Alright sorry bout that guys. Is important. That you’re a valuating kids and it’s important they see you evaluating kids for speed and agility training Tulsa. If that happens that texture your closing rate through the roof. If you try OK, what we said, but you cannot. Set an interview with the family that you have not evaluated the kid. That’s our rule, you cannot. Understand that is what our competitors do. What makes us different at improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Is that we have to evaluate first? How many of you watch speed and agility training Tulsa? What is it called the Prophet? No, not the Prophet. Shark Tank guys on Shark Tank has a say in and I love it. He says if your for your competitors you cannot be better. You must be different. All right, don’t try to convince people that you’re better than NCSA. You’re gonna hear NCSA all the time. You’re not better, you’re different. Yeah, we are better, but I can’t. I can’t delineate myself as better I’ve got delineate myself is different. How am I different at improve vertical jump training Tulsa? I’m not open enrollment I had got to evaluate kids before I move forward.

I don’t set an interview. And expect to evaluate the kid before the interview. No, you you evaluate the kid first. After you figure out and listen for you college coaches. You’re not a valuating them like you would have back in the day when you were trying to see if they could play for you. You’re trying to look at a kid and say can this kid compete at at least the JUCO NAID three level and speed and agility training Tulsa? If they can compete at that level, we can work with them at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m not out there, just looking for day one kids. And I’m not out there looking for a kid to play for my program. That is a hard thing for some college coaches to step back and go OK. Probably not a kid, I would have recruited, but. They can play at the next level. Is that fair? Does everybody get speed and agility training Tulsa? Alright, back to the personal image stuff. I need you to have a pop confident body language. I’m not concerned about y’all and that y’all came across extremely confident today on your who am I telling us a little bit about yourself? I’m not concerned about that, but I need you to act like you’ve been there before. Right, so if you don’t know golf, you don’t know how to dress on a golf course.

You don’t know the etiquette of golf. I don’t need you working off. Anna. Likewise, you don’t know basketball at all. I don’t need you work in basketball. I’m not saying that you can only work one sport for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m not saying that at all, but I’m saying if you don’t know anything about a sport, that’s not where you need to be working, especially right now. Right now, NSR is new to speed and agility training Tulsa. Right now that’s going to be a little awkward for you to get that Burbage down. I don’t need you trying to work that and trying to learn a new sport makes sense. So I need you to initially stay in the sports that you really, really know. And then we’re going to learn the NSR part. So I need you to know where to be. I need you to know what’s appropriate. Attire I need you to know what’s appropriate, behavior at those events. Let’s talk about where to stand when you’re scouting. What are my? I have two purposes. When I scout, what are my two purposes with art and talked about speed and agility training Tulsa? Be noticed. OK, be notice scouting was my other purpose. Be professional. I gotta scout the kid. I gotta scout the kid. But I’ve gotta be seen scouting the kid. Fair enough. OK, so if I want to scout the kid and be seen scouting and I’m working a diamond sport, where would I stand? Anybody? Or do you think you’d say it? Near the dugout. Who Internet I miss that now, not near the dugout. I know play.

Stand behind home plate. The parents are. Where are the college coaches if they’re there? That’s where the guns are. What can you see when you’re behind home plate? Everything, everything and especially down the middle, which is where I’m going to be recruiting for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’m going to be scouting a lot anyhow, OK? That’s easy, let’s talk about. Let’s talk about football. Where would you stay in? If you want to evaluate football. Fire. A pirate the stands if you can, at towards the middle press box area a pot. OK, the problem with that. If I’m up high I can see good but one piece to my messy. I can’t be seen. I can’t be saying Chris you’re exactly right. So I’ve gotta think about that when I’m happy. ’cause listen, you can scout all day long. You can take notes, a kid after kid after kid after kid and you haven’t made a dollar. So there is a two prom here. Every time you go out. I’ve gotta be able to evaluate kids for speed and agility training Tulsa. I’ve gotta be seen in valuating kids. So where would I go for football?

Our row. Maybe the front Rd. Maybe they’ve got a fence. Sometimes you can stand against the fence. I will tell you when Robert was doing a lot of football recruiting, he would actually have national Scouting report put across his shoulders just because he was going to be done with fence and he knew that. Don’t really like you going on the field. I think that distracts the kids too much and it can really take off some coaches if you’re if you’re getting too much attention off that. But you need to go somewhere you’re saying the football is going to depend on the venue. You know you can go to some places in Texas and it’s like a dead Gov College field and then you can go to some places. Just podunk, nothing. So he just kind of depends on where you are at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You just gotta make sure that you’re being seen evaluating the kids.