Yeah, this freshman kid I was talking about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. He’s they already said he’s going to be a first round draft pick. So. We’ll see what happens. He’s a sophomore, fits all fits everything, fits the box, but we’ll see what happens. He’s a beast. What position is easiest thrower? No, he’s a utility player to speed and agility training Tulsa. He’s playing outfield right now, but he’s. His dad was a professional catcher, Aries. He’s he’s got the right parenting and he’s out of Philippart High school. But Arizona State, that’s really says he’s going. That’s where his sister went to, so there’s some alumni history there. But his sister was an all American volleyball player there. So he’s going. So. What we what happened behind the scenes? we don’t know but he’s definitely good enough to play there no no question you know what he’s not our kid right kid he doesn’t need us know he doesn’t i’m not going to say that about improve vertical jump training Tulsa and his community issue those hundred other kids very much might be.

The kids you know for you from a prospect standpoint because they there’s a lot of kids that attend events like that. Same for basketball. Game out there, but they know that they can. That kid chance there’s going somebody’s going there to watch him that way. There’s somebody could be there to watch them in speed and agility training Tulsa, right exactly. In reality, that’s not the way it works, that’s the way they think it works, and you’re exactly right about that. I’m gonna tell you to go to that kids game and see the kid. That’s a great athlete. That’s in that kids shadow and that doesn’t get all the accolades as I can, and that Mom and Daddy want your help. So bad, yeah? Kid being in the shadow and it yeah this kids going is she and this kid, this kid, this kid in there so tired of their hard working improve vertical jump training Tulsa athlete getting overlooked that is our kid all day long. All day long, I agree. And I’m not gonna lie about speed and agility training Tulsa. I’ve I’ve got a kid that is blowing smoke about offers and all that. That’s not really the kid I want to work with. I know send your kids. I’m not saying that at all, but your kid.

But there are kids that are blowing smoke about offers. That’s not our kid, right? But if it is, our kids are gonna have to tone that kid back and go make him clean up his Twitter and get rid of all that crap. And we’re going to start being real. And we’re not gonna be publicizing everything. We Right? Alright, let’s get back to our fourth base, the offer to speed and agility training Tulsa. Committable versus non committable. If a kid gets an offer a real offer that’s committable it almost always will have an end date. I need to know something bye. Because if you don’t take it, I gotta go the next kid. That’s when you know it’s a real offer. Real versus perceived same kind of stuff we’re talking about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Offers are verbal prior to signing date everything is verbal prior to signing date. But now let’s talk about an Li versus Anello. I was an Li. National Letter of Intent and was a letter about Eloah. The letter of intent. Difference. What time is a legal contract? You ever been tense, illegal contact, right?

Yes. LOI. Is a make you feel good kind of thing. Or if you’re if you’re an Na na, I coach it’s a try to make the kid feel like it’s an NLI, but you can’t call it in in a lot because in Elizan entity that only applies to Division One division two schools. I saw the kids eyes and national letter of intent and the coach leaves. What is the kids still bound by the NLI know he can leave speed and agility training Tulsa? He’s bound. How these kids transferring so they can transfer the University? Train. For portals to hold everything you said, you’re banned for a year. Oh for a year yeah yeah yeah. Ice on any lies like it’s an actual document that. I mean, that’s a copyrighted in allies is everybody. Can’t just say I’m, I’m giving it a lot. That means something. You can’t say that. So Division Three and a eyes. Uh, they’re doing Los. Letter of intent. Because they’re not a so you can get out of one of those, you can just say I’ve changed my mind. You can’t do that with it in a lot. If you’re trying to get out of an ally, but NCAA’s gotta be involved, and they’re almost never going to warrant that for the first year of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Their offers come at different times based on your sport you can. You can find all that in that NCAA Handbook. Let’s talk about headcount. Head count sports.

When I say a headcount sport, what do I mean? Scholarships? OK, when I say this is a head count scholarship, what do I mean about speed and agility training Tulsa? Anybody? A head count means one person, one scholarship. Let’s talk about the sports that are head count. The vision one. FBS football. So basically half of the Division One programs are FBS. And their head count. That means if you got 20 year sign in 25, which is the most you can sign in a year if you got them in the roster spots? That takes 25 scholarships for those 25 kids. If you’re at an FCS program, you know what I mean. When I’m saying Division One Mens football FCS, you know what I mean by FCS, right? It’s usually got another about 120 schools. It’s a little bit smaller than the FBS sometimes, but there is some overlap. FCS is not headcount. That means they blend money. So my son, our son was a bubble kid. He could have gone small FPS, he could have gone anywhere FCS. He had a 4.3 whatever GPA he had 26 on the AC T. So he was very appealing to an FCS program. Because they could put so much academic money in improve vertical jump training Tulsa and a very little bit of football money, and him still be fully covered. So they called some people call it at 2 for when your that when your academics are that high. They didn’t want it to be.