You gotta play all your cards right way and really take BS fun to take things in. And we know that there’s 23-24 year old people can be very successful doing what we do. We re in the prime of our life and often can show off our improve vertical jump training tulsa I mean our son when he was working on his MBA and before we got into coaching full time in the field of speed and agility training Tulsa., he worked with us and was extremely successful. Enroll in volleyball athletes and he is this big old another sport that can tolerate younger. One of the measureables we test fir volleyball players is improve vertical jump training tulsa Extremely successful the women’s side. I think it’s because the Mamas thought it was pretty and so there’s one hit and rolled with it, but we will get in and all that. But at the end of the day you can and so were excited about where you are in the country cause it’s very much needed. Their there’s a lot. There’s just unlimited access to to the sport there for you. So welcome aboard were glad you here. An eyeglasses clip Next up. Clear Turner is next. Yep, OK, first of all, I wanna thank you guys for the opportunity.

A little bit about me. I come from West TX home of Friday Night Lights might have heard of Permian High School hopefully never heard of it. Which it’s not number one, but it’s also 2-3 so sure, so I I was a 3 sport athlete in high school and I did speed and agility training Tulsa all of those years. Fortunately or unfortunately don’t know. Decided not to play in college because they didnt have speed and agility training like they do in Tulsa. I don’t know that was the lack of God given ability or just luck in my ability to improve vertical jump training tulsa. Lack of drive at that time in life. Not sure, but that’s just what a what happens. I am in the sales world, have been for about 15 years now with the same company. Love what I do. I love to sell. But I also love to be apart of kids lives. I realized that when I had my first first kid, I said I wanted 5. When the third came along, I realized that I couldn’t afford 5. So I’ve. Ever since my first child started soccer from the age of four, I realized that’s where my passion was was in kids still is to this day. Couldn’t couldn’t pay the Bills, coaching weekend soccer or reaching back making basketball so it raises the professional world and the improve vertical jump training tulsa world. I feel like this company gives me the opportunity to do both. I get to change some lives and make some money.

Recently just got through with the program we were fortunate to have Larry work with us recently. My daughter just signed. About two or three weeks ago, just signed to play college ball about 20 miles from home. Can’t be more. Can’t be more excited about that. Love basketball, love all sports and the best speed and agility training Tulsa. Has to offer. But basketball has been loved for many many years particularly in Tulsa improve vertical jump training. Excited to get going. Initially this will be a part time gig till I can transition to. I would love to do it full time. It’s just not in the cards at the moment. But hopefully things will fall in place, and before you know it, this is. This could be what I do full time and love Lynn love too. I just love to work and don’t mind being busy. And thanks for the opportunity. Well, thank you Clinton. Thank you. For the opportunity to work with Ashton in you guys. You know? Nobody will be able to tell a story better than than you. The process that that you guys had to go through to get to Ashton success, yes. In believing in the product that you’re selling it, coming from the sales world is also. It is magical if you don’t believe in it, you’re not sold on it yourself. You are not going to convey that message to the family. Yes, certainly not. You know, that’s why. Back in the old days when you sold cars, they put in a demo they wanted you to drive around and if we can record video and evaluate that way we can improve vertical jump training tulsa.

Enjoy that new car and what it smelled like and what it how it drove and had handled it and how good the radio worked and now go the air conditioning worked in the in the West Texas summers and and then you could really sell that car that product to. To people, cables and Emma add dropped out there their internets having problem. We’re having storms in Alabama this week, so bear with us but. You know plant came to me. After Ashton signed and everything was said and done, all the dust kind of sat on said, hey man, I I want. To help these kids around here, you know out in the rural West TX how many miles can a is is in between. You know Amarillo and Fort Worth where there’s. Hundreds of schools with really creat speed and agility training and programs like in Tulsa. . In a in a region and college coaches aren’t coming out too. Yeah, that’s all. And then Larry now talk about this. I feel like there’s a really untapped market out here. Thank goodness we asked and I found found a program that we fell in love with but untapped market out here add. Cannot wait to get going. Went to a AAU tournament this past week. Ashton was fortunate to play a little bit ’cause she had been missing the court we expect she will get healthy again after some PT and also the help of Pro Day Tulsas best speed and agility training..

And I find myself not watching her but looking around for kids that could play already prospected. So I just I can’t wait to get going really excited. Awesome, well we’re super excited to have you here, Clinton. And in the hopefully as she gets at 4 degrees, he comes to work for us right out of college. I hope so. Alright well congratulations Dad on her going to to Harden cinemas. Now I’ve got to get a heart and sentence T shirt so I get to call the bookstore in order me a T shirt ’cause every school that I’ve got kids placed that I get a T shirt from there. I bet we can send you one. Alrighty well, we’re gonna slide over this time to Christian. What’s up, everybody. My name is Christian feller. Like Jack, I’m 23 years old. I graduated college last May. With a journalism degree.