Now a lot of you like like Jerry or May work multiple sports for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You know, Jerry is a baseball guy who thinks he’s a football guy. Who may be able to do some other sports so at the bottom of your your Google Drive there for speed and agility training Tulsa. Add tabs to it. So if you have if you want split up my class. If you’re only going to one sport, you want to split my class great, have you 20 twos here 2324 or whatever? If you want to do players, coaches, events. This is the reason I keep saying this is this is yours. I want you to use it and once will be the most efficient way for you to work. You know? It looks like Clinton pretty efficient out there. You know, in in so I want him to not have to be into how I necessarily have set up a spreadsheet. I want him to be able to take that spreadsheet and say, man, this is how my mind works. This is what I need to see.

So I want to put it in and I want to add these columns. I want to add these tabs and this is what’s word best for me. I’ve got people that have added tabs for, you know, they have their main funnel on the first page for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Well then, if they do an interview with that kid, they move them to the second page of their tab. And then if they, if they do fails, you know that may take him out of that, move it into a failed or not now. Result. Into another state. So if we’re hitting with an email with your main database will not hit the kids that you’ve already interviewed for speed and agility training Tulsa or or may have said no or or something like that. And again, you guys, if you have any questions about the technical aspects of the final extendable aspects of Google or anything like that, Ryan. Or is your guy to talk to on that. A lot of the answers are in access already, but if not Ryan here in the office is your guy for improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

I know a lot of people will call me on that because I’m the one that talks to you about it, but if it gets technical, he’s the guy we’re just going to talk about how best to. Use it so any questions so far on the set up of it that you’ve done on the collecting of names on anything that has to do with the actual document itself. Everybody is clear Clint, you look confused up there man. Have I lost it? I’m right I’m writing down some notes for already thinking out my phone. Oh Lord, don’t run anything I’m saying. Alright, great, so we’re going to make the assumption now that man we’ve got everything in here is in my final now Now what am I going to do and why do I do speed and agility training Tulsa? The funnel is mainly used for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. From our standpoint. As a way to send out email campaigns, marketing campaigns to perspective NS or athletes OK? Why do we do that? I mean, I hear this all the time, Brown. Why don’t we use email man nobody reads emails anymore? Nobody opens emails all about. It’s all about a texting. It’s all about you know getting there fast as true that’s that’s 100% true. If I need to get a quick response to something, it’s going to be a text. And we will talk about how to use text with athletes here in just a minute. But if I’ve got something that’s right.

But I still get on any given day hundreds of emails. Now do I open all of those? No, I don’t. Well, how do you know which ones you open, which ones you’re not going to run for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Well, first thing is it becomes for somebody I know that get some pasta first. Well, Secondly, is it something I’m interested in its past, the 2nd wall, and then I’ll open it from there. OK, but what about our prospects out there for speed and agility training Tulsa? What about my phone? Why would they open an email from me if they don’t know who I am? Well, hopefully maybe a lot of them have seen you out at events. Hopefully you know they’ve heard from you. It is not a cold email. You know we can say something that lets them know how. I saw you out of the Wilson premiere in Arizona, or I saw you playing in the Future Masters Golf Tournament in Dothan. Or, you know, I saw you, the Turkey trot lacrosse tournament. Whatever the case may be to kind of warm that up, and that’s where. We’re very good here. In this office.

At email campaigns you know we have a great digital marketing team and you know we ask that. We asked that. You allow us to do campaigns. OK. It’s not because we don’t think you can do improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Is because we’ve. Saying what we’re able to do in some of the speed and agility training Tulsa. We’re in the generate through campaigns and subject line and testing and different things that we have the capabilities to do here that you may not have capability now. Will you eventually? Yeah, I’ve got some scouts to send out their own campaigns, do a great job. They follow some directions, do a great job, they didn’t do it when they were first coming out of training. OK. So. We’re going to send out a preliminary campaign for you guys. You’re after training, hopefully here, even maybe tomorrow. For some of you that have some things in your final. If you don’t, then we’ll work towards getting some. We’ve got some pretty big databases here for different sports, and we’re going to help populate your funnels into different areas if we have them. You know, if we don’t, then. Is going to be the ground and you’re going to grind for speed and agility training Tulsa. It will have to get 10 kids at a time for you or whatever the case may be.