So all that meant not really, Clint. Don’t get all upset, you know to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, I only expect you to work 14 you don’t have to work 24, so at the end of the day all I’m going to do now is listen to what she says about speed and agility training Tulsa. Is she made this call you to say hey look, I just want to let you know you know you know he passed away a few years ago with cancer and you know she really took a hit and we took OK, great. We’re going to talk about that right a little bit or hey, you know we divorced. It was really really a rough divorce. OK great, we’re going to talk about that and if we can get that on we will you know. Dads, Debbie didn’t have anything to do with her life, and, you know, I’ve remarried and she may want to share that with you. OK, great? Then she may want to come up, say hey well so I’m really worried about this, you know, because I need to know how much it’s going to cost for me to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

And that’s when you have to go back to the statements that I’ve already shared with you on how to fix that. No ma’am, I understand you may have that concern has appeared in the college coaches. You gotta understand that I’m not there yet for speed and agility training Tulsa. I don’t have inside. If I wanna offer you guys, and that’s exactly what my peers or college coach friends gonna do too. So I understand this. I’m going to take you through an interview. I’m going to make it a termination on her maturity or like a termination or academics and will talk about the valuation. I’m going to see where she is mentally, emotionally about process. I’m going to answer every single question that you or that could possibly have. Along the journey, it doesn’t cost a single thing for me to do my valuation. This is part of it. And I realize you’re probably asking that question because you’ve been hammered by a bunch of emails and text messages about speed and agility training Tulsa, and I like bull crap from those online companies that have never seen your daughter play improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

They’ve never watched her play that never valuator, but yet they won’t help you with create. That’s not how recruiting works. If we get to the business component of this, it’ll be budget below fordable and we’ll discuss it at that time, just like you have this discuss college scholarship offer, you get that doesn’t cover 100% of it. You still gotta figure out how to pay for it. But I promise you every kid I work with gets recruited. Only 95% of them in that play don’t get recruited. So there’s a reason you won’t talk to me. Is that fair enough, mom? And most time I will put it rich, right? Sometimes it won’t. But it will. So. Bottom line is I used the pretext to communication and I’ve got mom alright, and that’s the only person I’ve communicated with at this point to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and this is midday and again most of the time we don’t even get to the question of money, it just doesn’t come up yet OK, Alright, so now after lunch sometime I text or say hey I I want to make sure that. Loop Daddy in a little bit.

I have a couple of questions about speed and agility training Tulsa or you know, whatever they do I may come up with it. You know, cope about the travel club. Whatever deal is I may ask him you mind. Would you mind having to add reach out to me? Send me a text or what’s a good number for me to shoot him a text and should have sent me. This is Amy’s text messages phone number. And I’ll just say, hey, would you just let him know that I’m going to reach out to him later? So then a few minutes later, I don’t even have to text. I get a text from Dad. Hey coach, my wife told me that you wanted to text me. Hey yeah, Dad, thank you so much for reaching speed and agility training Tulsa. I know I didn’t get a chance to meet you the other day and I don’t ever want people to be caught off guard in a conversation about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So I just wanted for us to at least connect by text just to meet each other that way. Then I, you know, thank you very much and I use my long signature that you guys have seen. And then hopefully he’ll do the Google stuff and he’ll research me a little bit. And he’s going to filipi Cinese about who I am. If it comes back. With questions great. Why do you think that the other parent? Why do you think I’m reaching out to the other thing past the moment? Why do you think I’m reaching out to the other parent at this particular point in time?

We’re three days away from the interview. Why do you think I’m doing it now? You’re showing them beforehand that you care about that. Hi everybody and that’s a good point. That’s a now point. OK, that’s another point that will last into later. But let me let’s think about the later point that I’m trying to drive home now. We’re trying to get some future Intel like some situations to come up questions and things of that nature for speed and agility training Tulsa. I’m trying to pull improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m trying to see if that Joker will show me this hand so we can play cards. And I’m Jake hang a lot too. You don’t want to sit down at a poker table and play with me. OK, I will take your clothes off. And let somebody come out and spank you. And we’ll all sit around and laugh.