I need to know what our schedule is for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, so that when she plays at legacy I can come watch her play and I need you to tell that family that we know who she is and for her just always keep us in the back of her mind so we can talk to her in the future for speed and agility training Tulsa. Because now the rules are different. Used to, they could take a phone call from that kid. Have a conversation with a can anymore. So it’s too early. It’s too late. We have to address that with Ames. Sometimes if you have a chance people don’t even know what divisions are locali. I was like, well, I was with the family one time it or doing recruiting seminar in a dad piped up in the group said yeah, well, you know, tell us about some of these junior college opportunities like Troy.

And I stood there for a minute, I went to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Go, is there a junior College in Troy? And the guy said, yeah, you know, Troy State. Speed and agility training Tulsa is back before the Troy changing name Troy University. And I said, Sir? You you don’t realize Troy State University is a Division One mid major school. I thought there junior college. A couple of chuckles from the audience. And I said, well, there’s probably a lot about this process that. That you really don’t realize then you probably want to see me afterwards today. They want another question at that point. By the way, guys, the questions right done. Because there were a lot of people in there that didn’t even know the difference between a mid major Division One thinking it was a junior college. Because they don’t know. And if they don’t know, that means they only thing they know is who they watch on television on Saturday, Sunday, and speed and agility training Tulsa in a week. Play it on ESPN. They don’t know all the other opportunities. I love D2D3 and AI and you called opportunities for kids. Why improve vertical jump training Tulsa? ’cause that’s where the majority of gonna end up.

It’s kind of funny though. ’cause still 3030 to 35% of the athletes we work with end up being Division One. It’s our biggest category in some sports is almost 50%. Crazy. I will talk about the four stages recruiting and recruiting seminar. I must spend a good bit of time there with them talking about those four stages so that they understand exactly what it is that they need to do and how they need to be able to do it. Guys hold on just a second. Sorry bout that. I had a family just reach back out quick. I will talk about the four stages. I will do the four stages of such a way where they understand where they are and where they are not in the process of speed and agility training Tulsa. When I talk about the four stages and I literally go through that with them, do you think that that would create some urgency with those people sitting in the seats at that particular point in time when they realize they’re not even in the identification recognition phase of the process? Yeah, absolutely at it. Maybe it’s creates a panic. It literally creates a Stampede effect that they’re trying to get to you to talk to you afterwards. OK, and The thing is, is that high school coaches in travel ball coaches, could they have the best of intentions?

They’re really good people. They are good people, y’all. They’re just, they just don’t know what they don’t know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. It’s like the other day, literally, we were in Atlanta and you HS volleyball coach was there and it was one of only five or six coaches I saw. There were no Division One guys there, ’cause we’re still in a dead. So we’re sitting there and I’m I’m listening to speed and agility training Tulsa after after a match is over the kit the coaches got this group of the new season 18 U team. He’s got him with the parents off to the side and he’s all bowed. Bold his neck up talking about how that you know that he use all the couple of coaches here watching us play and their their player watching all of your players. You play for my team and and you know that they’re they’re all here because you all can play somewhere and and he’s talking he’s just talking. We just talked and you know there will be some Division One guys will be here for the days over with. And I’m sitting there the whole time. Listening to this. Load of garbage come out of this guy’s mouth and The thing is he has the best of intentions to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. All he really does. But you all know that that UA Church was there to see one kid. And that kid knows she that she would. That coach was there to watch her. That coach wasn’t there to see all eleven of the ten of those kids play, and there are no D1 coaches there. Because where did add. And all those parents are sitting there. Just an odd end buying into that crap because the guy don’t know what he don’t know. In an apparent loss up to me afterwards it goes.

Hey, I saw you standing over there with the UH, coach, yeah? In our coach to us, and I heard what you Coach said. He was here to see one kid. Well, how do you know about speed and agility training Tulsa? Because this is what I do everyday for a living. It’s not a weekend warrior hobby. He was here to see #16. The middle that 6 foot two that touches 911. That’s who was here to see. She knows that she was here. He was here to see her and so does the family. Yeah, but the coat I said. I’m sorry coach means well. But your that Auh coach did not evaluate a single another kid on floor. Wow. Which one was your daughter? Here’s what happened next. And evaluation. Guess what happened next to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? An interview. Guess what happened next? On Monday night after everybody got home. The satyr on that team is now Nesar athlete. What? Because the parent walked up. Wanna know why? Who I was, what I was doing? I didn’t have row my radar until I had a chance to watch you play. By the way, I’ve had her in the system since last Tuesday, I guess.