You gotta have the discipline to improve vertical jump training Tulsa every day. For those of you got some age on you. I’m not worried about that. You know how to many of you if you’ve ever worked 1099 or you work for yourself, you know how to make a living. You know about speed and agility training Tulsa? It’s different to make a living then to earn a living, OK? And this one is safer. You make a living, you gotta get up every day and do it for you. Young guys that may not have had that structure. You’re gonna have to soap and do some structure in your life to make sure that you stay on top of what you’ve got to do everyday. What you gotta do on the front end to have payoff on the backside. And it doesn’t just happen.

And if we don’t get your time, it doesn’t happen at all. I can guarantee you if you don’t give us time, you will not be successful ’cause you cannot do this without time. We’re going to tell you how to do this. I’m giving you a lot of knowledge today, just a lot of here’s the knowledge. Here’s the knowledge and all that. It’s going to start coming together tomorrow and Wednesday. But we’re going to show you we’re going to show you exactly this is what you improve vertical jump training Tulsa in the field. This is what you say to mom and dad at the field. This is how you handle this situation. This is how you set an interview for speed and agility training Tulsa. If you do it our way, it works really, really well when it doesn’t work, I can almost guarantee you that you’re not doing it our way. We’ve got the interview the same way when you do it the way we teach you, it works really, really well when you decide you’re gonna do your own thing. It almost never works, and I’ve seen so many people get off the path and just start.

I’m gonna do it this way. I mean and they burn out and they don’t find success. And that is not what we want for you. I would like to thank everyone of you are going to be extremely successful. The reality is that probably won’t happen. I hope it does. Most of our classes a third is really successful right off the bat. In a great class, half is really successful right off the bat. The other half got to kind of do a few things wrong to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Go down some wrong past give me pulling back and and then some of them will lose along the way ’cause they just didn’t find success quick enough in speed and agility training Tulsa. We want you to provide success really quickly, and we’re going to give you all that support to do that. But when I tell you you’re going down the wrong path and you just need to stop what you’re doing and go a different way. It’s with all the love in the world that we’re trying to get you just to go away. That’s not gonna burn you out. This can be tremendous. Or this can be horrific. Just depends on how. How you handle the freedom is great freedom. It’s a really cool job, but you gotta work it. It’s easier. To keep it going then to get it going, it’s going to take you a lot more effort. The first six months. The first three months, then it will after that, because you will have improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You’ll start once you start working with some kids are going to refer other kids, and it does get to be that nice cycle, but getting it going can be difficult, and as we’re trying to help you kind of jump start. That and to get it going, you get some success pretty quick. We can get you go. Anybody have any questions about these three things we’ve gone over today about speed and agility training Tulsa?

I know it’s been a lot of talking, tomorrow will be a lot more tangible, so. Get ready for that. I do need you to get your homework done. I know that you’re a little concerned about that, Jack. I’m going to encourage you to do what you can do. If you go to page 23, we will go over our homework yellow actually gonna get through early today. In in, access under resources and downloads, there is a social media guideline. You can print it out, or you can read it on the screen, but I need you to go through that and see if you have any questions about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It is not the last time we will talk about social media, it’s just this is just the next time. So read over your social media guideline. Clean up your Facebook profile if you need to. Build that timeline with those 50 to 60 post. Remember, you’re gonna take a picture chest up Royal blue if you got your shirt do it. Royal Blue, Blackwater, great otherwise. And then I need you to add a signature to your email. And that is part device. So if you’re going to use your phone if you’re going to use your computer, your iPad, whatever, that is per device, you’re going to add a signature, but your name you can put area Scout. You can put the area you’re in if you’ve got some relevant about speed and agility training Tulsa.

History which all of you do as you are D2 Coach D3 coach. You play D1 at a certain level. Whatever you can put like bullet points or just down in your signature enough so that parents would know to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK, this is somebody that probably knows what they’re talking about. If you got that, I encourage you to put that in your signature. And that is by device, so you will have to figure out how to do that on your devices. It’s different based on the device you’re on. So that is your homework for tonight. The 50 or 60 post is the biggest thing. And remember what you doing to only me. Then you’re going to go back and make each one public have a significant other. On their Facebook to make sure what you’re doing is not going to their newsfeed. If it is, stop and figure speed and agility training Tulsa out. You got my phone number, so feel free to text me if you’re getting confused on something you can’t figure something out.