This moment in your life. We’re hoping that maybe at time you get really good at this and all of a sudden you don’t see the necessity to spend 40 hours a week doing something you really don’t like. OK, instead do something to do 50 or 60 hours a week that you absolutely love and it’s hard to call work. That’s why I got into speed and agility training Tulsa. Its no longer like a job but instead something im doing fun and making a living. You know, watching athletes just talking to families, changing kids lives helping to improve vertical jump training in tulsa and elsewhere. Making them something better for the future, as much greater that truth is, and whatever it is we’re doing right now. Outside of that, it could be a ministry. It can be a mentor ship. It can be a coaching. It can be leadership. You can call it what you want, but when you’re helping young people get to the next level, their life, and you’re doing it and getting paid to do it. It’s a beautiful thing. We’re glad you’re here learning about speed and agility training Tulsa. Our backgrounds are diverse. What we’re going to do this morning as we get started is we’re going to each one of us kind of introduce ourselves so you can get a leg up on the competition through improve vertical jump training tulsa. A little bit of how we want you to introduce yourself. We’re going to want to know about who you are, where you, the state you live in, the city you live in. We’re going to want you tell us a little bit about your sports background. You know how you got to where you are?

I want to know a little bit about if you have, you know, a professional background behind that. Whatever your career is being that left brought you here tell us a little bit about that so we can let everybody on the call know that. I realize that we all have access to Larry, myself, Mike, Suzan. We have access to your resume, so we’ve seen that, but I want you to hear I want to hear you talk about that so everybody can. Can get a feel for why you’re here, part time or full time. You know you are you. Do you have another career that you’re going to be doing are you improve vertical jump training tulsa for a living? And you’re trying to transition into this? Or you just going to be full time? Dropped it, but you know knees up to it, up to my chest and this stuff. And that’s OK too, but we want to know.

And the reason I’m gonna wanna know is because there’s a certain level expectation. That we’re going to have individually from each one of you and that piece of it will be based not on the whole group, but on you as an individual. And what your experience is and what your potential future is. So that’s it. That’s what we’re. We’re just glad you’re here again, Coach Robert Cagle. I’m Susan. I’ve been doing this for. I don’t know. I think word our 14th year. Or maybe I don’t want 2007. When we started speed and agility training Tulsa., I think, but. 2008, whenever it was so, we’ve been doing this a long time. Like we’re in 14th year.

We came in and we were back in the day. There was no such thing as scouts. There was only a couple trainers doing improve vertical jump training tulsa. You that came in and you bought in as a licensee, which you own part of the company or on an area of the country. And that’s what we did back in the day. So we have skin in this that may be another reason we’re so passionate about it. I got a bunch of skin sweat blood in this thing so it matter. Oh play told Miss back in the day I was too sport guy coming out of high school and to make a decision on being drafted or going on. Play it on the baseball side are going to play at old Miss on the football side. Those over to see me stand up. You know I’m not small, OK? I mean there’s a reason I’m taking up 3/4 of the camera insert’s not I’m getting it. I’m I’m a fairly. Large human being. When you start looking at me and so hush leg, I don’t wanna hear any words for me on that. OK so but anyway, so I play a little ball. Really good career old miss even did some speed and agility training Tulsa. Started on the recruiting staff after I played there for my clear ended and that’s where I cut my teeth on. Recruiting back in the late 80s so that just told you I’m, you know I got a little Gray hair on my head. Not quite as much as as you know, not quite as much as Bill or card up there, but still got some anyway and thing is is that you know Bill, I still have some. Im short but I can jump because of what I ve learned in improve vertical jump training tulsa.

But I mean when I’m getting all that right, OK? I got some too so we will have fun when we do this week and just know that that’s it. So I’ve coached high school football here in the state of Alabama as well also was part of the speed and agility training Tulsa staff. Well, the state of Alabama as well. You know it was in the business world for after I finished the graduated. Ridgely traveled all over the country doing speed and agility training in Tulsa and elsewhere.. My job was to train people in sales and management as a consultant, and that’s what I did get paid. Stupid to do it and it was kind of crazy. But this visit. And then children come along and they want to jump higher you know so we enroll them in improve vertical jump training tulsa to see if we can improve them to get recruited, you know, and then. I had a passion in life of that surrounds my spiritual beliefs and so Susan how were involved in ministry for enstilar 2 degree? Well, no, tuneup still are. I don’t know otherwise. Say that once you do it you always do it and so we use the family ministry. While I was coaching high school football at a private school. And do it in a sore. So that leads me to this before I pitch it off to Larry or Susan or Mike OK. Full time office at the church when ministering.