This is probably the biggest issue we have with scouts in the field for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Thoughts, concerns about speed and agility training Tulsa? What do I do if this conversation once out? Ask them the questions and I’ll send an interview. How do I get out of that? How do I stop that conversation and not let it go further? They need to go? Feeling that you have to focus on evaluating. Listen, it was great talking to you. I’ve got another kid I need to watch the start basement over here. It was great talking to you. I look forward to our meeting Tuesday night, but why wait soon? I have another question for you list and Mom will make a promise to you. Do you write down every recruiting question you have between now and Tuesday and I won’t get off the zoom call with you?

Until I have answered every question you got fair enough. But you got to be ready to go to another field or go to another position and evaluated kid. That’s another reason you don’t want to be sitting down. Conversation. Alright, I want you to think about this. What did I not do when the family walked up to me or when I walked up to the family about speed and agility training Tulsa? I just start hate number exposure daughter. She wanted to play in college to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. How many of you think I should have introduced myself first? I don’t introduce myself for a reason. Report I just became a salesman. And people will put up their sales walls in a heartbeat. When I just jump in about the kid. Oh yeah, that’s my daughter. Hey, she want to play in college, she is. Hey who are you? I’m so sorry. Susan Cable National scouting report. I’m out here looking for I Fixit wanna play at the next level what’s your daughters NCAA number? See how I just roll that? If I come out and shake hands and tell him who I am, I just put I just. It just reeks of insurance sales and they’re just gonna throw up those walls and then then you got issues.

You do this wrong. In Jack, they will ask you so how much is this gonna cost? That’s the worst they can ask you in speed and agility training Tulsa right? And you do it wrong and they will. And I’ve got to realize if they ask that I probably done something wrong, I need to reassess what I’m doing, but I gotta deal with this situation for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. What is this gonna cost? Wait, mom. You know, I’m sure you’re asking me that because you been inundated by NCSA and all these phone calls and all this crap. That is not the way this works. I’m gonna process. I’m going to valuate your daughter. I mean I like some skills. She’s got out here, but I’m not to that point yet where we’re not even in the realm of that yet. He’s your daughter. Want to play in college and do speed and agility training Tulsa? Yeah, she is 1 certainty AA number. I’ve gotta get it Rock back to my process. But if you come in hot about the kid and you’re excited about the kid and you’re asking him questions and you keep it doesn’t go there. If you pause, it will go there every time. So you got you got to get good at these questions.

If I were you I would take this page 44 and I would print it out and I would mark out that crappy question. Is she committed to playing in college and I would add a couple of questions we need to add and I would have that on the back of my clipboard so that I can be all prepped up and ready when I get in front of somebody. Of course I’m not going to be looking at improve vertical jump training Tulsa, but I’m going to have it. Head really quickly. If you can get good at setting interviews, you can be super start what we did. Is the hardest part of what we did the interview for speed and agility training Tulsa? Just going to go great. The clothes, if you set the interview right. The clothes will just follow. He tried to do this by setting interviews wrong. It’s going to be a disaster for you. Do you have a average percentage of a close rate for all the scouts? I know it’s going to vary on. Matically I would like you to be between 80 and 90%. Close. I’ve got scouts that are all over improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’ve got scouts that are way closer to 100%. But they’re doing everything right. I’ve got Kyle that scouts are at 50%. And I’m sure I’ll get scattered or lower.

I don’t want that I want, but it you it starts the way you perceive that the field then seeing you you handling that conversation, the right way. Set near me there and then. Park and you’re going to close. It just had its way easier than you think. When you do it this way when you try to do it a different way. It gets painful. Questions. Practice this practice saying the questions the right way fror speed and agility training Tulsa. Practice a lot of you are going to want to ask. Yes, no question about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s what you’re in the habit of doing, and you’re going to have to get out of that habit because I need them talking a little bit, responding, and then I can let them know that what they said doesn’t make sense. It’s not that’s not right. And This is why. And then I’m going to run into it. I want to see what a lot of our scouts do. They go hey, what’s your NCAA number? Wow, she needs one of those or she can’t get recruited. What’s your GPA? Do you see how they did make that a doorway question? It was not a doorway question. The way they dealt with. You just gave them free information. She needs one.