When college coaches are able to improve vertical jump training Tulsa because of covid when they relax that and let them get out like some are now. Then they are limited by budget and keep in mind everybody’s budget for speed and agility training Tulsa is down. Because they’ve not been able to play, they’ve not been able to have people buying tickets they’ve not been able to have all that extra money generated from camps that were cancelled. So everybody’s budget is down. And then a lot of sports have limited days off campus, and that is sports specific. How many days off campus the coaching staff can have? To recruit. You know camps are about to get started back up. Last year we basically had virtually no camps. Now the camps are bout to get going, but now we’ve got to know. When a camper went out, kid goes to a camp. Are they going to get a valuated because they are in phase two of improve vertical jump training Tulsa with this coach, or they going as a camper?

And that’s one of those things we can help them with as well. If a kid has D3 and a italic. Should they go to a speed and agility training Tulsa camp? Jerry’s telling me no. They go gets the experience of a camp. but as far as recruiting goes, it’s a waste of everybody’s time and keep in line with with the kids schedules being condensed because they’ve been cancelled, cancel, cancel. Now they’re all about to happen. The camps are going to be all on top of each other. Kids better be going to camps at places they can play. Because that is where some evaluation is going to happen. But kids need to go as a camp, not as a camper, but as a recruit. One of our services is. I can’t. Recommendation form and we let coaches know that our kids come  to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, into their camp and then we can make contact and make sure that kids going as a recruit not as a camper.

We always tell people at this phase if you’re being evaluated, you know it. Somehow, someway, you know it, you’ve been asked for your schedule for speed and agility training Tulsa. You’ve been asked for video. If you’re working with an Sr, we’re going to tell you when I when a coach is asking us about you and their evaluating you. It’s not. People want to think that recruiting is mystical and it’s not mystical. If you’re being recruited, you know it. You would be surprised that people that think they’re gonna go to sleep. The night before signing day and improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And I think that they never talked to a coach, but they’re going to have offers school. It’s amazing how many times kids think that. I must look at the third base. Comparison. Is the one that hurts everybody’s feelings? OK, that’s one there. They’ve already gotten through identification recognition, so they’ve got some stats they’re looking for. They’ve gotten through a valuation, the coach still lots of. Keep in mind, the coach may have evaluated or identified 100 kids for a position. And then after the evaluation phase, it may be down to 50. Ben is going to go to comparison and after the comparison is going to cut down even more and they’re going to start totem pole and kids based on who they like the best. All of them are going to have athletically about the same skill set at speed and agility training Tulsa. But they’re going to start looking at grades, test scores, social media. This is where social media can kill a kid.

They’re going to look at their attitudes or coachability all that kind of stuff, their parents. A lot of times during this comparison Phase, a coach mate insists on a kid come into a camp for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It may you know it’s their way to find out if the kids really interested in their school. It’s worth them to come to the camp and they’re able to kind of get there, get their hands on him a little bit and camp and and coach them and see how they respond. A lot of these travel teams are taking these teams around the country and going and visiting schools during the summer. And that that I know they’re spending a lot of money doing that. Coaches get to see the players in front of them. I guess. I guess it’s good for some players. I know a lot of organizations are doing that in baseball. The problem is. Coaches don’t recruit speed and agility training Tulsa. Yeah, they’re just seeing the players on the team. They put together their best players. I think it’s a big waste of money, sometimes myself, but you know. That’s what the organizations do to try to get their kids into college. I guess I don’t think they can see as many people as we can. That’s what the organization does to try to get the parents to pay them the fees, right? Exactly OK, it’s not to get them into college. Yeah alright, when a coach is interested in recruiting a kid, he’s recruiting that kid. Not a group of kids and a lot of these. A lot of these companies are trying to offer package deals for for whole teams and that kind of stuff and that it just recruited doesn’t work that way. And if a family wants their kid recruited, they need to improve vertical jump training Tulsa to bring him out of the crowd, not just keep him in the crowd.

Why? I agree. Alright, anybody else got comments through the third phase so far? I just I just had one question. Sounds like reputation of camps and I guess college coaches. I guess that’s how you could tell. I guess. Like which college coaches are attending certain games, but generally like how can you tell like what’s a D1 camp? What’s a D3 camp na iok? Usually when I’m talking about that level, it’s because it’s at the school itself. OK OK, so and I realize that sometimes the D1 schools will have lower lower coach coaches from lower programs at their speed and agility training Tulsa camp, but in general a kid doesn’t need to be going to a camp at a school that’s at a school they can’t play at. That’s just not as good.