That’s a great ballplayer with high academics and you send her off some junior college somewhere to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. She’s gonna. She’s gonna, she’s gonna struggle academically for speed and agility training Tulsa. She’s going to school board and add she shouldn’t be there. You know golf kids. You always talk about golf athletes cons. When they go play in college, 99% of them are going to play on a home course at college that they wouldn’t even go practice on when they were in high school. That’s how elite those guys were playing golf in high school. Their club Country Club, exactly their club was more fancy and more put together and better, well built. The tournaments. Half the courses are going to play tournaments on column. It’s a tough. It’s a tough adjustment. That’s the number one. Just when I deal with golf athletes, they go on these visits and ago. And the home courses in the Coursera going go. I mean would you better get over that attitude?

I mean ’cause you know you better learn how to play on an account faster just like you are to closed Roberts improve vertical jump training Tulsa. End him to Carson Creek, Oklahoma State. No doubt. Let’s go guys, we’re gonna start with speed and agility training Tulsa, OK? We’re going to start with this, and The thing is, is that. This piece of this at this time and they Corey guys just know that this is the this is the. This is the interview Bible only. Other way to put that this is the book. I mean this is what you gotta go by here you gotta live in this. OK. I. This is built to take you through a journey to get you to a point with a family that they understand that they are absolutely broken. The recruiting bone is snapped completely into. And we have people in our organization that will not use this because they think they know better. What was the keyword I said in there? Hey. They want think they think they need to quit thinking. OK, unless you’re doing 10 to 12 enrollments a month, I really don’t care what you think.

Is your not there yet? That sounds horse, right? That sounds like I’m being mean and cruel. No, it’s not. I’m not being mean and cruel. It means that until you get to a point where you’re closing 90% of the people here in front of and you really are rock and roll and you truly are doing at 8 or 10 or 12 every single month improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’re not doing speed and agility training Tulsa. You’re probably not doing everything that we tried trying to do. You know we give a lot of kudos to people that do 4-5 and six. We’re giving him kudos ’cause we’re trying to motivate him to get to 810. That’s what you did when you players back in the day that they were pretty good players, right? You I’ma throw that iPad out in the rain in just a minute. So between it going off all the time and rain and it’s driving me crazy. All I’m trying to say is that. I’ll give you a good case in point. I’m not going to name the name ’cause I don’t wanna beris him ’cause he’s a really really good guy.

Former Division One coach to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Been coaching for 20 years. Enrolled his first kid last month after got out of training. First kid. Interviewing roll it so everybody’s thinking this guy could be it could be pretty good. Enrolled another kid. OK, that they knew. So that was kind of OK. OK, stop #2 then all of a sudden he went on an 04 stretch. And so he’s talking, Susan. He’s telling Susan Susan’s asking the question she’s coaching the crap out of him. Be honest, she’s asking me about speed and agility training Tulsa. And he’s he, you know, he. He’s not being honest. You know, you can tell he’s not being able to honestly self assess himself. OK, ’cause that makes sense. You just wouldn’t do it. Able to self assess himself.

So she said do this for me. The next the next interview, do I want your recorded? I want you record it and I want you sending me afterwards and I’ll and I’ll break it down guys. Guess what he didn’t use? Questionnaire he did use questionnaire guess what guess what else he didn’t do? Anything that I told him to do. Not the same. I don’t know where he came up with what he came up with. So we had two root 2 reactions at my house. OK, when she was listening to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK, I wasn’t Washington Ann listening to it all all the time. I only could. I could only take bits and pieces of it. You know why I can only take bits and pieces of it? Because I got really frustrated about the bits and pieces that I heard. Because I want to know why you’re doing what you’re doing when you weren’t told to do speed and agility training Tulsa that way. And here’s why I look at that, right? OK. I won’t call his name. You got lucky on the 1st 2 those were ten percenters. And Susan told you all the 1080 ten rule. Yet yes, OK, you can ****. And 10% of people go write you a check anyway. You can be the greatest ever. Did it and 10% ain’t gonna do it regardless of how good you are. And then there’s the 80% in the middle. You better be really good at, so you can live out of that. So the first two he enrolled, we’re just going to write him a check because of his background. He didn’t do anything to show up. The next 5. OK, before that he told us about and then the one he entered the get with five. That fell into that. 80% well you better build to do what we’re doing and do it the right way or you’re not going to make a living to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It was horrible. It looked it was literally horrible and I don’t share that with you because I want you guys may end up having needing to share an interview with her as well and understand. I’m never going to barrus you individually in front of people for speed and agility training Tulsa. I’m not going to do that. That’s not the way this works. Not going to correct you individually in front of other people. It’s not going on in Group, it’s not go. It’s not gonna happen. It’ll be behind. The scenes will make sure it gets handled the right way. Profe But as a group like PS,.