It is and obviously we want the kids to workout doing speed and agility training in Tulsa and get stronger nowadays. You know but that that’s a topic for another day, but just so you know how you can identify it, and fix it and then finally footwork off . The pass dig him block as well as improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You need to be able to teach the players.

OK and we’re going to talk about it later today, what’s the past, I’m talking about the service cephas, so if you are a hitter who is in the service C formation. What’s the footwork? OK, that’s gonna get you out to hit, but how about the date about the block so if you dig the ball, if we dig them all watch the footwork, from there that you learned in speed and agility training Tulsa? If you block you actually block, and I’m not coming down now I need to make myself available to hit watch the football we’ll talk about it in more details later on any questions. But good so far OK. Throwing position or what I used to call segment one this is segment one here throwing position. We just talked about it up early when we just talked about it when your feet leave the floor and improve vertical jump training Tulsa you keep your left arm as high as possible. Pointing to the ball. Has your speed and agility training instructor told you about this? You don’t see a lot of hitters gonna do this sometimes, like if you have a middle who does this more than likely the set is going to be low and why do you want the left arm to be up, the left arm is nothing more than visual that’s going to help with the perception for the header.

For the center if it involves a set like the quick attack between the setters which takes a lot of coordination coordination is key in speed and agility training Tulsa. Between the seller and the hitter OK, so we left as high as possible so you can improve vertical jump training Tulsa and beat the opponent in height. I tell the players point at the ball this kind of helps it get them to be up here right elbow is up and back you want this to be slightly above the shoulder, not here, and not here. Just slightly above the shoulder and instead of here, I want to be back and I definitely want my my palm to be facing the wall behind me. I’m going to tell you why in a second, go ahead actually input do this gonna do this actually do this. One is away and grab you by step by step folder now do this journey hand to face you. So what do you notice what’s happening to the bicycle contract, it so if you hear this is contacted, if you hear it’s what it’s relax and this is how you get the whipping motion.

When it comes to the hit so you definitely want your arm to be relaxed you definitely want your palm to be fit, and you do the same thing with the serving by the way serving and hitting obviously the same kind of the same skill with the exception of the spin. Is it a rotational force, not a piking force this is rotational force this is spiking too. Because not a piking forces the rotational force. Theres a huge difference so when you are speed and agility training in Tulsa be sure to work on both, piking and rotational force. like it’s like you have an access that’s going through your body through the center of gravity. Youre fighting gravity to improve vertical jump training Tulsa and you’re rotating around the axis, the more you can do this you can do this all your life with no no pain in your back or shoulder, but once you start biking you’re putting a lot of stress here we’re putting a lot of stress on you back and overtime you’re definitely going to have pain or injury OK? Shoulder to shoulder what does that mean? Means I go from here into the ballm so I’m going to go from shoulder to shoulder, that’s unloading on the wall. OK again, remember you’re rotating around the axis rotating.

OK oh actually I did put it down, my bad. I didn’t even see it there see how we need to improve vertical jump training Tulsa ? We go right down the spine, like I said, full left arm so I like to go from here and by the time they hit. I like to bring the left arm inside the stomach thumb here is gonna go out this way a little bit, that’s fine too, as long as it’s close to the body and not too far out. OK, so I like to go from here and from here to here inside the stomach this is how you generate power force into the ball elbow, extends high and fast, yeah so that’s the line of course. So by the time I’m doing this OK and let’s say this is the point of contact with the ball, you guys see that over here. Yeah so this is extended and if you if you actually can imagine this a line going through here, going through the center of my body, and all the way to the left ankle this is called the line of force. Work with your training in speed and agility training Tulsa classes to work on the line of force. It’s the best use of your time.

This is actually I gotta give column a gown on IP to his credit that’s his thing he has a book on bio mechanics and naturally improve vertical jump training Tulsa and global really excellent book. He talks about the line of force, so why is the line of course important, like if I’m standing behind a hitter and I see the hitter do this every time. They make contact with the ball why is this important, I’m gonna tell you why it’s important actually let me see what’s in the chat for one seck here. Add one question 3 1 oh I see it I see it now also that foot is behind the right foot, or not facing the seller yes, yes, well that’s what’s what does that mean when the left foot is behind the right foot. Not facing the salad is almost goofy footed approach you know that’s why your goofy that’s why again