Get my head around improve vertical jump training Tulsa so a kid right now from my hometown family friend says he’s been contacted by Nick Saban. He’s a sophomore, been offered total BS, correct about speed and agility training Tulsa? Next time when I called him and he came be offered right right now offered football kicking football. Family can actually have a phone conversation with a coach. OK, they can actually call that that staff and have a conversation. The coach can’t call him and it’s it’s different numbers for guys know bacteria. Incidentally, rules Handbook. And go through that Handbook and look at the back of the of the time of the timing on day one, day, two day, three in the communication, all that. E Sports lipid different. OK, so could he have a verbal offer from Nick Saban, that of which he called and actually just talked to Nick? Yes. Goodnight, pick the phone up and call him about speed and agility training Tulsa.

Would Nick or any one of his staff members picked up the phone and call any athlete prior to the incident blade. 8 No, you know why? Because they are under the most scrutiny of anybody. There isn’t a country from and NCAA’s that rules compliance standpoint, and they’re not going to make those stupid mistakes. So the answer is, could the kid could have an offer he could improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Does he likely have an offer? Probably not. He was probably told we like you, you’re an offer kind of kid. We can’t wait to see it can he takes that and runs with it. Says he got an offer to speed and agility training Tulsa. On Twitter, that’s it, and that’s 99% of golfers that go on. They got invited to camp. The coach told him that hey look man, you’re a possible offer kid for us all.

They were looking for was the word offer and now they tell everybody on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and they called arrivals or 247 guy and they called the ESPN local writer and they tell her by they just got an offer and it just now did. They just gotta start draped on him because of that. And and see crucial down there, he’s not. And I mean it’s just the way that works. And Christian, and they can’t pick up the phone and call the SSID guy at Alabama improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They can’t call Nick Savings recruit coordinator or his player option Guy and they can’t validate any that information and so they’re going on information from somebody that just said they got it offered speed and agility training Tulsa. The joke at University, Alabama. My son came through. Look my son. You Google Jordan Cable huddle Hudl. You go watch and that’s why to NCAA mid major small Division One offensive lineman looks like. That’s what it is. He was 6 foot, three £290.00. He was a brawler. You didn’t beat him, he played center. He played guard. He played whatever you played.

Stand up middle linebacker ’cause he was quick and fast at great feet. We did whatever with him but the bottom line was when you can. Can you look at you seeing well, he was never gonna play it out my from Auburn, Mississippi State Oromis even though he got some offers that that wasn’t where he does speed and agility training Tulsa. But only right at the time when Jody was Alabama. Way back in the day was. As I would tell Jody, I say Jody hey man, just whisper that Alabama might offer him and will put it out on social media and I said everybody else to come calling. And that was the joke. The joke was we were gonna whisper. An offer to this kid to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And they were. But the sometimes I would do that stuff online. I mean do that stuff to friend of a coach to so they could wish for it to. The local media is to help them get to kid recruited by some other schools. And there was never any intention to give that kid off. Let’s see, there’s some wicked backdoor crap going on behind the scenes in it. But welcome to the world behind the scenes of real recruiting, not that crap they put on television to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But yes, my dear, think lent it could be a conversation that took place because he can have.

He could. The coach can take the call and talk to him and that sport OK? But the bottom line is that it it probably hasn’t been a committable offer. Understand. Everybody understands it offers and his committable offers, right? 99% of all offers she read about on social media are not committable offers. A committable offer is when a coach looks at the kid says we’re going to offer you script. Let’s take your kid example for as an example planet. Hey son, we like you at University of Alabama. I’m glad you called me about speed and agility training Tulsa. We’ve been watching you. We’re all for your scholarship. That’s awesome, coach. Thank you so much. Will I need to have an answer within the next 5 days? ’cause if you’re not gonna commit to me, I need to move on to find the next kid. So we didn’t have a time limit is not a real offer if it don’t have a time limit. Boys and girls ain’t no offer. Now think about the reasoning behind that. right chris container assigned to well national intermittent is got. It is only given a sign on national. Sunday afternoon and there are designated signing days for that. It’ll be during the kids senior year to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s another thing is a pet peeve of mine. Quit for you guys, OK? This is a pet peeve is, but it’s my pet peeve so it’s cable ISM so I don’t think it’s anything else but that don’t when you got a kid, the software and you call Susan. Well, they say they’ve already signed with so and so no. Then sign with anybody. There’s no safe there. There’s no last.