If you want to play in college you need to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Everyone of you will don’t talk to me and try to try to ask me questions in front of a group ’cause it may require me to have to ask you a question that you don’t want to answer about speed and agility training Tulsa. For example, you asked me a question and I may have to ask you what your child GPA or your AC T score and you may not want to tell me it’s 2.3 and a 15 in front of everybody. So we don’t want to do that. So this way and after we get done with the seminar, you guys have questions just come up to me individually in line and we’ll talk about it privately. So that is that fair enough. Mom and Dad is a fan of everybody in the crowd. Yes Sir, it’s good. So then I set that Spectation now that they wanna come talk to me afterwards.

And most people will sit around now and try to figure out a question they can ask just so they can get in front of it. OK, yeah, I know the people I’m talking about speed and agility training Tulsa. They just trying to figure out a way to come talk to you ain’t got none really say. They just know they just wanted you to know that they want to talk to you. Then I’ll talk about common me as I’m gonna talk about being good enough, is not good enough. You know one of the misses if I’m good enough, they’ll find me to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. do me a favor? Lighter guys, Google coach Robert Cagle or do Google Robert Cagle good enough is good enough and go watch that video and tell me chill bumps don’t come up on. It’s online, you can find it, but you go. You want to talk about that. We’re gonna talk about grades for speed and agility training Tulsa. Don’t matter. I will spend time talking about the the the minimum requirements to from the NCAA and what what it looks like. Depending on the group I’m in front of. If I’m in front of a group of softball, players were going to drive home high, point it, good grades and good AC. TSAT scores are because why improve vertical jump training Tulsa?

The majority of your money is going to come from those two things. It will not come from the 8 from your from your athletic scholarship money. It’s gonna be divided money. It’s gonna be split money. It’s gonna be it’s gonna be blended money. Same thing for baseball, so we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about the what grades matter. We’re going to talk a whole lot about the box. What the recruiting box looks like. Why do speed and agility training Tulsa? Because every single mom and Daddy’s got a great kid. It’s just two inches too short and 25 pounds too light, but they’re absolutely the but. But look, they play with Big Heart. Well, hard, don’t get scholarships. OK. If you want that feeling, watch Rudy over and over again and you’ll feel good at the end. If you don’t know what Rudy is, you need to go watch the movie about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So at the end of the day, under size, my coaches got this. I’ve already praised the coach for having me come in, but then I’m going to remind them of all the coach does 6070 hours in season Washington uniform sweeping the floors talking to field, having to do the booster club crap. I haven’t family at home, he’s here. She’s gotta deal with and you expect Mom and dad your. Your coach will help you with creating when he’s got 80 hours a week. Doing something else. Come on, that’s not realistic. But I just praise that Coach for doing all the things he’s doing and let him know that it’s not his job to get you a scholarship. It’s too early or too late. You’re gonna have parents that this is this is this is legit. I dealt with this this weekend a lot at Atlanta.

Well, she’s only she’s only a junior at speed and agility training Tulsa. We can’t talk to coaches. My response, who told you that load of garbage? Well, the club coach told us that we can talk the coaches OK? So you mean to tell me that all these kids that get their phone call between improve vertical jump training Tulsa? After June 15th, after their sophomore year. You mean to tell me that’s the first time the coach ever identified, recognized, evaluate that kid? They called him June 15th. Is that what you’re telling me? It made him offer on the 1st phone call the first conversation. First time never met him. Let it make sense, doesn’t know it doesn’t because all the notification recognition evaluations going on way before that date that they can call, and Furthermore that date only applies to Division One kids, and Furthermore only four point. 8% of the kids that play today in your daughter Sport are going to play at the clear jet level any level and only 1% to 1.2% are going to play at the Division One level.

So that rule that your Co. Coaches referring to about them not being able to call you simply applies to less than 2% of the athletes played in the game. There’s probably a lot about this process that you guys don’t have a clue about. If you didn’t know that about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Did everybody just catch all that math for speed and agility training Tulsa? I just look at you. OK, because you’re gonna have parents are gonna say, well you know it’s too early, they can talk to us. Guys I got freshman I got. I gotta say I gotta Nate Grey stop all athlete right now. OK, that she can’t talk to me. Do do one guys. But the day one guys are bowling me up saying whatever you do, let her know that when we do have camp, I need her at my camp.