There’s enough naysayers and enough negative in the world. We don’t need any of that. We did all and you, right? You know what the good Lord has a way of allowing us to find ourselves in the worst of situations. And he always rises to the occasion to solve a solution and give US solutions and doors that we need to walk through. So I’m thankful you’re here. I understand you will be some in Alabama will be something a little bit Louisiana where your daughter is and you know there will be a whole lot better having you there training to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. ITunes wide open so you know there’s all kind of opportunity between here and there, so we’re glad to have you. And we’re, you know, Susan Iron Daphne. So it’s not like we’re not we’re neighbors so you know, we’ll we’re going to change. Spend some time with you as well. Who’s next on this list that we haven’t talked to yet? Right now we have not talked. One is that everybody else talked right. Mr Baseball Jerry just A roller coaster of speed and agility training Tulsa. Are you ready to speak more about speed and agility training Tulsa?. Can you hear me yeah? OK you ready for this story? Alright, I was I grew up in Southern California. I started playing tackle football at 8 years old. Start playing baseball, 12 years old, which is actually kind of late these days. Ran some track and field where I got better to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. High School is a force for sport athlete and did speed and agility training Tulsa on the weekends if I didn’t have a game.

I ran track my freshman year, played football for three years. Varsity baseball for three years and I wrestled from my junior year. Won the Novice state championship wit hthe help of Tulsa’s best gym and their improve vertical jump training program, but then when I moved to Houston, TX my senior year, they didn’t have wrestling thank goodness for speed and agility training Tulsa. So I didn’t get to wrestle my senior year, so. My my stepfather was in the oil business so we had transferred move to Houston. My senior year, which I was not too happy about and but yeah, I ended up having my best baseball year. Got in front of a good coach and. I always tell my kids that I coach you never know who’s watching. So one day I’m doing my thing from the ball over the 375 foot center field fence from home plate. I used to do it for fun and next thing I know Coach Gus descended from the University of Texas. Happy to be standing there. And saw my arm. He say my vertical jump training. And next thing I know I’m getting watched by University of Texas, ’cause they’re there. Look, they’re watching one of our pictures through 96. And next thing you know at the end of my senior year, let League and hitting my from my team and then I was offered 30% scholarship.

The recruiter saw my work ethic working in Tulsa on speed and agility training. University of Texas. So. I go back to California, visit some friends while I’m in California. I get a phone call that my girlfriend, my senior year, was killed by a drunk driver. And her girlfriend driving to Austin to look at JUCO so she could be by me. Ann, why list in California? I got that call and I quit baseball. I went into hiding for a couple months. My Mama just divorced my stepdad. We moved back to California. Next thing I know, my mom’s telling me to go to Mexico with my uncle and his two friends on a surfing trip in clear my head. I didn’t know how to surf. I was 18 years old. Was depressed. So I went on a surfing trip with my uncle just to get out, get out of the way. My background with speed and agility training Tulsa came into play and I picked up the sport very quickly according to my uncle. And Long story short, six years later, it became a professional surfer. Yeah, that doesn’t happen but it helped that I improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Most kids are pro by the time they’re 18 years old. I turned pro at 24.

And travel the world name over there and why I’ve been over there many, many times. Sir, Pipeline Sunset Beach surf against the best servers in the world. Improve vertical jump training Tulsa! Did that for seven years. But The funny thing is, is. A year later, I had gone back up North to visit some my old high school teammates in Clayton, Powell, Clayton, CA, Northern California, and while I was there. The Oakland, A scout that had scouted me my senior year at called me and asked what happened? Why didn’t you emphasis? I told my story. And he goes, where are you right now? I said to the California visiting friends and he goes how far you from Modesto? ’cause that’s where the A’s Spring training facility was. Remind you add for the baseball a year I had played baseball in year. He just come on out. I want the guys to see you. I’m like I haven’t picked up a baseball in a year. He goes just come out. So I went out.

I bought some equipment from my buddy. I had no equipment on me went out there. And the senior year I rented 638 sixty. Which is very fast and I threw 97 miles an hour from the outfield so I could go out there not playing baseball. In a year I throw the ball at 88 miles an hour and I ran a 66 something that I learned to do in speed and agility training Tulsa. And they’re like we want you to stay for a week. So they signed me for a week to stay in camp for spring training to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Jose Conseco is next to me in my locker. Go figure right. I stay there for a week. I’m doing really well, getting stronger, getting faster in the middle of an intersquad and running down the ball an I tear my hamstring catching a ball in the gap. Wrap me up sent me home. Went back to my surfing karere and. Sir, professionally for seven more years. Of course it didn’t pay a lot of money back then. So I end up getting into don’t leave baseball through a friend that know they had it. Got into it for two or three years, did really well, and then I started my own.