Answer I real quick. I don’t want to take us off the subject of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Been speaking a lot about GPA. In Texas, GPA is on a four point scale. Is other parts of the country up to five? No, most everybody is on a four point scale for speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, ’cause I heard people say you know my daughter has a 434 whatever the way that is the way that’s done and the way the people in Texas will have those two plant. If a kids and honor in honor courses, sometimes an honors course may and they make and a they may get a 4.25. Point bump for that particular a for that honors course.

If it’s a AP class that A may rank at a 4.5 if it’s a GP. If it’s a dual enrollment college credit, they may get five points for that 4.8 so. In other words, when you see a weighted GPA’s unweighted GPA’s raw GPA. So this GPA, whatever it is, the age of 4.0. You know these three point, whatever that so that that unweighted GPA is wrong. Weighted GPA takes into account honors courses, dual enrollment and AP courses. OK, yeah, you see how much I keep up with my daughter stuff. I get it. I mean, you know and and and you know it’s just part of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. There are some private schools and you will find an occasional school district. That doesn’t go on a four point scale for speed and agility training Tulsa. They’d actually do 100 point scale, and you know they’ll say their their their child. So we have a 92.5 grade point average. Well, I mean, that’s the squirrel to 4.0 we have to. We have translated over to football owner. I mean could again 90 above 4. 18 above B. And so you know it’s just a problem with that. When you start doing 92.5 or 98 or whatever is, it’s really difficult to understand if they’re in honors or other courses. If they haven’t waited so a lot of times, the guidance counselors will have to convert that over.

OK, thank you. Question, I mean, you know it’s it’s a, it’s a question. Sorry about the GPA, but the weighted is not in the eligibility center. Alright, they only deal with unweighted. Eligibility is going to be unweighted core OK Alright thank unweighted corporate it alright so improve vertical jump training Tulsa. 4.0 was. Todd Menace Nasty menace mean. Is awful. That’s kind of like asking him if they rarely if they truly play football out there. I mean, that’s that’s wrong, man. I’m telling you speed and agility training Tulsa it’s rough OK Clint. I mean it is the biggest. Texas is the biggest state of sport football support for high school football. You won’t find a state that supports it anymore. That that’s true. That’s true statement, OK? Cool movie, but y’all can flat out but one thing though it is some of the slowest football you’ll ever see play. Laugh. Big and slow. It’s a reasonable neighborhood in and play against kids from Louisiana, South Florida and Pennsylvania and Ohio and Alabama Georgia. They get. They get literally get run out of the stadium. I mean, it’s just it’s a whole different process. And I’ve always wondered. Seriously, I’m not making fun of this. Texas has got so much talent. It’s just spread out all over the place.

If they could ever learn how to recruit improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If Texas, the Texas A&M, TCU, if any of those guys could ever truly learn how to recruit the talent that’s in their state and keep it. They they they play Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State every year for Nash. James you. Just so many kids so big, so much territory to cover is hard. This is that they just they, they they adulterated and just at every school is hitting the kid for speed and agility training Tulsa. And The thing is, is that with that you know they’re all trying to. They’re all taken from that pool and then and then the top eight of the top ten kids in the state. We were going to rank him end up leaving and going to play at LSU or Alabama or Georgia or Ohio State. Or I mean their claims. And I mean you know you look on those rosters at those places and everyone got three or four kids from Texas. I mean, especially LSU. LSU lives out of East Texas central TX. Will see who is start kesean can do. It’s crazy. Down there to group Night Good JUCO football by the way, Susan proper to child this baseball softball junior college is is different from football junior college. OK football junior College and Joy in Texas, Kansas, California. Mississippi Guys Football junior college football. All that is is that’s a D1 rehabilitation ground for academics. Everybody I had a guy. Well, I’ll just go to the JUCO and play play improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Play football there.

You ain’t good enough to play there. Well, I know I can’t play. Do you want? What do you think is on the field at every one of those do one at every one of those junior colleges for speed and agility training Tulsa. 80% of the roster is all a bunch of kids that were placed there by some Division One guy trying to get him eligible to come play for him in two years. You know, or let enough time passed between when they got arrested and so fast? Anyway, I know I’m cynical on that stuff, but that is the mean. It is what it is. Yeah, I mean we sugar coat it. If you want to. Oh, and I don’t mean to be offensive, so don’t be offended by this. If you got you got a middle class kid, a middle class Caucasian kid. And you send that middle class Caucasian kid into Mississippi Junior College. That culture they’re not going to be able to deal with, that improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s a whole different athletic culture. A whole different mindset. That’s a holy. That’s a that’s a hey, that’s a that’s a pony up many man kind of thing and that Joker can’t survive that most time he built that way ’cause he was all entitled his whole life for speed and agility training Tulsa. And now that sounds like I’m spent. Make that sounds like I’m saying something racial. It ain’t racial at all, guys, it’s cultural. And I understand the cultures. I like them all. ’cause I know how good those kids have great those kids can be if they’ll stay focused. OK, but I also know that you can’t say it’s kind of like Senator Young, a young lady.