Guys, their blend of money on all these in our head count sports and we haven’t even talked about improve vertical jump training Tulsa yet. Will get there but everybody else is blended money. And if you have a good test score, you’re gonna get more money blended than if you don’t have a test score for speed and agility training Tulsa. So not taking the test is a fatal mistake for a lot of these kids. And taking it and having a great score puts them lightyears above the rest of the kids that aren’t taking it. Because a lot of college coaches can give a lot more academic money. They can blend more academic money. If you had the justifying test score, they can’t do it without it. What were you saying, Clint? So it is true that they do not have to take it in order to be eligible. That is true for 21 and 22 when they get past that. But parents take that the wrong way.

I’ve had parents say well then my kid can go Ivy League because they don’t have to have the test score anymore. No, it just got that much harder to get an Ivy League in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Because now there is not a delineator of the test. But the people that do have a test score or way above the kids speed and agility training Tulsa don’t like real real recently. well 21 was last year year ago. But she, when did she graduate just graduating this year. She’s 2020 121. No, it is not required for the NCAA to be eligible now at that school. They may have a requirement of the incidental age is not required for 21 or 22, so that code just mistaken ’cause it wasn’t required for the school. Thank you. And Susan, that is an army difference between NCA eligible. There may be a difference between NCA eligible and whether or not a school will admit. Potential students eligible. But you know what? You can’t. You can’t play the higher Harvard or Stanford. They have requirements significantly higher than what the NCA is saying for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. The N CAA is usually lower than the college requirements for speed and agility training Tulsa. But the default would be the college, correct? Uh, no. If the NCAA doesn’t clear, I’m you, the college Caitlin past that.

Well, but my point being is of the two. If you if you if you clear the. The bar in NCA is a lower bar, still does not always there. Some low caliber schools that have really low standards and don’t even require test scores at any on any level. So now you really just can’t say that. OK, so so I was taking more fizz. Example of Ivy Leagues or Stanford. Your higher schools those would be more difficult because you would have to have that score to get in for sure. So it hasn’t really disappeared. For everybody, just some of the schools is, that is that a? Defining yes, yes, as far as the NCAA. Is not required for 21 or 20 tapes. For insulated. For around think it was required for 20s and because Robert Nah, we got a kid that benefited from improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We had a kid that was a great football athlete in a sorry tester and he had like a 16 or on the AC T and he could not get he needed to play D2 speed and agility training Tulsa. Bonnie couldn’t get in but when they waive that he was able to get in. And go played the to ball, which means he knocked somebody else out of not being able to play. And it was because the HTT was relieved for him. But for our athletes, we want them to take the test and prepare it. There’s just so many parents that think because the NCAA is not requiring the test anymore or for these years. That it’s easier to get in college now and that is not true. I just they take they take pieces of information and apply it the wrong way. And you see it over and over and over again. Just like that.

Well, the college coach can’t talk to her till she’s a junior. So that means they’re not recruiting until she said no. They started their recruiting process three years ago. They just have limited us when they can have certain kinds of contact and when they can make offers. So you’re going to find that a lot of what you do is. Just teaching people about the process to overcome all the bad information about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They’re getting a lot more. Getting bad information from coaches and they’re getting bad information from counselors, people, all meaning well, but they just don’t know. Or who’s who’s recruiting these kids in their early years for speed and agility training Tulsa? 8 ninth grade sophomore year. Is there an assistant coach MA colleges freaking out or going in scouting events for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Depending on the sport, they can’t reach out, but they are doing their identification and recognition there.

Evaluating kids via video. They’re doing all of that stuff, and they’re prepping for when they can. They’re not sitting back and starting. When they are juniors. But when someone when someone says they committed their freshman year who reached out to who the player reached out to the coach. OK, well what’s 40s and what level is baseball baseball? Who won Arizona State? Eric there attending events probably very much like you put on right where these coaches. I mean, I’ve I’ve gone to events for years and you know the just like parents would see you at an event. Parents would see a coaching event. A parent, can you know, make contact to keep can reach out. There can be unofficial visit on campus for speed and agility training Tulsa. Will be careful parents can’t reach out to the vision improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Wanted to vision two coaches when there’s not contact or they will have to self report. The coach will have to self report and NCAA violation amount of infraction.