If you read the Handbook, it’s gonna still suggest that to do improve vertical jump training Tulsa, after their sophomore year. But the actuality is they can do speed and agility training Tulsa anytime they are in high school. The college coach can’t contact him. Depending on this port, there is different timelines. In an it depends on whether the kid Contacts the coach of the coast. There are different things that the coach can’t reciprocate, but maybe can receive on the front end. But that is very dependent on each sport. So for right now. We wanna know. If they’re India, if they’re getting an eligibility center number, if a kid wants to play at the next level and there they’re real athlete. Yeah, they ought to go and do it as a freshman. I #7 where is the elderly center? Get the results of a student athlete S80 and or AC T score. Where is that come from?

Those have got to be sent directly from the testing agency for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I think it’s 777. I-9 right. 7777 OK. But all the families gotta do. They don’t. They don’t have to do that initially. If they get a score in, that’s a great score, then they can pay like 15 bucks or whatever and have it sent out after the phone, which is what we usually recommend our families do. Because if you got a bad score on speed and agility training Tulsa, you don’t want it going out everywhere. Alright, let’s see Question 8. How does the eligibility center get a student athletes high school? It’s transfer. Where does that come from? Don’t they have to request it from the high school? It comes straight from the high school. The student cannot do it. It used to be. If you remember, if you were old school, it used to be that the highest officer school had to send it and then had to like sign across the back of the envelope and all that kind of stuff for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Now it’s just got it can come from the guidance counselor wherever it can be emailed over. And they made that a lot easier, but it cannot. It does not come from this student, obviously. Alright, I #9. What sounds really center received your test scores and other academic statistics. Can your file be changed or updated? Yes, yes it has to be right. A document or I process that goes on through your senior year. If you register as a freshman every semester, your guys know, so it’s gonna have to send your grades. They want speed and agility training Tulsa. They don’t want to wait till you’re a senior and look at it some total. They wanna see each one ending at each semester. And they will cause you havoc over that. ’cause they did that with our son at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So I know exactly how that works.

Um? Excuse me, was number eight was a answer A or C? Number 10 of colleges interested in recruiting a prospect? They may request the prospects academic files strong. Eligibility Center the individual prospect the prospects high school coach the high school administrative office Indian be above. You know, if they’re looking for the official thing that makes them be able to recruit an athlete or or invite them to speed and agility training Tulsa on campus or whatever is gonna come from the NCAA eligibility Center. but but the official one is gonna come through the NCAA. Right 11 your GPA is determined by an average of all your grades in all your courses. Sure falls. Through that has a two pronged answer here. True for the high school. Not true for the eligibility center. OK, the high school is going to take all of your classes and average improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

I mean that’s going to be your GPA. Eligibility Center is gonna take your core courses what they deem as core courses from that school and that’s gonna be your GPA. So for most athletes their high school GPA is higher than their core GPA. Not always, but usually because a lot of times those extra. Easy classes are not going to be core classes. Alright. Who calculates your GPA? Your high school or the eligibility center? Same thing as the last answer, right? I mean, the high school does speed and agility training Tulsa for the high school news ability Center does it for the NCAA side, right? Which of the following is considered a core course? Computer science, music, social science physical education. Social science, yes. I’m not going to talk anymore about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m going to this question before we talk about it. How can you determine which courses are considered core courses? Get a list from your goddess counselor. Throughout through the eligibility center online, by accessing your school 6 digit code, either of the above 3, which there’s only two. You know you can.

You can go to your guidance counselor, but that’s not the wise thing to do. The wise thing to do is to go see what the NCAA views as core courses at your high school. Let me tell you when you have to be concerned about this. If you got a high school that is not had individual under division two athlete ever. That’s when this could be an issue. If you have a, if you have a school that had Division One and two athletes last year. You’re probably OK. Sometimes, what happens these schools change courses and they change the numbers of the courses and they don’t get speed and agility training Tulsa verified through the NCAA. And then that course even though it was a qualified horse, isn’t documented as such for the NCAA and that can cause a little bit of headache. You’re more likely to find that at a private school that’s not had athletes in the past. Alright. Different high schools may have different core courses. Obviously, from the conversation we’ve been having, that’s true. There are some courses. There are some cop high schools about the toggle. There are some high schools that actually have. Sign language as a foreign language and it’s approved by the NCAA, but in other schools it’s not.