Anybody have any questions about improve vertical jump training Tulsa and where to stand when you’re at a field at a court at an event for speed and agility training Tulsa? And you’re wanting to was our two prong purpose of being at an event? Be seen. And get prospects evaluate kids. And be seen a evaluating kids OK but not getting prospective. We’re evaluating kids and we’re seeing the value in kids. I’m going to teach you this afternoon what we’re gonna do once we evaluate that kid, there’s. There’s a process we have you go through at the field of the court, and we’re going to learn that that’s going to be this afternoon.

But does anybody have any questions about any sport? Were you saying that would be the best place to be? Do you understand why most of the time sitting in stands is not the web place to be improve vertical jump training Tulsa? ’cause if I’m sitting in a stand, what do I look like? Bring it in. I look like a fan, so I’m not perceived as a scout for speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, they need to realize I’m a scout. They need to be excited that I’m there. All that stuff needs to happen, and if I if I’m sitting in a stand I could almost become invisible. Everybody good with that. I so let’s look at which athlete to evaluate. We have not talked about this yet. I don’t think Robert talked about this with y’all. I want y’all. To have hundreds of athletes. I don’t want you having a handful of athletes. I want you having hundreds. OK, so. To be able to do that that I need to be smart about the athletes I work with.

I’m honestly I don’t wanna work with 100D1 athletes. I want to have maybe 1/3 of a BD1 athletes, but I know that deep two and D3 you’re going to take a lot less time of my hard work for speed and agility training Tulsa. I know that. So I’m going to make sure I’m not just going after D1 kids. I’m going after kind of a spectrum. But inside of that there are positions that are extremely. Easy to get recruited and there are positions that are extremely difficult to get recruited and I want you working a lot with those kids that I’ve known. The college ’cause won’t today. I don’t want you working with a boatload of kids that the college coaches are not needing a lot of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK so I need you to be smart about this so that’s why we talk about this here. So we can talk about softball and baseball right off the bat. And I like you be if you’re in a quiet area. I’d love you to be off meet so we can kind of converse back and forth on this ’cause I need you to really be thinking about this. If I don’t work softball or baseball. What positions? Are the easiest for me to get recruited by college coaches. Think about it that way. Pitchers and catchers. Always need arms. OK. Pictures with good velocity, good size, always an easy thing. I know I’m gonna if I’ve got a kid that’s got good velocity and height.

I put that out on a signing announcement and I will get all kinds of college coaches on that kid immediately to speed and agility training Tulsa. Alright, somebody said catchers. Catcher’s always a good place to go. In the Dhamma sports, I said easy kid to get chrooted OK where else? Shortstop outfield. Alright, basically guys down the middle. Alright I’m looking at shortstops ’cause why? Tim described a shortstop on a softball or baseball team. That kid’s athleticism improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Right arm. Although the best infielder out of all the others, usually the best athlete on the field usually right. I’m sorry using the second fastest route behind this computer, yeah? They should have the best glove on the field and they usually have a great balaki, right? I mean, they know what to. They know what to do in the heat of the moment, that’s our, that’s our shortstop. I want you to look at rosters, college rosters or softball or baseball. You’re going to say that that roster is made up of a lot of travel ball shortstops. ’cause they bring in a short stop. Why they’re fast, they’re agile. They got a great arm. Usually they got great. Great. It’s it’s about it. I don’t just. My Internet skip week I’m having make sure everybody in the house is off of it. College coaches will take a short stop all day long and if they need a third baseman, they’ll convert that kids with third baseman that does speed and agility training Tulsa. They’ll move that kid around the the infield. Because they like shortstops so they’re gonna recruit shortstops heading so that’s easy for me. Not so easy for me to get a first or a third recruited, why improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Because of what I just said, they’re gonna get shortstops and moving around. They want that most athletic kid.

When can I get a first and a third recruited? When can I get a first baseman that third baseman recruited great hitters? Power, power, culture? If I’ve got a first or third, that’s got a big bat, I can get them recruited. But I’m not interested in a person 3rd that can’t hit. You’re not that’s gonna be an impossible kid to get recruited. Am I locking up on y’all? Every once in awhile hear me a little bit, but not really a little bit, but I’ve been doing that all morning. Yeah, Robert Robert locked up a couple times to speed and agility training Tulsa. You’re pretty smooth. We’re struggling here, we got we got some bad weather headed this way. And so it is awful so if at any time you can hear me just. I give me a stop or something OK. So there are positions in softball and baseball that are my ideal positions. So if I’m going to a game blind and I don’t go improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I know that I can go look at the middle of the field and I can find some kids, right?