We are not open enrollment. What do I mean by that? I mean, you’re evaluating a kid for speed and agility training Tulsa. You’re making sure athletically they can play. Then you’re verifying the other characteristics. We’re looking for, academics, coachability, lots of their character. We’re looking at all that kind of stuff. And you decide if it’s a family you want to work with. Let’s say. That you do it interview. And Dad is a jerk. Do you want to work with that family for three years? You’ll do it one time and then you’ll say I’m never making that mistake again. Weird me out OK? So we are judging things about their family when when we do the interview, I mean because honestly how many have you been college coaches for speed and agility training Tulsa? How many of you have ever talked to a family and you didn’t want to recruit the kid because of mom or Dad? I think that honesty. Titan, Jake. But you got Jerry.

I did that just in. For a travel ball, that’s right because some parents you don’t wanna deal with right more trouble than their work. OK, turn to the page with the title improve vertical jump training Tulsa. This is that kind of thing I’m not asking you to try to pick up Aaron apart and find a reason not to work with him, but I’m saying if you’re getting all the red flags and you know this is not gonna end well, we don’t want to work with that family. Alright. We set our standards and qualifications very high for speed and agility training Tulsa, so that college coaches know that if there an NSR kid they can play, they got good grades and they will work to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We’ve met with them, they know that we agree with their character and their personality, their coach ability. We provide the best, most technologically advanced promotional services possible for our kids. That’s what I’m talking about. This machine in alabaster. We do that for these enrolled athletes along with the most honest information to the college coaches about speed and agility training Tulsa. You want to lose credibility for NSR. With college coaches, you start lying to them about what your kid can do. If they can’t jump and they don’t want to improve vertical jump training Tulsa then OK, we’ve got to be extremely honest when we communicate with college coaches, we’ve got to be extremely honest in those scouting reports.

In continually promoting our Clock prospects, every College in the country which offers their sport. That’s what we do. You’re going to say when we go over the services Wednesday. You’re gonna find out that what we do is all encompassing. It covers everything. We hit college coaches from every angle and you’re going to buy that is that is what makes us so successful at speed and agility training Tulsa. Matter of fact. Let me go ahead and give you some percentages you might want to jump down. About 1% of athletes will play Division One Bowl. 1% of high school and club athletes will play Division One ball. About half of 1%. Will play at that Powerball level. So basically one in 200 kids that you see playing are going to have the opportunity statistically to play at the power five level. If we will take that to the next level, talk about professionally. How many of this will actually work to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? It’s going to be 1/10 of a percent, basically one in 1000 kids playing that sport or going to have that opportunity to play professionally.

But let me step back. 1% plays Division One. About 5% total. This is this is. Accumulating all the sports across the board, about 5% will play collegiately. We call it the 5% Club 5 kids out of 100 playing Apple playing High School club travel are going to play in college. 5%. Would you like to know what our success rate is inside of MSR? We’re looking at 95%. So if you do everything right there, we’re going to teach you how to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Do you take a kid from a 5% success rate all the way over to a 95% success rate. That’s phenominal. Would anybody like to guess why we have a 95% success rate and not 100? But you got what you got. Time there’s some kids that just don’t go on to. College. There’s some kids that choose not to. You may kid, maybe somebody here mentioned it on this group that they could maybe played college sports and chose to go a different path instead of speed and agility training Tulsa. Just a go, different option. Sometimes kids change their mind mid process that would account for part of it. What you got, what you got done? But does this mostly say that we want to recruit people that play around and are like extremely committed to one sport? And that would also contribute to the percentage being higher. I’m. Everything you’re saying is true. We’re going to talk about that, although I’m not going to say only bold kids playing one sport, I’m not gonna go that far yet. But I’m asking why are we at 95% and not 100% what you got Christian? I would say it’s because some scouts like you said will go out and just pick any kid just so they can make money. Real purpose able. They might do that once and then we’re gonna bust him on it. OK, so that’s not gonna go very far. So that is not the reason.

The reason is we’re dealing with teenage kids that sometimes make some really crappy decisions. Anne. Touch right, they may change their mind. They may just get totally burned out. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens a little bit at the time. Sometimes they aren’t interested in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You may have a kid that makes some really bad decisions and put some on social media. We’ve all all seen athletes that have lost opportunities because of their social media. Guys it’s hard to get a pregnant young lady recruited. Very difficult. Alright, so there are some social choices. You know kid gets busted for weed or alcohol that makes that harder. For that coach to recruit that kid, there’s too many other kids they can recruit. So there there is. We do have a 5% fail rate, but. It’s not because we’re not doing what we’re supposed to do.