Wherever it is the best places to stay in to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Susan gonna cover a lot of that with you guys later, but that I’ve been there with my shirt on. Have a backpack. Owner sitting beside me on the ground, maybe have my pocket radar out to speed and agility training Tulsa. How many times do you think in a day somebody walks up to you and this sneaky too? They don’t wanna just come right up. Talk to you there you you see a mighty peripheral, they start inching over and insert over and insert over and insert over. And finally there right on top of you. Info they look at so hey, are you scam? Oh yeah. What was your clue? I would never say that. So but yeah, yeah, I’m I’m. I’m a scout and that’s it. I’m not gonna start throwing up on him I’ma make them ask the next question. Guys follow my posturing and positioning here. You’re going to hear me talk about posturing and positioning all the time to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You do realize that if you put a carrot big enough in front of a donkey, he might just win the Kentucky Derby.

If you take the care in away from them, they will chase it. Don’t think that because somebody asked you a question about speed and agility training Tulsa, you have to give them the answer. Right now you could give him the answer you want to get them to a point where they could swallow the whole pill. So you hear shouting, yeah, I surely AM. OK, there’s an awkward silence and they don’t ask the next question, which the next question usually follows right out of their mouth. Well, so, so who are your scout? Or so who do you scout for? OK, well I’m coach cake with Nsri college coaches all over the country. Communicate with us and my staff weekly and we talk about athletes so wanted fruit. I take it you have a daughter that’s out here playing. Yeah, yeah, what position does she play up? You know, I’m busy working looking at some other athletes, but if you’d like me to evaluate her, I take it. Does she want to play in college? Yeah, I mean I hope so, Dad. You guys are out here, it’s 110 degrees for improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

She probably playing travel ball 4-5 years. You chase this kid all around the country to travel ball tournaments. All spending 30 to $40,000 / 3 or 4 year window for speed and agility training Tulsa. Just doing travel ball and expenses. And I bet she didn’t even offer not talking any coaches issue. No. What’s your answer? What’s improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You mean your travel ball coach? Your high school coach hasn’t told you that you have to have an incentive eligibility number just to even play. At the Division One division Two level, well, there’s a whole lot about this process. You guys must not be aware of. they let me do this what does I finish today? Is that fair enough down? Most support conversation. You are my lover have about your child’s future. If I decide that she’s somebody that can play, I will. Probably the most support conversation. Probably gonna be with me. I want cell phone number. Now let’s start a tournament that started a practice that’s done at an event. It’s done a live in person. I need you guys to come off mute and I need you to tell me what you just took from there. E visible. Be usable. One OK, I like it gotta be seen. What else about speed and agility training Tulsa?

He confident. Jerry, there’s at outlook, I’m I’m. I’m real hesitant, you know, I’m timid. I don’t have any confidence. Night. I think you got turn what you got to turn him on a little bit. Alright, clear what do you mean? Tell it to tell me about that? Well you gotta like you say you gotta stick that carried out a dangle that care it just a little bit. Turn among realize that’s what they want. That’s what you’re there to get. When I walked up to me and Ashley, you are here Scouten did I throw up on him about who I am and what I’m doing speed and agility training Tulsa? And and I’ve been doing this forever. And I mean, we’ve got programs. We’ve got services and did I do any of that for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Nor will I ever. Make them search out the info Todd you gonna make people ask you questions. Breadcrumb. And then they underline he give another breadcrumb and make them. Keep. Wanting more. Let’s see it. There’s a big hook and all that that I just said. OK, the big hook is let me get my valuation and then I’ll be glad to tell you whether not she truly qualifies athletically playing college. Bessie, in their mind they’re already thinking she is older. She is qualified to play, ’cause after all, my travel ball coach told me my club coach, my high school coach told me how awesome she is. Well, I’m not gonna do it now, I’m not gonna be giddy over any kid. I wouldn’t give you over OJ Howard. I wouldn’t get it over Bradley Bozeman. J Price Charles Sweeton know it and get it over Landry Jones.

I wouldn’t get over any of those kids. By the way, if you don’t know who those kids are, you don’t know football in the United States need to speed and agility training Tulsa. But no big yidio. Blocks I’ve been there and I’ve done that. I’ve seen it. I’ve got the footballs, arranged the jerseys and helmets in my own office. I don’t need yours. So the point is, you be there, you’re confident you’re the person, you’re the scout. You’re the expert and to Todd’s point about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’re asking them to ask you questions, but you’re giving him just enough enough breadcrumb that they want the next taste. Now when I feel like there’s a point where it comes in that conversation when I haven’t gotten them to where I need to be, then I will turn it back on them and begin to ask them the questions I need them to act. I need that answered so I can go this initial conversation when I’m at the ball field or a tournament.