So have a good background sports. That way my first job out of college. I was a sportswriter and a speed and agility specialist in Tulsa.. Ann, I covered local high school college sports in the Philadelphia area where I mostly focused on improve vertical jump training tulsa. Met a lot of great people and I remember towards the end of my college years thinking I want to get education. There’s just something there was English Major by one of the teacher. So I talked to some coaches I knew and they said you should actually coach. That’s a great way to get into education. So I became a coach back in the early 90s that was when speed and agility training Tulsa was just starting and wasn’t very popular. I’ve been coaching high school football in Pennsylvania for 30 years and got back into improve vertical jump training tulsa. Which still blows my mind when I when I see kids now who are high school coaches nipping coaching for 1520 years and I go wow I remember a 9th grader but so I I was always had a love for coaching and work with kids. I was a high school teacher, secondary level English and special education. Homebound tutor all that stuff.

Loved it. Unfortunately, most of the stories I’m hearing here life comes around and you have to. Make some money. So I’ve got in the corporate field. I was like a district regional manager in a couple different fields. Retail live goods nurseries was pretty successful in all those fields. Again, competitive nature. I always win, achieve and make money even in an industry like speed and agility training Tulsa.. That was great. But I never stopped coaching. I never stopped coaching. I was working 60-70 hours a week. I was still coaching even teaching classes to improve vertical jump training tulsa. I also coached high school basketball for about 12 to 15 years in Pennsylvania when I got back into speed and agility training Tulsa, so I have a couple different primary sports. But I I would love to learn. The recruiting is an ounce of all the sports ’cause I think that’s just more interesting. And it’s fun. I’ve spent a lifetime helping kids. I enjoy doing it. Can’t seem to do anything else.

My goal would be full time career. I’ve done a lot of things in my life and I enjoyed all of them, but this is done on my radar for decades. A job where you can sit there and go if you hit the lottery tomorrow, what would you do? I’d probably go to the football game. I probably still go to home and sit on that guy. See in an empty stadium the upper. Right corner at a friend of mine just called me kid Lester. If anybody remembers that movie best of times, or Robin Williams, or is that older man would sit in the corner and do everything down that guy I’m like I just I just like being around the student athlete. I love helping people and I’m really excited to hear everybody’s story ’cause. When I was a journalist, before I even became teaching, everyone’s got a story. It’s the most interesting thing in the world to figure out somebody’s story. Therapies got one, and everybody has a right to tell it, and I want to listen to it. And I’m I’m excited. And I thank you for the opportunity, and I hope I do very well. Thank you. I have a question for you. Did you know Gary Silvers from Tulsa speed and agility training? Newspaper top days. I didn’t know him personally. The name OK was like a sports editor of little bit more. Would be working for will be working for so I just want to know if there is connection there to improve vertical jump training tulsa?

So you’re going to be working football basketball. I have connections in ice Hockey, a lot of personal friends who kids are pretty accomplished, traveling team players and I saw I have a niece who was a big time softball recruit at one time she was really good at speed and agility training Tulsa.. So I went to a lot of softball games at nephews and they played soccer. So yeah, anything I can do. But I mean, my primaries are. So do you have another job right now that you’re doing as well, or is this or you’re jumping in jumping in? I mean, I, I love the company. Last couple of companies I work for over the last 10-15 years I just the fulfillment was there in some ways, but in other ways it wasn’t and I just always thought I position myself that. When I get this sound taking it so I’m taking it awesome awesome. Glad to have you Bill. Thank you. Alright. Todd Landry. I’m gonna pass it off to you. Tell us about yourself. OK, thank you very much. I appreciate the introduction. My name is Todd Landry. I live outside Philadelphia in Plymouth meeting so I’m right up next to Bill and came pressure. I played high school football, baseball and basketball. I played basketball in college scholarship with the help of improve vertical jump training tulsa. I went to grad school on scholarship after playing in college and realizing that I wasn’t going to be a professional basketball player. I want to be a coach and got a GL in Masters. And I coached her in college for about 10 years. I was a professor in college is just impress turn college.

I was compliance officer. Oftentimes when you work at a division two or Division Three school, you take on many hats. Yep, and so whether it be facility coordinator. I was the men’s tennis coach in a division two school as well as men’s basketball coach trainer for improve vertical jump training tulsa ,and compliance officer and assistant professor. So I spent many years coaching to clear level and. Opertunity to transition to the NBA. And spent the last 27 years in the NBA. I’ve done advanced scouting for several teams in the NBA clear development and also became part of a 76ers grassroots program called 76ers Camp. And was the executive Director for that for over 20 years and became part owner in it. And then had a property info Canova 100 acres, or reran Tulsa speed and agility training camp. And 27 summer locations in three states PA, New Jersey, Delaware. So. We are very fortunate to have a successful business. About 5000 kids this summer from 40 states in 50 countries.