That means college coaches trying to identify recognize you as a potential prospect for improve vertical jump training Tulsa at his school universe. That’s all it means. It means he’s he’s got some information about speed and agility training Tulsa. Maybe maybe somebody sending some information about you may be found you through alumni maybe. Maybe he was at a tournament and heard another coach talk about you, but but you’re in that notification recognition phase. Mikey is 1000 other kids, literally. But that identification recognition must be done. That means they’re trying to find information about you. They’re trying to determine if you fit their box. They’re trying to determine emphasize the speed. If you have the skill set to academics, they’re trying to determine all that kind of stuff about you to see if they want to move you to the value of waste stage, so identification, recognition stage one stage, one identification and recognition, an identifying recognized, or you’re not.

Number two, once they’ve identified you as a prospect, you know you’re being identified as a prospect for improve vertical jump training Tulsa because we’re having communication with the Coach, high school coach, not travel ball coach for speed and agility training Tulsa. Having communication with you, maybe the family were having communication with that coach that coaches asking for video so that kind of valuate you first so they can determine if you truly can play at their level. Then look next thing they’re going to do is I would like that video the next part inside the valuation stages. They may invite you to come to camp. The moms and dads understand. Going to every camp that you’re going to go to. That’s a waste of time, energy, money. If you weren’t invited and we’ll talk about that. If you need to know more about that information about being invited, you probably need to see me. I will talk a little bit individually about your situation.

But but valuation means they’re looking at you. You’re being invited to camp or next guess what their coach actually ask you for your schedule to do speed and agility training Tulsa. They ask you for your schedule so they can come watch you play it. Wow. And then when I get you give him their schedule and you actually see I don’t know Jimmy clouds from UAB head coach softball. Or hey, maybe you see more recent Harris from Liberty on the football side. He actually shows up at a game, shows up in a tournament because he asked you for your schedule for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Heat there to see anybody else, as we say in the South. He is not there to see anybody, he’s there to see you because he came to see and all these other people sitting in the stands. They’re gonna say, well yeah, so and so show don’t you know coach collided showed up this weekend to see all of our kids play no Jimmy Clouds does show up to watch all the kids play. He came to see the kids he came to see and those kids know is there to see speed and agility training Tulsa. ’cause I know is there to see. Do they know secret? And you know when they’re coming, or you know when they’ve asked for video or you’re not, and if you’re not communicating as we’re not having an idea when word there comes display or by Mr Camp folks, you need to hear me loud and clear.

You are not being recruited in on their radar. That’s a fact. And I don’t care what anybody else has told you. And by the way, some of you sitting here now and you got these free site, she’s online recruit. If you’ve done something with an online recruiting organization, I don’t care what the name of it is. If they didn’t ask you for video first, they didn’t ask you for film today, which you first, if they didn’t actually see you play and your skill sets. How in the world are they going to be able to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? They can’t. Not everybody gets a trophy, but there are organizations out there and I won’t name him ’cause everyone in this room has been hit up in an email by one of them or two old. In, say something and captain something and whatever they are you been hit up and they ask you to add help their recruiting Mom dad, but they never seen your kid play speed and agility training Tulsa. So your kid might not be able outdent to Western, but that they’re willing to enroll in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Units of online service that college coaches don’t pay any attention to. But you’re gonna play again for that. So parents don’t do that. Identification recognition stage Two is a valuation evaluation.

You gotta understand Israel. And you’re either being violated or not, but don’t go through and use somebody or these organizations out there that are not giving you an evaluation of your child first. Not long ago, a long time well, it has been several years by now, sitting down with the young man. Good football player is really good football player. He was six two £225 defensive tackle. A small lid. But you know that kid made Allstate here in State, Alabama for three years. But insert now with that he literally said to me if I can’t play at the University of Alabama’s Coach K, but I’m not going to play in college. Go Smith, what do you think I said? Oh sure, you can play their album here. 6 foot two, 235 panel 2 and 30 pound defensive tackle. And slow. So yeah, just ’cause you want to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’re gonna play speed and agility training Tulsa. Let’s write code. if you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call today!