That means they’re gonna go home to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, Google, NCAA, add building number. They’re gonna find it then they’re gonna think they’re good to go. They don’t need to talk to you about speed and agility training Tulsa. So I gotta raise that concern. You mean you mean y’all are playing at this level? She’s got the skill set she’s got. She was playing college and you don’t even know about NCAA’s billing number. I’m shocked that your travel coaches haven’t told you about that mom and Dad. There’s a lot about this recruiting process, or not aware. But she got naked. I just had a question. I mean, I might be getting ahead of myself. As far as I mean I know what you talking bout the field or at games on because I go still like like Corey who’s got facilities. I know we come across parents all the time. Would it be good to practically we conversate the ask mean do we were NSR hat? At our facilities ’cause we get parents that ask questions all the time about speed and agility training Tulsa.

You know we’re not at that stage, but could we practice on those people as far as getting information about improve vertical jump training Tulsa and things like that, or is that? I don’t want anybody to practice on anybody. If you can plant the next level want you to do it OK. The hardest people for you to get an interview set with computer close or people that knew you prior to training. Unless you were their coach or you have a facility that’s that. I’m going to make that as an option. That’s not true. In that case necessarily. I have got a lot of scouts that wanna leave training and go back and talk to her friend of theirs. It’s not will work for you most of the time. Because that friend feels like you’re trying to sell themselves, and for any of you have any age on you, you know what I’m talking about. It feels like an Amway attack. OK. So the best thing to do when you have friends or maybe even business associates inside your facility name? If you go back and work with kids outside of that circle for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And you put speed and agility training Tulsa all over your Facebook.

At some point they will come in and say, Nate. What are you doing with NSR? You know my daughter needs are created. and you’re going to say you know you know i know susie I can still follow my process. But if you go right back mate and you say hey hey I wanna talk to you about your daughter and recruiting. Hey, she wanted to play in college. That’s not gonna go as well as when they brought it up to you. OK, I’m not saying it never goes well, but it’s not as likely to go well. The hardest people to close your friends your friends will nitpick you to death. They will try to get you out of your process and had I know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, I know neighbor, what’s it gonna cost me? They’re just gonna you know. So you gotta make sure that they see you having success outside of that immediate group. Or they feel like you’re just coming back and trying to make money off of this little group. And you can’t have that perception. I don’t want you to burn those bridges that way.

Does that make sense to people? For example, you know if you could start working with the kid opposite your team for speed and agility training Tulsa. That’s the best thing you can do. When you start promoting that kid on your social media and your kids on your team, parents say that they’re gonna question you about it, right? Can be a little offended that you didn’t talk to them first. But that’s the right approach. ’cause why he talks to me about my son. You know he was playing college, you know, I’ve been so busy since I got back from training. It is crazy how many kids need help with creating, you know, I know your daughter can play. She want to play in college, right? What’s Ramsey AA number? I can just roll right into improve vertical jump training Tulsa. What were you going to say tonight? I mean, I think why it might be a little different, it was. It was always different when we did sales here. But you know such a tight knit on the island. And like if I were to go outside of you know my facility, I think it would get get back around real quick. Like you’re saying you’re mentioning with Jerry.

A lot of people are going to do speed and agility training Tulsa and be like. Seeing that living that way, my face will have it. OK so just. Really well. Choosing that’s what you want to get their attention, and then you and then you talk. If you running back and trying to enroll with somebody, that’s your friend. It’s a lot better for them to see some success with another kid. And then come to you and say, hey, what are you doing with NSR and why are you working with this kid across town and you don’t even talk to me about my son. OK, now they come to you to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Instead of you going back from training and saying hey I wanna talk to you about your sons recruiting. And people friends will put up their sales laws quick and you put that relationship at a little risk. And I want you to do that if they come to you because they’re seeing you working with other kids and saying what the crap, Jacob what? Why are you not doing speed and agility training Tulsa? What’s up? It just works better. Alright, once you got time. What about instead of, like you said, with their relationship with somebody you know?