Recruiting seminars for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And you know that way it they see other people coming to speed and agility training Tulsa as well. Big Day or, you know, go to my Facebook page and you know look up one of my. Seminars. That way it’s not. Personal relationship is if you got somebody that’s so close to you, they know you’re training today. And as soon as you get out of training, you call them. They’re gonna put up walls, they’re gonna blow you off. They’re going to push you off. If you can start having success outside that immediate circle. And you start sharing on your social media. It will make them look at you differently. Right now they don’t know if you’re going to be successful at this. If they know you’re in training this week. OK, so they need to see that this is really what Todd is doing now. And that Todd is having success at this. If you’re working with somebody who didn’t know you last week. You’re not gonna have that dilemma. Unishe Lee.

It makes sense. People agree with improve vertical jump training Tulsa. The hardest interview and presentation to do. Is people you know really well going to do speed and agility training Tulsa? I know you think it’s not gonna be, or some of you think it’s not gonna be, but it is. Because they’re going to be the most critical of you, and they’re going to be the ones that keep going. Hey, Bill, I don’t wanna hear all this. What is this gonna cost? Because they feel like they have that right? Because you’re their friend. Whereas if you’re dealing with somebody that’s not your friend yet, they’re just gonna follow the process like you’re insisting it go. So it mean when you’re dealing with a friend after you’ve had some success and say, listen, Jerry, you know that I know your daughter can play, but I do have a process I have to go through. I guess you’re gonna have to let me go through the process, OK, and just blame the process. That’s alright, we can do it until you long time. So, So what happens if you get exchange contact info for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? And you know, you’re saying, let’s set something up and then the first thing they text you is hey, I talked to my wife for talking to husband and we wanna know what the what the prices?

OK, I must say listen mom and dad about speed and agility training Tulsa. I’m sorry if something I said made you think that was the appropriate question because it’s not. I’m still in my evaluation phase. You know, I saw your daughter play. She’s got some great skill sets, but I still don’t know everything about her. I need to know. So I’ve got a process that the college Coach interview is going to be. Very informational for y’all. Were going to go over those four phases of recruiting. We’re going to see where she is and those were gonna find out about her dreams. Her desire to play in college. You know, an adult. After all that we may talk about what I do, but I have to be convinced that she’s a kid that I would want to work with it. I’m not to improve vertical jump training Tulsa yet. OK, OK. 102nd alright. Other thoughts, other concerns? I need you to practice this tonight. Need you to practice this tonight? Your husband mentioned when he spoke with us this morning about speed and agility training Tulsa. When that question is arises. You need to, like you said, decide on whether or not you want to offer the family that you’re still use the word offer, yet that I’m still in the evaluation. Based on whether or not so that it, it sounds and the communication is very much college life. Yep, no, no college coach. And I spent a lot of years at that level. Talks anything about money? Ever that that that is a last possible thing. It comes into the recruiting process. If any problem what level you’re at, whether it’s Division One, two or three, or repackaging kids. But that’s never. Part of the evaluation is never part of any of the communication about speed and agility training Tulsa.

Until the very end. He used the word offer so that there’s a there’s. A correlation. And they understand there’s a contingency. I may or may not decide to move forward after the interview. So that people feel like you’re making a decision during the interview Anuar. I told you the other day, there are some dads you don’t want to work with, ’cause they’re jerks. There are some kids that when you start talking to him about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, it becomes apparent that it’s not their dream. It’s mom’s dream. We don’t want to work with that kid. That shouldn’t happen most of the time. But there are going to be times that that happens. There’s going to be kids that you sit down with and dads like.

If they don’t play power five, we’re not interested and the kid doesn’t have power. Five talent. You know what? I can’t make that family happy. I don’t want to work with him for speed and agility training Tulsa. Different story if they’ve got powerful skill set power. Five side size power, five academics. That’s a different story. But they don’t have all that. I don’t wanna work without kids. I can’t make them happy. I don’t want to start a relationship that I know is going to end badly. Setting interviews, not hard, but man it is necessary to be good at what we do. I’m going to tell you. If you would do 15 evaluations for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. 15 evaluations at the field court, whatever, and you have 15 conversations at the field. You should set ten of those. Then out of those ten, you should have an 80 to 90% close rate. When you get good at this. OK, let’s think about this. If I’m watching a game. This is easier if it’s a tournament, but say I’m at a high school game.