blah blah blah. I didn’t want to pass him in a moment. But on the next national call, I simply made the statement. And here it is. If your interviews are lasted less than two hours. If your interviews lasting less than an hour and a half plus the the presentation and close, taking it 2 to 2 1/2 hours. I’ll show you why you’re not winning. And you’re losing is if you think when it is 3 or four months.

That’s mediocrity. And then all of a sudden, everybody talks about how their interviews were last in an hour and a half, two hours plus. Because that’s what they’re supposed to last. That’s what they were taught. That’s what they were trained on. Because you can’t do what we gotta do today with the family and get to know them for less than two hours. Now, let me make let me make the common sense statement about this. OK, that’s a great question to Clint, but let me make the common sense statement about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Todd. This family just makes you gotta basketball event. They spent 10 minutes with you, evaluated orchid, you contacted him back with information for speed and agility training Tulsa. Y’all take a minute, just take a minute nearby, look toggle, look at the camera. Everybody look at Todd. Just look at him right in the face. OK is right in the face. They take that in for just a minute and then think about the old boy that was the dad on Everybody Loves Raymond.

You seem area. Got it OK, OK Todd, you smile now alright, but I just want to bring it out, right? That’s a good thing man. So now we know Todd is actually he’s probably the cousin to a celebrity we just sitting over there. Everybody loves Raymond’s dad alright. Back to this. So did I got sidetracked. What was I even talking about like I looked up and I saw Everybody Loves Raymond Daddy right there in tide up sitting thinking minutes awesome alright. Always say it was, I said just walked up to me after improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Just walked up to thank you, Todd said. I’m not going to let you take me down a rabbit hole. I’m gonna tell you exactly where you need to get back to. Thank you. So you just walked up somebody to ball for you to do speed and agility training Tulsa. Spend 10 minutes with a maybe alright. Then he not talking for 10 minutes just you were around them and they ask you questions you did your doorway, questions. You did all that and you set the interview.