He’s 6 foot 10. And he makes him an offer to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and he’s never seen him black, right? We don’t do it that he has a process. I have a process, I’m gonna follow my process for speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright, I’m glad y’all see how ridiculous that is that that’s the crap I deal with every day because people decide. You know what they want to know. What we do. So I will share with him what we do. When you do that, you took away all your ammunition. Because then they think OK, this is what you do. What is this gonna cost? They’re not ready for the price. I don’t lead with the price because they don’t know they have a problem. I don’t lead with a solution ’cause they don’t know they have a problem. Somebody log out that listen. It’s 4:30. You’ve got a lot of homework tonight if you haven’t already finished what you had last night with the Facebook stuff, you gotta get that done before you start this. And then I need you to make sure you learn those services. Ask have questions for me in the morning about those services to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I want you to understand your services for speed and agility training Tulsa. If there is anything our scouts are really bad at across the board. It is presenting our services.

That is what we should be the best at. But our our scouts are not good at that. So. I’m asking you to review those services really understand what those services are about. If you want to go to our website and click athlete services, you can go through and read paragraphs there about our athlete, the services as well, that should correspond directly to the presentation manual you’ve got. Please get all this homework done. We will start first thing in the morning. Please get on at 8:30 will get started at 9 and you’re gonna have a lot of your questions answered by 10:30 and then once Roberts starts the interview, it’s all going to come together and you’re going to get the whole picture here. Anybody having questions for we sign up for the day. Alright guys, I want you all to have a great day. Halo Halo the Facebook. The Facebook liking thing huh? Sending it out to speed and agility training Tulsa. Your friends yes I. Where where do you? Where do you invited someone to see improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Hopefully, yeah, that’s thank you. Go to the Facebook, the NSR Facebook main page you have to like it first. If you go there and you Scroll down a little bit you will see an option to invite your friends to like this page. It looks a little different depending on your device. It is there. It used to be that you had to 1Z2 Z invite your friends.

Now they let you just bulk invite all your friends. If you want to. Somebody look at that page and tell me how many lights we have on that National scouting report main page right now. 5757 One 2957 One 29 so if you all do this tonight, that should grow right? You’re gonna little bit. But your friends are going to be inviting your friends to speed and agility training Tulsa. I can’t see that Clint, if they got it, just got 57,000 likes. It’s the right one. Yes, that’s improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I Scroll down. I don’t see anywhere it says invite, but. Anybody else see it yet? If you’re on the MSR page and you already liked it, if you go to the three dots on the right should be. Call directions following Rod recommendations save Checkin suggests support support page. It should be invite friends. Nope, not there under yeah, same here, understand.

Your computer do it on your desktop, tablet, up top. Better usually, but. On do I need it? So it’s on the desktop around the phone. Stop right now. This is one of those things they move around from time to time. There the three dots. I don’t know if you could see that, sorry. I say that to do speed and agility training Tulsa. I’ve got the three dots, they just don’t have that as an option to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Alright, make sure you like it first. OK. do i need to go out and come back into it you say hey chris know i just went from most things are easier on your phone on Facebook, but this is one of those things that I guess not so. I if I ask any other questions, when we get off Facebook and I type in an Sr on on the search National scouting report. National scouting report OK. Capital N capital Escobar. Make sure Scott 57,000 some odd likes that’s the right one. ’cause keep in mind other people can start pages so you gotta make sure you’re on the right page. That was my point ’cause their seminars and a whole bunch of different things listed with you know exactly OK, Alright everybody good, that’s why you need to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. let’s get this homework done guys we will see you in the morning you’ll have a great one youtube

A lot of times. And some kids don’t wanna talk. I mean, it’s just just kind of like almost a Cold War in a lot of houses, even in good homes, we’ve got a lot of lack of communication, so we kind of open up those doors and it can be for speed and agility training Tulsa. It can be very emotional for the parents. Some of the questions. The good portion of him verbalize the doorway questions in a way themselves. You’re right. Iterate those concerns so that they realize their recruiting as their recruiting is broken OK. Alright, glad you notice that. Anybody else? I think I think the fact word ask how many questionnaires they received opens opens the door to. Him referring other girls to you too. Could it could? Possibly. Backpage. It’s information that most parents have no concept of. Very true, very true on any level.