Yeah alright, so you’re making $34 a month old? That kid improve vertical jump training Tulsa? That’s UCCS, right? That’s bad. Thousand of those. How are you get twenty of those and you got a 6 or $700.00 payment coming in every month for speed and agility training Tulsa? OK, that can almost be like a residual, but I don’t want you go in 18 months if you don’t have to. If you know anything about finance, the lower the down payment, the longer the term is, the more likely it will. Default. Right, that’s what happened. So we want to keep that as slow, so if you need to do half down. And three payments? OK, that’s that’s that’s reasonable. But that’s very reasonable. That’s a decent payout for you. You cannot go over 18 months. Does everybody get that? Don’t even send me a text saying, Susan, can I go 24 months, no? The comp the Peggy at the Home Office is our CFO. She will not accept more than 18 months to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. 18 months is bad. We don’t wanna get worse than that. You cannot get this clear go past graduation with payments. Everybody understand that I had this problem every class.

Well, I thought I could go 18 months there senior no you can’t go 18 months of their senior. You went way past graduation. Once people graduate they will not pay you. How many times have you been on a payment plan for speed and agility training Tulsa? The kid gets a commitment and then they don’t pay you. Well, I really don’t want that can happen. I don’t want that that that can happen. I don’t want to have my payments go past what I think reasonably. They’re gonna start getting offers to be honest. OK, that’s just because I want to protect myself a little bit from that. So who eats that? Does the Scout eat some of that, or is that all NSR? They’re not gonna get your work. You’re not gonna get your future payments if they’re not made to improve vertical jump training Tulsa right, right? OK. And the first thing the office is going to do is they’re gonna say hey, Clint, do you know anything that’s going on with this family? Because let’s be honest about speed and agility training Tulsa, if Mom just got diagnosed with cancer or something happened to the kid, we’re going to be very reasonable. Sure, you know, or like say there was a hurricane and they need a couple months to get back on their feet. We’re going to just let things hold for two months were reasonable.

People were kind people. But if we don’t know we’re going to have to pull them up our system. What’s the percentage of that happening? Is there a you know that? It’s not that hard. I don’t know what it is and that’s gonna be dependent on each scout and the the more long term you’re giving them. Or 18 months, you’re offering the more it’s going to happen. If you keep that very limited, it’s not gonna happen that much in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Parents are all about these kids and they want this recruiting to happen for speed and agility training Tulsa. They have a problem if you stick to your demographics, you state your demographic. It’s almost not an issue. If you need to like set half down, prepayments wasn’t ideal term for the three payments. What do you mean ideal turn? Like how long would you give that for the like in your like you you know what I mean? Like you say you don’t want to do it over 18 months like what would you say for an ideal time to make those payments? OK, when I say three payments, I mean three months. OK. Understand. When they make their first down payment or full pay. If they make a down payment, let me talk about this first. And it’s towards the end of the month. They’re not going to get a payment the very mixed month to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It’ll be the next month. Hey, so like it’s it’s May 28th or May 26th. That you’re getting this one in the system.

Peggy’s not gonna turn around and give them a June payment. She’ll give them a July payment right? But that also means you’re not going to get a payment on that until August for speed and agility training Tulsa. Let me explain this to you OK. Or I get your timelines for full pace and down payments. That you get everything in the system. Everything is all pictures of contracts to Peggy. In Eveo, in money to the office. When all those three things happen, you are qualified for payment. When you get that in by a Thursday at midnight, you get paid the following Wednesday, Wednesdays are paydays. Add in Sr. If you don’t get it until Friday. When do you get paid? Following Wednesday following Wednesday, OK. Just understand that’s how it works. Initially y’all are gonna get a paper check. But you can flip to automatic really quickly. OK, which is what I want ’cause paper check out of alabaster takes freaking forever. Just give me a heads up right now. OK, that’s for new enrollments. That’s how you get paid on new enrollments. Your payments are different. So let’s say you have accrued $1000 worth of payments that are coming in every month for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Windows come in in May. You’re not gonna get paid for those until June 15th or 16th. The middle of the month. OK, see those are delayed a month for speed and agility training Tulsa.

So like I said earlier, if you enroll a kid the end of May. She’s not gonna have their first payment due until julai we’re gonna skip June because it was so close. You’re not gonna get paid till the middle of August on your first payment. You’re gonna get your down payment money, but you’re not gonna get your payment money till August. Does that make sense? So what that means in a normal month, you have four Wednesdays. Ann, you have a payment day that’s in the middle of the month. Some turmeric, sometime around the 16th or 17th is usually when it falls. So you’re basically getting 5 checks a month. If you’re enrolling somebody every month. If there’s five Wednesdays, you’re getting 6 paychecks that month. Alright. I like weekly pay. I don’t know about y’all, but I like it a lot. But understand that that first payment stuff. Y’all are not going to probably be eligible to start getting your first payments until probably. July or August?