If there’s anything that you want to have reflected in your email signature, such as maybe you’re an NCAA coach for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, maybe you were a player, you know. Maybe you play professionally for speed and agility training Tulsa, whatever your sport was, you know if there’s something that needs to be added to your signature. You can let us know and we’ll make sure that’s in there, because right now, with the automated signature that you can create online yourself in access. It’s not going to have that information in there, so we want to make sure that we add anything like that so. You know, so if we want if we want to put something in for Christian that he was, you know, played 20 years in the CFL then we can do that. If it’s true in looking at Christian often you know he’s not old enough to play 20 years anywhere, so we won’t put that in there for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It is a branding mechanism. You know you’re never going to see in this or billboards on the side of the road. We don’t do that.

We’re not personal injury attorneys, so you’re not going to see a billboard every seven feet for speed and agility training Tulsa. You’re not going to see commercials on TV. You know, we’re we’re throwing things and yelling at you that to do something so we have to brand somehow. Well, branding for us is the shirt that we have on our backdrops being out in the field with your backpack, you clipboard your hat, whatever you’re going to wear this appropriate for the type of adventure doing and then also your emails for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. This again. They are coming in as your branding for anisoara. Every time you send that email for speed and agility training Tulsa, they’re gonna know it came from you and that it came from Nso. So you wanna make sure you’re doing that. We want to lock all eyes on you. OK? You are the representative for NSR in your area. You’re the person that everybody’s gonna know. You’re the person that if we want them to say hey if if you need to talk. Women’s basketball you know recruiting unical clean? You know, and we move back to be first and foremost on everybody’s mind. Sorry Thunder lightning a little bit kind of distracted me. Now here’s one thing I will say. What’s the weather part of my email, Ron. What if I send out 1000 emails and only get 5 scouting forms? But if I send out 1000 emails and only get it? 100 replies, OK, that’s fine. Let’s go work those five, let’s get enclosed must keep the other ones in our final will touch him again when it’s time to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We should be touching segments of our phone for speed and agility training Tulsa. A couple times a week if not more, and for you guys that do some of the diamond sports or will actually I take that back for some of you guys that do any sport.

There’s a reason you could touch your partial a piece of your funnel every week if you if we needed to. So maybe Chris talks to a college coach, or he sees a college coach request. That we’ve done. If you guys are on the national calling Monday her trust, talk about the college coach request. For now you see all the sudden it hey. This college coach request is coming for 2022 catchers. In crystals man. I got some catchers so and I’ve got a bunch of catchers in my phone, so now I’m gonna shoot out an email to my funnel. Hey, just talked to a college coach. Just got a college coach question from D1 program in the Southeast this looking for 2022 catchers. If you’re not committed already. Let me know. That generates a lot and I left that really off my. That’s really the number #1A as far as the number of responses we get from athletes pre tournament college coach requests post tournament are really kind of how the best responses come in for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK so. What are we trying to get? What are we trying to get from all these responses I keep talking about responses. I keep talking about things. What are we trying to get, what we’re trying to get speed and agility training Tulsa? We’re trying to get. The athlete’s parents raise their hand so they want to be scouted. How do they do that? One better scout before.

Well, how do I know if a scout before we get submitted? But I’m gonna get it ’cause what happens? A scout me form comes in and I don’t know if you guys have an example to scout before men in your book or not, But scout before it comes in and it basically gives us all the information and athlete. Name school Grad year phone numbers include video links. All the basic information you know a map so I can see exactly where they live and all those coming to this office. They all come into me and then I distribute how they need to go. So how do I know if if Jack sends out a campaign and all of a sudden there’s a lacrosse and he’s like, well, how do I know if I’m going to get it or if I’m not gonna get it well? We’re going to do is part of the onboarding process for speed and agility training Tulsa. With create each one of you guys for the first campaign you do to what is called a Bitly link.

This Bitly link takes our. Link to get to the scout me form it convinces it and it puts your name in it for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So now anytime I scout before it comes into this office from one of your campaigns, it has your name attached to it. So then I know what campaign it came from, who sent it out and if it’s in an open area I get it back to this in your area or an open area I get back to you if it’s in the area directores or licensed area then I get it to them and then they can distribute it out. Either back to you or you know work at themselves or whatever the case may be. So yes, there are sometimes that you may do some campaigns that if you’ve got people outside of your area that you hit. But somebody else may get a lead from, but there’s go. Also be a lot of times that they’re going to hit a campaign.