So let me get improve vertical jump training Tulsa right. You’re 1 of 27,000 people that he’s following and you feel good about speed and agility training Tulsa. Let that sink in for a minute fellows. Oh yeah, Coach is following me and 27,000 other people. So do you think you’re truly has his attention? Crap no. Will you ask me for video? Yeah, because he’s he’s trying to win the ESPN recruiting coach of the Year award, you know? So at the end of the day, he’s trying to get the most followers and the most likes of the most. All that kind of stuff. So make no mistake, everybody’s got. Everybody’s got an angle. You just gotta know what the angle is. Any questions on online research improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Use it. It’s powerful, very, very powerful. The next one, private instructors and facilities for prospecting.

How many of you know a private instructor that does hitting swing for speed and agility training Tulsa? Pitching individual coaching you all do right. We got some other you even do it. OK so at the end of the day you know those people. Those people are absolutely perfect people for you to reach out to and talk to them about potential prospects. Why? Will this do by the reasoning of deduction and read the student reasoning induction here OK Mom and Dad are spending $4050 an hour. They take a kid that is 1213 years old so they can become a better hitter so they can play the be the best travel ball kid there is. No. They’re spending 30 forty, $50.00 an hour to take that kid at 14 years old to be the best hitter that can be so they can get on somebody’s college watch list. And if they’re doing it for any other reason than speed and agility training Tulsa. All they’re doing improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Money down the toilet. And I don’t know many people that just for kicks and grins P money down the toilet. I mean they got plenty to do.

I know those people, but the end of the day they’re not doing it for kicks and grant. The point is, is that these people their strength and conditioning coaches, speed and delete people pitching, coaches, swimming coaches, club pros, people that only indoor facilities and have training facilities. Those are perfect relationships for you. Try to build relationships with. Because those individuals have access to number of kids that you’re going to want to get to. OK. Or you may already have this list after list after list of access of kids that are not only using you or your facility or others as well that you know that your friends in the industry, those are your peers for speed and agility training Tulsa, guys. Those are people that will be able to refer kids to you and build improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We can build partnerships with them. And again, if it’s a partnership, then you can talk to me, will figure out how to make that work. But prospecting those places is a great place you want to use those tools that you have to get in front of those people. Skype, they have kids and they have people that are spending money and those people their spending money or our prospects. There are families. They are the people that are already used to spending money for their kids. Susan may have told you guys this OK what two sports are the two sports that spend the least amount of money? That we usually work with. Y’all remember. Or she had covered this way.

She covered it baseball. Football, actually baseball. You talking about parents spending? I’m talking bout parents spending money. What are the force that they don’t spend money much money in? Football has to be one of them, right speed and agility training Tulsa? Football is one of them. You are correct. Mens basketball women’s basketball. Volleyball is the next to golf and tennis. The most expensive sport to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Follower average club dues to play. A season of club volleyball. Is about 3 grand. Yep, 3500 here. Average. Softball baseball is close behind. Softball baseball softball is more of the blue collar in my opinion. It’s more the blue collar piece because you got a lot of average medium income families chasing the softball drink with her daughter. Baseball is a little more medium to upper income because you have a lot of rich kids that are playing the game and their parents are dumping all kinds of money. If you don’t believe me, go to go to Cobb County and go to. Go to Atlanta and see what’s going on in North of Atlanta. Is that it’s outrageous. Volleyball is wealthy for the most part. You don’t see very many kids that their inner city kids playing the game. Because it’s just not golf.

A tennis still at the top. Football based basketball at the bottom. As far as amounts of money that spent football being the last of those. Because they’re just not. They’re not. The school is buying all the equipment, providing everything. You know the kid might have to spend some money for a scout, you know, for a spirit pack or something for speed and agility training Tulsa. This time it’s even covered by the booster club. Basketball a lot of times there the a organization is trying to raise money with donut sales of car washes. The bill pay for the travel expenses of of the kids or try to get sponsors to cover. So there is a niche there, but yeah, we just gotta know what improve vertical jump training Tulsa is. OK, I sure that we’re not ’cause I’m being down on these four ’cause let me just tell you all right now. If it’s an incidental a sport. And it all just row ship. We’re going to work it, and so at the end of the day, I get it. But also I’ve only got so many hours in a day. So guess what I’m gonna do with my hours? I’m gonna be very effective and efficient in how I spend those and where I spend.