You have tournament books about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, if you have whether it’s digital or a physical book or something like that. I don’t want you sitting from the computer, so we would do speed and agility training Tulsa. You would send those in. Here you can email him to Ryan or Yan at And we would get those pudding. If for some reason you forget it, you can email massage and you can email it to me. We’re going to get into the right people. OK, and they’ll get those books put in for you. Now here’s what I’m going to tell you. If you send a book in an it’s 400 pages and you don’t hate turn us this weekend. I know it’s Thursday. Can you get it done? I’m gonna say no. You need to be prepared to do a post tournament in email and not a pre tournament email because you know time sometimes just doesn’t allow it. So we need to give us much lead times in countless things. Anything that’s related to.

Your email, your email signature campaigns things like that. Also go to Ryan. You can copy me in almost I’m Brian was Brian or Yan and Brian Bryan. So you either put a B on it or take it be off of it. And either way it’s gonna get speed and agility training Tulsa done ’cause literally he sits across the whole front. So we got improve vertical jump training Tulsa done. I know you guys haven’t talked to about TiVo or anything like that yet, but we’ll get into who who covers all of that down the road. As we get moving forward, let’s see. Corey, Joe question I do. And forgive me if you’ve covered it or if it’s down the road. Video management, I can imagine that can be a headache as far as well. First of all, what are you asking like how long of a video are you asking for? We talk about services, but yeah. We’ve done analytics in a video should never be more than 5 minutes for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Nobody other than your grandmother’s going to watch a video this morning, 5 minutes long. So you know anywhere from that three to five minute range is perfect, and you always want to frontload it. Guys, I know a lot of people try to build up to manage big crescendo in my in my video. Don’t do that.

You’ve got to catch the the coaches attention at the front end of speed and agility training Tulsa. It makes me wanna watch the next three minutes of it. If you don’t catch my attention in the 1st 30 seconds as a coach, I’m probably not 100 to watch. So you wanna you wanna have some of your best stuff at the beginning? But no more than five minutes ever on video, and we’ll talk about how to get that in here for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You know, Robert, not Robert Cable, so please do not send him your video. But Robert Robert here DNS, or will be the one that gets your video, and we have video ID forms and and everything that athletes cannot upload their own video. On the system, all video has to go through here ’cause we don’t want a football player to to insert highlights of Reggie Bush and and try to pass him off himself. Sure, so so kind of a little bit long along the lines of what we’re talking about is it? Would we be sending in video for anybody that’s in our funnel for speed and agility training Tulsa?

Or would they be further down the funnel? Is only for Instore athletes gonna get video you’re going to get video when they give you a scout meeting right? Hopefully there sending you video and you’re a valuating that video. You’re not sending that anywhere. Sure, unless you enroll in that can be part of their video. OK so that answer that brings up another question, how do we manage? I mean you guys assist in any way in helping us manage improve vertical jump training Tulsa. 5 minute videos times 100 people and and so that sort of thing. Do you just you do get rid of it after go ahead? And here’s the thing. Usually when they include a link for their video, they’re normally wear from 30 to a minute and a half, so that’s what you’d request is the link not necessarily send me a video. Physical video their simulate ’cause they really got it on YouTube or they’ve got it somewhere else, and so they’re. They’re including a link in the notes of the Scout reform. Very good to watch that video. Go ahead, Jerry. Right, I just had an athlete just tweet me asking me if you could send over video to me so speed and agility training Tulsa. That just came across my Twitter grown in that instant.

What would I do once I get started? After what I did, just have him send me video. Go ahead. That’s exactly what you want them to. I mean, that’s what we’re trying to get them to do, so yeah, see me video, I’ll see what you got. Don’t tell him anything else. Don’t talk about how we can fix. Don’t talk anything. You look at the video. I evaluate your video to tell you what you got. So I want to send him anything. Just tell him what I see at improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Shut it down. OK, yeah, ’cause look this is already started the process. Yeah, this is what I was talking about while ago of you. Don’t have to get a scouting for him to go with the process right open to get that information for now. He’s already began that. So you’ve already started even though it’s just about video you’ve already started the dialogue so you don’t have to worry about scouting form on this kid. At this point, getting their mind OK, I gotta send them to fill out a scout before so I can get that information. Don’t do that. You are communicating with him. Keep that going. In the right direction, but not definitely. Don’t settle back for speed and agility training Tulsa. Prescott gave him all the speech I said don’t make Susan call me angry because she said Bill said I was giving resetting interview but I told him to wait. They have to fill out a scout me. From first I said if I hear that I’m going to fall out of my chair and then we that Bill and I probably mad at Susan. That’s a true story. He did tell us that. Alright guys, any more questions?