We had a kid that was a I mean 6 foot five 315 pound offensive lineman to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. This kid was stud. Start. Five 140 speed 380 pound bench press, which when you talk about 6-5 and those long arms for the 17 year old kid and you talk about a guy that’s got some power speed and agility training Tulsa. 600 pounds squat. So I mean this kid was put together. We go through the whole process. He’s got a 3.3 grade point average. Not a thing in the world for me. Ever dawned on me that we had any kind of I started working with the software. He takes the first. HTT was a junior scores 14 dadgummit, so he’s got tests anxiety, right? That’s what I’m thinking? So this is prior to us having a CTSAT prep. This is this is how long ago this was. So we go through this whole. He takes it three or four times. He finally gets up to like 16. That’s it. That’s it. And so now we get to where we’re a month out. I’ve got all these big Division One schools on this kid, but nobody’s pulled the trigger on awful.

Why? Because he can’t get through the clearing house. You can’t get through eligibility center, so they’re not going to waste things. So at the end of it, but he’s in the top 50% of his graduating class at his high school improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So now that I’m having a conversation with his dad and add just to get uncomfortable from Jackson, AL. His name is his name is Darrell and his sons name is Storm. All right? I mean what a football name, right storm? I’m sitting on Daryl, you know, coach speed and agility training Tulsa, I don’t understand why we can’t get no D ones on it, man. I go, it’s pretty simple, Darryl. The kids got all a football talent skill in the world, but Dadgum 1415 to 16 is killing us. nobody’s gonna step out there and do that man you know i know man it’s tough but you know man i you know i guess i guess i didn’t realize just how bad you know this dyslexics so they can’t build trust with you and you’re not gonna do. You have to do that on the front side in the interview before you ever get interview. Back to the pre text communication. I’ve set everything up with Mom for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. The next morning Thursday morning I will text mom. Hey mom, I’m really looking forward to seeing you Dad and little Susie on Saturday night 60.

We’re going to have a lot of information to cover in this evaluation. And in my valuation, I’m going next level is for me to for this. Coach Interview is just like my peers. The college coaches I’m going to ask questions and I’m gonna see how mature she is and we’ll see how she handles herself. Talking back and forth with the coach for speed and agility training Tulsa. To make sure she’s capable of that verbal communication, and then we’re going to talk about academics. And then I’m going to go over my valuation of her as an athlete and as a person in detail. I’m looking forward to that. What is a good email address ma’am for me to send you a questionnaire that’s going to be a volleyball questionnaire for you to fill out for me before the meeting? This will help her be more relaxed improve vertical jump training Tulsa. For our conversation Saturday night in a few minutes later, she’s going to send me the email account to send it to. OK, what am I sending to them? I’m sending to them. The Sport specific questionnaire that you see on page 53. I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, but understand I’m sending them the sport specific questionnaire about speed and agility training Tulsa, not the college Coach Information Questionnaire.

That’s 4 pages. I’m sending them the baseball questionnaire for the basement. The basketball questionnaire that synaxis the football. The volleyball that golf. I’m sending the specific sport questionnaire that’s two pages that they need to fill out. It looks almost identical to every collegiate. Questionnaire and they’re going to get from there from the coach that they get almost here. OK, so I’m gonna send it to him. Alright, now I’ve sent it to him. They’re going to send it back to me. They’re going to complete it and get it back to me. Do I need it before the interview I don’t have to have it before the interview. I like to have it before the interview. And I’ll go into some really good reasons to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Later on why you want to have it before the interview.

OK, but I’m gonna go but I’m gonna try to get it. So I’ve made that early morning midday text communication with Mom Now so that she can tell me if there’s not a dad involved in speed and agility training Tulsa. If dads deadbeat if they’re divorced or whatever, the situation is now I’ve gotten, I’m in a position to handle that situation when they respond. Is she may say hey, can we talk real quick my phone OK, great now she wants to escalate and have a conversation because the details of whatever I just asked her to do are too much for her to text. If she wants to talk to you, bye. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It could be a trust exactly. It could be a good thing. OK, the other part of that is to be prepared when that conversation comes. The question made them behave. This is great and we’re going to put, you know, I’ve been. How much is this going to cost to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? And you’re going to have to be prepared at that point to make those statements that I shared speed and agility training Tulsa with you. Yesterday or Monday or whatever day it was. I don’t know what day of the week it is because after all I work 24/7 so it doesn’t really matter. So at the end of the day, and that’s what you should do to him anyway.