Is the most difficult thing we’re gonna ask you to do improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It is not hard to do speed and agility training Tulsa. But it’s difficult the first few times it will get easier. Most of you will be very awkward about it the first few times and it won’t go that well. But it will get better the quicker you do. More of these conversations, the quicker they get better. Alright, so I’m gonna be on page 44. I need your attention. You’re going to see a bunch of questions on page 44. I’m gonna be modifying those sons, so please don’t just jot those down Willy nilly right now. I’m going to be adding some. I’ll be taking away some. How many of you have teenagers at home or have had teenagers at home? All right, for those of you who have had teenagers at home. When you need to ask them about improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Questions. And you need to find out information. And you need to have a conversation with them. How do you control that conversation about speed and agility training Tulsa? Don’t put the phone down, listen. Right, that’s part of it. What else? Specific one or two word answers. You give him my options on the answer. It could be general. You know to the degree, as opposed to targeting. A specific question. OK, if you’re trying to control the conversation, I’m not worried about him, Todd, but I want you to control the conversation. You’ve got something you’ve got to get across to this side, and you don’t know if he’s gonna take improve vertical jump training Tulsa well. How do you control the conversation? You can apply this to your spouse. You can supply this to your significant other if you go into a situation, a conversation and you intend to control it. How do you do that? I wanna talk to you. I need to visit with you. Alright, but once that’s over with, how do you control a conversation? Generally the big ones I contact making sure they always are looking at you when you’re speaking with them.

So that way you can kind of like frame him looking at you the whole time. How do you keep them from going down a path that you don’t want to go down feel about speed and agility training Tulsa? Oh well, I what I do is I say this is what we’re talking about right now, and this is we’re going to discuss. First, we’ll talk about something else at another time, but we’re talking about this issue right now. Alright, anybody else got ideas about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? We all do it. We all do it regularly. We may not realize what we’re doing. How do you control a conversation? I’m doing it to y’all right now. Keep them asking questions. Reverse. Me keep asking questions if I’m asking the questions I’m in control. Think about it, I told my wife that. Yeah. She just walked in. We all do it. We all do it. Think about altercations. You’ve had think about conversations you had when you want to be in control, you ask questions. And when they hansor you respond an ASK another question. ’cause if I’m asking questions, the conversation goes where I want it to. If I pause, they start asking questions and there are control. Alright.

Think about it. That’s going to be the heart of what we’re doing here. We’re going to be asking questions. I’m tip I’m not gonna ask. Yes no questions. I’m going because there’s a couple of races. The main reason is I don’t know if you all realize it, but people lie about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. People lie a lot. In advise people, yes or no. Question they if they don’t know the answer they would just say in live and tell me they don’t know the answer about speed and agility training Tulsa. If I ask a question, they have to give me a real answer too. I’m not going to get the lion because people don’t know how to fabricate that kind of answer. It’s easy to say yes when you don’t know. Think about it, you you don’t hear somebody real well, what do you do? Yeah, that’s fine. Because you really don’t want to say, hey, I can’t understand what you’re saying. I think you said this. We don’t do that, would just say yeah and go on. So I’ve gotta ask questions that are not yes, no questions and I’m gonna say total control of this conversation and understand why. These parents, most of them are spending 30 to $50,000. Over 4 years of traveling club ball. 30 to $50,000. May go Christmas count. Sorry. Yeah, I mean that’s the conservative number.

Yes, basically spending ridiculous amounts of money and their assumption is I am paying for their recruitment to be handled for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK. They assume that it’s magically being handled. They have no all this money. Recruiting is not also included in that. So I’ve got to ask questions for them to start to realize that they potentially have a recruiting problem. That’s how I set up and if I do speed and agility training Tulsa in the right way. They will send an interview with me and they will not cancel. If I omit this and just send interview, you’re gonna have an unbelievably high cancer rate. And if you do keep the interview, it won’t close. OK, so this is the first step of our process. Of how to close a family and it starts here. It starts at the field. It starts at the court. And you need to do it this way and I know that you can take shortcuts and still get an interview set, but I’m telling you you’re not going to close it. Understand. 10% of the families. 10% of the families are gonna do this no matter how bad you screw speed and agility training Tulsa up. 10%. 10% are not gonna do it. No matter how perfectly you do this. You gotta live in that 80%.