Would Patty. It wasn’t competitive or not, that was using metal bats. I thought this is amazing so I started my own word badly in 2002. During that time, 126 kids got signed out of my wood Bat League through me. Because it was all all the best players came out for would bat. But while I was there playing in my own League. Is another thing you never know who’s watching on. One day I threw a complete game shutout I had the endurance built up from my speed and agility training Tulsa. I hit a home run left, handed a home, run right handed, and next thing you know, there’s a Mexico scout sitting in the stands and asked me to improve vertical jump training Tulsa professionally in Mexico. I’m 37 years old. And this guy thought I was 20 something, so I’ve always you look younger than my age. I’m 55 now. But I said I only could play on the weekends ’cause I got a good job at the time I was a GM for 24 hour fitness where I taught speed and agility training Tulsa.

Running running health clubs and I soccer player weekends. That’s it. And they said will sign into weekends. They paid me 1200 a month to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Long story short, I played down there for seven years till the age of 43 and that during that time I met Mike Smith. You know Mike Smith? An I got Mike Smith who was he was playing with me on my team and I got my come down and play professionally in Mexico. And Mike and I were teammates in Mexico. And then I got. I got Mike signed to independent ball. And he went back to pro ball for one year. His first outing, he struck out ten guys. And he just came back for one year and that was it. That’s how I know. Mike Smith. So that brought me back to baseball.

And 2009 I after I got done coaching vertical jump training in Tulsa and independent ball up in Canada. I started doing lessons, opened up my own indoor Academy to really focus on speed and agility training Tulsa after I built up a large following. I was interested in California, ran Nolimits baseball for 10 years at 8000 square foot indoor facility. Did that till 2019. Came up with the idea to build a a surfing weight. Kinesiology has gotten so good that we can track my progress in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Anna Baseball complex combination. It was a dream of mine that build that in Arizona. So I packed up my family, told my mom to sell her house. I go were moving to Arizona to build my dream. So. Here is my dream. Why isn’t 8 baseball complex in the forest Insert Park? I’m just got funding for $40 million. It took Me 2 years. I just got the funds. Now we’re doing the. The land acquisition right now that will probably be about three years, so it’s done. But what’s good about the baseball complex ’cause I could do showcases there? But that’s three years down the line. Right now I just opened up my own indoor facility here in Chandler, AZ to 3600 square foot speed and agility training training facility. I’m currently head coach to Desert my assistant is the one who trains to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I mean, I assistant varsity coach, pitching coach at Desert Ridge High.

In Mesa, AZ an I run tournaments Arizona Premier tournaments from 9 years old all the way up to 18 years old. So I’ve got connections here in Arizona. In the baseball world. Buy football for 10 years so I can do football, baseball and softball and Southern California. I’m going to be doing as well that I have a ton of connections with my areas, so I’ve already reached out to. Couple dozen of my old parents in California that want to meet with me that their kids are already either freshmen or sophomores or juniors. I’ve got those already set up, and then I’ve got people here at my current high school that need help getting into college as well. So I’ve already got a bunch of people to meet with. And also if you don’t remember that show pros versus Joes that used to be on Spike TV. I was a consent by contest it in 2008 at age 42 and I took third made it all the way to the finals. So that’s my story. Once again, everybody’s got a story, right? That’s right, just printed. It’s likely designed for Bill to go first, and to say that and then everybody to come back for their story. We’ve got some stories of great heartache, great great speed and agility training successes in Tulsa, and everything in between. Improve vertical jump training Tulsa! You know that that’s life and. All those experiences potentially make you tremendous at what you’re about to embark on. My biggest thing Jerry is I just hope that you have the time to dedicate to be really successful.

We do because you’ve got a lot going on. Distal flow for this is full time good. The fun part is he went back to California to get in the adult. Video, I mean Baseball League adult videos. I thought for a second who’s going to adult video business and I want it all back. It is good to have you got a lot of connections. We do a lot of things, but over the years we’ve been heavy in volleyball out there so and so you know, there’s a lot of things you’re going to bring to us out there. We’re excited about speed and agility training Tulsa. We’re glad you’re here every time I have a tournament ill be testing improve vertical jump training Tulsa I have, I’ll have claims right in front of me. There you go. It works alright guys, this is gonna be a fun class. I hope everybody understands why. Everybody’s here. You’re all coming from different backgrounds with all all having one goal. Now you got. We’ve got ranging levels of experience and you know what we’re going to work with all that. So we’re very excited. We do have to make a little break here now. We have a national call that we do every Monday at 11:00 o’clock. We’re gonna and we don’t.