I mean golfers are just that intellectual athlete and that’s what the college coaches have come to expect for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Alright, for for a golf guy who does speed and agility training Tulsa. If he’s a scratch golfer. He might get one golfer. He might be a D1 golfer. You got a girl that shoot mid 70s. She’s a D1 golfer for sure. So I understand these these men that are golfing these boys that are golfing they are good. You got a girl that shooting in the 80s. We can find her home. The guys they have to be good. I let’s go basketball. Todd, don’t you think I’m missing basketball? What’s gonna be the easiest position for me to get? Recruited by college coaches. Center everybody always wants size. Bugs are always good. There are very limited. Right, because there aren’t enough of them. And there but the game. You know, is changing over the last. 10 years. An affair? You can’t now. I’m not getting ready. We got Internet issues all over the country. Things are always good in basketball. Size kills size kills so. That’s always a good thing.

Let me tell you what you’re gonna hear from the most in basketball, Todd. Anybody else who works basketball improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Can everybody hear me? Yes. Wings. Skilled wings, if anybody can hear me, yeah, wings forwards skilled wings with some size for speed and agility training Tulsa. R. For the most OK, let me tell you who you’re gonna hear from the most. Point guards white guys that can shoot the lights out of it. Anybody? Guys, we’re having major Internet issues, I bet. I don’t want to load up with a bunch of five. Nine got white guys that can shoot the lights out of it, and if they if they can, they better have a really good GPA in a great test score. And he’s probably playing D3 bomb. He might go D to if he’s amazing, but he’s probably the three. I I’m going to try to finish up your gas. I’m basically looking for the best kid on the field without an offer. I am not chasing. It’s who had offers. They’re going to have to come to me and let them know that they are not happy with the offers they’ve got. I would never enroll a kid that has a Division One offer.

And once more Division One offers speed and agility training Tulsa. That makes no sense. You’re not going to be able to make that family happy to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They’re not going to pay you $3500. Alright guys. We’re going to stop right here for right now. 12:00 o’clock. I need you back at 1:30. I’m giving you an hour and a half because I need you. To listen to the recruiting center, the the the Audio Recruiting Seminar. On Axis Under resourced and downloads. It’s gonna be our increase seminar done by Robert. Just listen to the audio. It’s about 50 something minutes do not he the exact rules of the NCAA. Several years old. I want you to get the Bob of how recruiting center goes. It’s not about the exact NCAA rules ’cause they have changed. Does everybody understand why I’m asking you to do over lunch? Yes, I see the looking for. Looking for. If you got Facebook stuff you haven’t done yet, I need to do speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, what you’re looking for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? I’m looking for it. What would it be under? I see that recruiting seminar flyer. Recruiting seminar outline or. It’s gonna be up higher than that. Hold on. So it’s a video not a document right It’s an audio audio. It’s not a document. 2021 resources and downloads. Let’s see. Always. Under NSR University, there’s training.

There is a pretty seminar example under training. Step around on me. OK, that’s gonna be one. Everybody needs to listen to her pretty seminar example under NSA. So let’s talk about this. Clear affirming summit all. 1:30 my time. We have an hour and a half Brown black will be starting with y’all on. Contact management just FY I. It’s 52 minutes. Maybe 2 minutes I’m I’m not seeing it anywhere  in Sri University. Gets under resources and downloads. You got 100 documents is NSR University. He’s throwing down. Rolling down is it the example or the training? Example. This other down in that. Between what’s weather book? I’m sorry. I’m just not seeing online traces, resources and downloads improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Right? Medical University. How far down does this? What I’m right University is under the documents. It’s lower than documents. Documents are here. NSR University. Here in training is under that you’re gonna go recruiting speed and agility training Tulsa seminar example, right? I was being so real slow.

Everybody had that. Yes, ma’am. Does anybody not found it? Alright, you got to 130 guys. We may, if we, if we had to reset this because the Internet is so bad, I’ll get them to do that at the office, but otherwise you can keep it up if you don’t need it for your phone. Hey Susan, just real quick. Oh, do you know anything about like lacrosse at all and what they would be looking for in terms of like college coaches and most as I recall or easiest to? To recruit interns across. You know, they they. They obviously like people who score. They like really athletic kids that are fast. Height helps. It’s kind of like soccer. It’s a little more. It’s a little blurrier. OK, ’cause I don’t know why. Really like if goalies are easy. I know like. Always there always great goalies are always great in lacrosse and soccer goalies. And then I got like faceoff guys. And guys that played like 2 positions I don’t know. I couldn’t really think of anything else about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You know. I got spayed and they got good size and they had. OK, alright thank you and I appreciate. alright guys see you back at one We need to make sure we need to make sure that we’re able to to do those and teach you how to do those and look everybody is going to be a different person for speed and agility training Tulsa.