It’s not as as dominant in the female sports speed and agility training Tulsa. But I understand if you start pursuing things on Twitter you can get yourself. Just chasing after kids that can’t afford what we do. We are not a nonprofit organization. I hope everybody is OK with that. We are a company that makes the profit that is the intent. It is a business. So we’ve got to be working with kids and families to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, who can afford what we do. And it seems like on Twitter, a lot of times you can end up chasing kids. That they may be great athletes, but they can’t afford what we did. And just like I told you early, you don’t want to be that person last to a kid. That’s just sorry. On the other side of that, I don’t want to go to a family and do an interview with a family that straight up can afford what we do. They don’t have two nickels to rub together and I present to a kid showing him what we could do for them for speed and agility training Tulsa. If Mom had $3500. I just think that’s not that’s not a kind thing to do. So I need to make sure that I’m not chasing those kids because. They’re not going to be able to afford what I do to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Does that offend anybody on here?

Sometimes I have scales that that’s really hard for them to swallow. Maybe they come from an inner city environment or whatever, and they want to be able to go back and help those kids. And I’m all about helping kids, but within SRP this is not a non profit. It is something that we expect the families to be able to pay. Does that mean that every family has $3500 sitting in the bank today? Note we have structures that we can set up. We have payment options, we can make it palatable, but the reality is, if somebody doesn’t have income. They’re not going to be able to afford speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright, I got on a little tangent there. ’cause that’s something that we have to deal with a good bit to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Alright, let’s look at this page. 9 good post versus bad posts because when you’re out looking for post to share today. To your wall I need you to find good posts to share. I will give you some some hashtags that you can search on Tbone supposed. You can do hash tag. NSR softball hashtag NSR football. Obviously hashtags don’t have spaces and it doesn’t matter if their cap glass or not, but that way you can go find in a hashtag in Sr or whatever sport you’re working for speed and agility training Tulsa. You can find post. You can also find pose when you do hashtag in Sr Now. Hashtag NSRNOW that is like a universal hashtag. A lot of issues on our post for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’re also going to want a friend, some NSR. Good scouts that do a really good job in their social media.

Sung for Corey. I’m going to suggest you find Sheila Terry THIERY. She’s in Ohio. She does a really good job with Kirk with volleyball. Also, Jackie Arnold. Jackie Arnold are already see Jackie stuff. Callaway Smith OK. I those are and you cannot. You’re obviously gonna follow me and Robert. You’re going to see a lot of posts out there for our stuff as well. I names for football. You’re going to obviously wanna follow. Larry Perrin. You’re going to want to follow my husband Robert Cagle. Who else is a lot of football that Roy Fondow FONDAW Roy Fondo is in Texas. He signs a good bit of. Of. Football kids down there. All right, Todd Landry? You’re going to want to you. Basketball is one of those sports that a lot of people do. A little of it, but not a lot of people do, only basketball or a lot of basketball. But I will put some people out there for you. Janelle Smith. JANNELL Smith. She’s in Texas. Red, Pulaski, PA WLOSKIPAWLOSKI he’s in Michigan. I believe he does some basketball Larry Perrin does some basketball and speed and agility training Tulsa. You’re going to see some of Roberts from time to time that does basketball. Of course you can search on #nsr basketball and see what comes up. Alright. Softball or baseball. Let’s do softball you could do Rachel or a CHEL. Rachel Brown if you’re interested in baseball, you can do her husband Lucas Brown till you see a hasbrown. Mark Galion GLYEN Mark Galion. Is in Indiana.

Lacrosse you’re gonna wanna friend. Holland Axeli HOLIN actually 8X Ley is in Georgia. Y’all can always go to my Facebook. Go to my friend list and you ought to be able to find these people. If you can’t get the spelling right, ’cause I’m gonna be friends with all of them. And if you haven’t already friended me on Facebook, please send me a friend request. Alright, so that’s let’s talk about good post to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Venue posts are great. When when you’re at an event? And it’s just a beautiful venue. You can just take a picture to say hey out here looking for athletes that would have played the next level. That’s a cell Z as I’m going to get it. I’m out here looking at athletes. I want to play the next level.

Commitments, maybe you get kids. You’ve got some post out there about kids verbal commitments. Maybe you’ve got some more kids are actually signing there in a lie or there LOL. You’re gonna see a lot of pictures of scouts with an athlete doing speed and agility training Tulsa, where they’re welcoming an athlete matter fact when you sign your first accolade, you’re going to go out there, and you’re going to do well composed. You’re going to say, help me, welcome, make sure welcomes in that first sentence. You’re going to say the name of this forward and their location. And then you’re going to find our scouts to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Just start welcome.