Can you get the offer if you don’t go through those four stages of improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Let’s talk a little bit about the Instant Availability center bombs and dads gotta go through speed and agility training Tulsa. We talked about that a little bit before gotta go through DSC W eligibility Center. If you don’t do that, you can’t even be recruiting taking visit and I will tell you most of you sit in this room. Don’t even know that that part of that you didn’t know that. I said that out loud to go instead of eligibility sentence to pin it started r Marta. And your kids are junior. I’m not picking on you, I’m just saying if you didn’t know that basic piece of recruiting before today. My goodness, how much of the wrestle recruiting process do you think that do you realize you don’t know? Because this isn’t going to Walmart, this isn’t called the local store. This isn’t go to the mechanic.

This is a one time chance to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You get to get your child in front of coaches and actually get to live the dream. How many kids in there right now raise your hand? If you’re absolutely positively committed in the dream to play in college, raise your hand right there. Great everyone of you did or you wouldn’t be here for speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s great moms and dads. I’m asking this question how many of you are committed to doing everything you can to make sure that your child attains their dream plan in college? OK, you raise your hands. Then you need to understand the process we’re going through that understand you gotta know it’s building number, contact periods, football, softball, volleyball, golf. We need to understand I’m not gonna cover tonight, but there’s a specific contact. That coaches Division One Guys Division, two guys and others can actually contact. You will phone call face to face. Have a conversation about recruiting for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? OK, because of time tonight I’m not gonna get into every one of those Pacific contact periods because we have multiple sports here this evening for speed and agility training Tulsa.

But feel free after we get done with this tonight. If you have questions about the contact. When it comes to contact you walk up to me individually afterwards. I’ll stay here as long as you guys. Well, I won’t leave until every question you guys have individually is actually not gonna answer it out loud. As far as in a group ’cause I may have to ask you some questions, but I’ll be glad to answer all your questions tonight. Next thing, let’s talk about when can they evaluate you. We talked about this a second ago. Softball cheers volleyball kids, those two sports and recruiting starts way early way there, evaluating 7th 8th grade kids. I’ve got an eighth grade athlete right now that I work with folks that has 262265 home first speed. I’ve got 4/4 SEC coaches. They have communicated with me about her and she’s in the eighth grade for speed and agility training Tulsa. Now they can’t talk to her right now, but they want to continue to understand and learn more about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If you are sitting here Junior and you’re not communicating with coaches and you have desire play, you’d be the first in that line and just a little bit.

Have conversation is so we can get you properly evaluated. We’re losing time. Let’s move on. Number of visits you can only take five official business Division One schools official visits meaning that school records it with NCAA that paying for your expense to get there they put you in the in the dorm or the housing with one of the athletes. You have meetings with the coaches. It may and usually in today’s world official business, the formality they’ve already offered you to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’ve already committed. And you’re just bringing you in on the official business for everybody to kind of get a warm fuzzy and for you can’t even pick out who give you room. Not official visits were taking as many of those we want to. Those are on your mom and dads nickel, you know you’re gonna buy your own McDonald’s. You’re going to pay for your own speed and agility training Tulsa. You know how they end overnight stay. You will pay for your own gas, but you want to be invited to as many unofficial visits can game day visits camps we want to be invited to their camp on campus. I think as many of those as we can, ’cause it matters. You’re willing to go see that coach on your dime. You’re interested. If all you’re trying to fish for an offer verbally, he might not be so interested. Understand there’s all kinds of things about that process. There’s underlying meanings to everything that goes on. Give kids, don’t take any. That’s the bottom line. Athletes don’t take it $50.00 gift card.

Somebody says, hey you, I’m with the Baylor and you know we’re looking to have favorites ended all gift card no Charlie don’t take it. It’s violations in AA rule. So just understand you can’t accept any gifts that share mature. Is it? Also? Features are devoted to build. Next time, let’s talk about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Questionnaires. Do you know that all over after one actual subscript 2010? It’s literally nine years ago they sent out 3400 questionnaires. Potential athletes that they might want a crew. They only had 21 scholarship spots to give that year for that class, and they only had 25 that they could recruit. Or sign the national air content. Here’s my point. There’s 3325 kids. Running around thinking they will get recruited for speed and agility training Tulsa by or just ’cause they got a questionnaire.