My 17 year old daughter that is huge and she’s actually looking for a certain pair that she saw somebody else where it’s can final. So I told her oh give me a pair two while you’re at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Not so good. This is how these kids work, and we know that people think I’m crazy around telling them you better be wearing some good tennis shoes thinking like what are you talking about speed and agility training Tulsa? No, that is what kids look at that they will know about you. They won’t remember your name that won’t remember the company you work for.

They will remember what shoes you had on. So OK, I need to make sure I’m not killing myself with my shoes. I need to do the same thing on Instagram. I can make myself look really outdated. Or I can make myself look very current. You know those? Choose the white ones with blue check with. Those are actually cool now, so I know I used to make a joke about those ’cause my dad wears on. He’s 83 but I don’t make a joke about those anymore because New Balance is definitely taking a turn for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, you know, so it’s it’s definitely back on the cool, the cool and but. If you’re wearing dad jeans, they don’t really work with that. It’s kinda over the top, so you gotta. You gotta realize if you’re not real cool, you probably don’t need to go to the new bonds ’cause you could be assumed just to be really out of touch so.

Home other fashion story then speed and agility training Tulsa? Alright, let’s look at Twitter like I told you earlier, Twitter is big in the Mail, sports, basketball, football, baseball. The Twitter is huge. I need you to make sure you’re doing. Valid Twitter activity and not chasing rabbits. And you can do that all day long if you’re not careful, so make sure you may need to look at where a kid goes to school. You may need to look at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Yes. Is the kid is playing a club or travel? You need to do some things to make sure we’re talking about a family that that would be able to afford to work with us. I’m not trying to be insensitive, I’m not trying. I’m not saying that for kids aren’t great athletes, but a lot of times they really are great athletes. They’re just not our perfect demographic for speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s not a great place for us to live. Robert likes to put out on Twitter every now and then. If you’re a baller, send me your video. Alright. That’s a cool way to ask for video. Gerianne that kind of thing is gonna work, but you gotta make sure once again that you’re dealing with kids that aren’t just sitting. Do you wanna lose? That’s not going to be kids that you can really work with or want to work with. Everybody is on Twitter, she just gotta be aware of what you’re getting. I. Alright guys, we’re bout to get to the most important step of the day.

Possibly the most important stuff of our training altogether. So I’m right now on page 43. If you look at page 43, is everybody on improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Does anybody know the big guy would be in Sr had an. Robbie, did you know Robbie? Robin passed away, passed away original recruiter OK alright Robby passed away in January from Covid. Family pretty hard. I see this picture on reminds me of that so you will hear us talk about speed and agility training Tulsa from time to time. He was a great producer for us, did a lot of softball. But yeah he died from Covid. Let’s get to this partial scouting in the field. When you go to feel the court, the the track, whatever you’re going to. If you just sit there value at kids all day, you have made it down when you potentially will never make it done. OK, you’ve got to go with intent to evaluate kids and then take that next step and get interviews set. There’s a right way to do it, and there’s a wrong way to do it, and I’m going to tell you right now. You can sit interviews without doing it the right way. You almost will never close those interviews.

So I’d much rather you learn how to set an interview the right way so that your closing rate will be really high. And that’s what all this improve vertical jump training Tulsa is about today. You can either set your interviews at the field. Or you can set your interview after the fact after you do speed and agility training Tulsa, you can call them back and set an interview. I’d rather you do it while you’re there in person if at all possible. You’re stronger in person than you are on the phone. The majority of you are stronger person than you are on the phone. When you go work in event or you’re going to a game, please do not go and evaluate one kid. Alright, you may have a scout me form from one kid and you may be there evaluating one kid. But while I’m there. I’m gonna remember the athletes season told me to work with that are the easiest to get recruited an I’m going to evaluate those kids while I’m there as well for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Obviously the kid that I’m there for, this mom and Dad, sinus County form, that’s my highest priority, but I’m going to get some more valuations for speed and agility training Tulsa. Not that while I’m there. I’m not there to be a fan. OK, I’m there to do all about business getting my valuations done and then having the appropriate conversation with families this conversation.