This is the first time we’re starting to have these speed and agility training sessions in Tulsa during the week of training, but we’re starting at this way ’cause we realize it’s good for you to actually be involved in that national call and realize how we’re going to want you to make time for this each week so it’s every Monday at 11 central anytime, any kind. Time we give you times it will be based on central time. I’m gonna read off the zoom number I need you to jot it down here we will be discussing improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Unless you have been sent this number before? Did Larry send you all the number for the national speed and agility training Tulsa call? OK so I’m gonna have to read this to you ’cause I don’t know a quicker way to get it to you ’cause it starts in 12 minutes. So if you could just say all should have gotten it in an email.

Email yes, alright and I don’t have to do I need to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Well, in case I don’t get their email let me go ahead and give you this number so you can jump on no pun intended. Did you get that?  I did hah. You guys. Otherwise go to your number, go to your email and click on it. The number is 84. 665 1/6 8850 846 6516 8850 I see you’re gonna go to zoom and you’re gonna click on that and you do. You can be on camera. You don’t have to be on camera for the national call. It doesn’t matter, but just make sure you got your audio on. So I’m going to let you jump up and get on that as soon as the national call is over. Practice some on your own on camera attempt to improve vertical jump training Tulsa . I’m asking you to jump back on our call is everybody clear on that? Everybody did. Alright, so we will see you after the national call. A real quick I just wanna say thank you. Everybody’s register practice everybody’s got their DocuSign in Great Giant.

Hey this month wait ago Adrian he’s new Adrian’s just been with us a couple of months. Definitely a hard worker and it shows great job Adrian. Just been with us for for a little over two months so challenge are people that are in training this week. Make this big of impact in a very short period of time is Adrian Stone in his tenure with us so. Another great month for a new scout J Roberson. I think Jay’s motivation. When he came in, he wanted to be Robert Cagle and congratulations Jay. It just took you 2 1/2 months to get there but you baiting this month way to go. Love to see that. Some other names that were a top of the list, some more familiar names. It’s time to live smart guy in Tinies Broly. Callaway Smith great job ladies and gentlemen. Another great month for you guys. You did trsting in Billings right? measurables testing improve vertical jump training Tulsa ? Yes. Congratulations to Billy Elias for having a great speed and agility training Tulsa month where you go Billy also Jamie Majan Kevin show great month free all. Great job. It is exciting to see you guys growing and I think a lot of it had to do with the national meeting and some changes that you’ve made also job. It’s it’s exciting for us to see the success that you’re having and a lot of folks have really good months. Everybody keep it up. It’s exciting to see new contributors. They have just recently gone through training within the last few months.

Really come in and make an impact on the business. That’s awesome to see. Now let’s focus on this week. What can we do this week? What can we do today? What are you gonna do today is going to ensure that you have a good week. We think about that your month we talk about the end of the month numbers. And we don’t talk enough about today. You know it takes really good individual days leading up to a great week leading up to an incredible month. So what are you going to do? How you going to get after it? And I hope that what you do is you decide at the end of this call you’re really going to get after today and then when you lay your head down tonight you say wow, I really got after it today and I got a of speed and agility training Tulsa done. Just start working day today like that. Improve vertical jump training Tulsa?One thing that we did last Thursday. And then one day we made an impact last Thursday on the Academy calls, we asked everybody to generate one college request. Just generate one college request. In a 24 hour period we generated 30 college requests. Let’s also. There’s a lot of exposure for these kids. That’s a lot of coaches that we contacted by phone. Most of those coaches want to see speed and agility training Tulsa that we can’t usually get by email, so great job, we’re really going to talk a lot about this next week in our Wednesday training. About these count requests and how to use them on a day to day basis.

But I do want to challenge you again today. We want everybody on this call to generate at least one college request. Today. This worked last week ’cause everybody participating. So we need your participation today. We’re hoping to generate 50 college coach requests today. In the 2424 hour period of time. We want to generate at least 50 college coach request, so if you didn’t generate one last Thursday, you kind of OS two. And if you want to be a superstar, feel free to generate more than one question. So that’s something that has always been a part of our business. Talking to the coaches, finding out what they need, going to the events, armed with that, going to our interviews and our presentations. Have your improve vertical jump training Tulsa data on your clipboard. Armed with that, growing our network with the college coaches providing them the speed and agility training Tulsa that true hands own help. That they’re looking forward. We’re really going to take the next couple of months. We’re going to do this quite often and next week we’re going to focus on OK, we’ve generated these 100 college requests. How do we use them on a day to day basis? So that’s going to be next Wednesday’s training. Speaking of training, where like I said, we have training going on this week, we have several scouts that after this week will be getting out into the field.