Let’s go to page 27 about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Coach evaluation forms. I love coach evaluation form specially for you new guys. I want questions about speed and agility training Tulsa. Yeah Jake. So how about if someone comes up to like if they were scared to approach it and they come up to you like as you’re walking out the tournament, you know, do you ask for video? Or do you just get their contact info at that point? OK? If I didn’t have a chance to see a play that then you know they walk up to you and I’m all ask the doorway questions which Susan is going to cover with you guys later, later today or tomorrow. Those are important questions. Because you just can’t jump into that, but then will ask the doorway questions. And then if I haven’t seen him play, if I’m coming back that afternoon or today or the next day, I’ll say OK, then then give me your contact information.

I’m gonna shoot you a text. Is you playing later this afternoon, or is he playing tomorrow for speed and agility training Tulsa? And then if I’m going to be there, I’ll come watch it, I’ll come evaluate him in person. If not, hey, I’m sorry I’m not going to be back. Give me your information. I will shoot you a text and therefore you can send me video and I can evaluate by video. Is that fair enough to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Mom and dad? And yes, that’s the way I would do that if I missed him and I don’t have a chance to see him. And I’ve done that many, many times Jake and and I’m glad you brought it up. ’cause it’s one of those things that for me, it’s so second. So second nature it. So just it just rolls right out of my mouth that I may have forgotten to share that with you guys if someone had it, you know, walked up to you. They haven’t seen you. Haven’t seen them play you having a chance to evaluate him and then you turn around and you do that. You slash from video. Good point about speed and agility training Tulsa. Good catch. There wasn’t anything else on that. Let’s go to page 27. Coach evaluation form guys. Today I realized we start looking at the basketball volleyball track of baseball softball. We look at that and we, you know, kind of your primary sports in high school when you look at those. And we realized that at now the value. It seems like from a recruiting standpoint and from a scouting standpoint is really on the traveling club seasons.

We can mostly agree with improve vertical jump training Tulsa, right? I mean, that’s kind of what it is. Specially you talk about baseball, softball, volleyball, but cause in a normal year. You know that the in the fall. Coaches are coaching volleyball, so they can’t come watch. High school kids play, so they do it in the spring when when the spring season starts for club and traveling baseball guys baseball guys, you know they’re waiting to the June gets here so they could start going out to showcases and watching kids play at tournaments. Same thing for softball for speed and agility training Tulsa. Do that completely through the fall. Who’s there in season when the hospitals are in season so we know the truth is that very little recruiting in those sports goes on our very little visual face to face. 101 coming to a location watching the kids play doesn’t happen in high school seasons. For the most part.

Now still does some in football on Friday nights in late fall from the Division One level is too low, but not often because of budgets that division Two are struck with an only your big time improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Get kids are getting saying you know when they will send up, they’ll send a crew over, fly somebody over late afternoon and flying back that night. Play on Saturday for college that in the day we gotta understand, there’s a hold of limitation. STANSALL changed the video piece of it. Evaluation by video is now keen. But I will tell you this, the coach a valuation form from a prospecting tool is a valuable tool, especially to the new person. The truth is, every high school coach, regardless of sport. They really want to help their kids improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I think I think for the most part they do. I think they have a desire to help their kids get better and help their kids get to college. They just don’t have time there working 7080 hours during the week in season. You know they got six classes there teaching they got, you know two sports or trying to coach or whatever the deal is they’ve got speed and agility training Tulsa.

They got a full plus. They got a family at home. So the truth is, those high school coaches are looking for ways sometimes I like using the coach a valuation form. To get the high school database from your local state, which you can find that through clearway directory’s or coaches directory.com. And it’s clear Wade CLELL dash way. Wade Claire Wade. Which I think is also coaches directory.com and they’ll have the. You can buy it for $49.00 and they still have all the email addresses and names of every high school coach and each sport in that state. OK, in your state improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So now you have access to that and you can then turn around on a rainy day when you don’t have anywhere to go or a place to be. And then send a short email to those coaches which will get, you know. Just contact me or Susan will give an example what’s in. It’s not going to be 15 paragraphs long and a whole book of NSR for speed and agility training Tulsa.