Look if she wants to play in college and she’s qualified will address improve vertical jump training Tulsa at that point in time. But make no mistake. Make no mistake, if she can’t, I’m gonna tell you that as well to speed and agility training Tulsa.  I’m not going to be like travel ball coaches in high school coaches and tell you what you wanna hear. I’m gonna tell you what you need to hear so you can actually make the right decision. Moving forward. Is that fair enough, dad? That’s. OK, does that. Yes, I kind of summarized a little bit by trying to shorten what I did the first time. Did the same sentiment come across? Yes. OK, so who’s ultimately in control of the conversation? You you are you are gas. You’re here, you’re asking the questions and you’re making the statements and look. Let me tell you this, this be devil’s advocate for just a minute. ’cause this is gonna happen. You’re gonna run into that Dad that goes well. No, seriously. How much does speed and agility training Tulsa cost? And then my in this happened to me that long ago. My next statement was no seriously Cook Dad, you don’t understand. You’re asking a question. That’s totally inappropriate. I haven’t decided as a period or college coach I offer kids improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I want to work with. I haven’t decided if your daughter is good enough yet.

So once I make that decision, we can discuss anything that we may have in the future, just like that discussion will be had on a college coach offer shoot 25% money for a $50,000 year education. You still gonna write a check even though you got a scholarship. Is that fair enough to add speed and agility training Tulsa? Let me finish my valuation first, then we can talk about what it’s gonna look like down the road and look if you don’t want me to have a witch child, let me know now and I’ll take her off. The College coach watch list. Now who’s watch list is there improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Here is mine. But he don’t know that. Usually when I say that it’s done, it’s over with the conversation. We may not move forward, but at the end of the day, that Guy understands that he this guy’s here and he’s not taking everybody. This isn’t about everybody gets a trophy. Add apparent last night on the interview that we’re closing today getting everything set up, all the paperwork done. He’s like so this truly is a selection process.

I go know it’s not truly a selection process, it is. A selection process and I chose to offer you guys tonight and at the end of the day you gotta understand that that offer has limitations and time limits. Just like a real offer from a college coach will have. He said man is different from that crap we heard about speed and agility training Tulsa. I said yeah that other crap you heard. They’ll take your money any day of the week and they’ve never seen your daughter play and I said, did you notice that they offered you guys an opportunity to pay them some money, but yet they’ve never seen your kid play? Does improve vertical jump training Tulsa make any sense about how recording works? Is that a way college coach works and handing out scholarships like open? We’re hands out books. Without ever seeing your kid play, no, there’s your son Dad. Or go ahead. Well, it was. It wasn’t a question is more of a a comment. So when you when you tell the dad that you know kind of you’re you’re bugging me. You know it’s an inappropriate question. It kind of should put the fear of God into him a little bit, because just just as you’re scouting the athlete, you’re scouting the parents right and so.

If he’s heard in any point during the process, you know don’t really **** ***. You know a scout or or college coach, or approach him and ask him inappropriate questions or things like that, that it might put something in the back of his head that. Maybe I need to? You know? Quit quit bothering this guy about the pricing and let him scout my daughter. Actually let him do what he do not value with my kid. I mean, and that piece of improve vertical jump training Tulsa I’ve got story up story guys are being advanced with coaches and parents walk up to him and travel ball, quote unquote recruiting coordinators walk up to these hot teach speed and agility training Tulsa. These college coaches want to talk to him about kids. And I don’t care who you are. I don’t care if you the bolts in the softball world. I don’t care if you, the Viper is. I don’t care if you’re the bandits. In the baseball, I don’t care who you are.

The minute that coach walks up to a college coach, he simply tolerating them. Y’all understand what I just said. He’s super tolerating that. Some of them don’t tolerate it. Some of this tell him hi coach, you just send the kids information out. You don’t have to talk to me about the kid. All evaluate the kid. Because sometimes these guys are overselling. Once they got these got trouble codes and code codes are overselling. OK, so so coaches don’t want to see your coaches simply really all they want is give me access to film. Give me access to the kids, I’ll make it to termination of what I want with the kid. And The thing is, is that we don’t, you know, people don’t realize that that’s that’s truthfully, honestly, the way that the whole deal works. I was more share this story with you just so you know, kind of a little bit about it. So I was doing a softball event about seven years ago, six years ago in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Ann, I walked up and was watching a kid playing his dad inched over 2 minutes over 2 minutes over to me and finally just flat out said he did not ask her. Quite who you scouting anything else she said to speed and agility training Tulsa. Hey so how much it costs? And ghetto Mississippi southern English. And I said, well, Dad. You know, I guess you need to understand that it doesn’t work that way. All it all works that way. How does does it? It all works out way. OK. Well, it doesn’t work that way. An at the end of the day.