You know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa? You’re lucky when I first got into a sales type role. The first thing that my boss did to me is I was in Birmingham, was in the copier industry and this was back when we did speed and agility training Tulsa. You know, in the in the. Middle I guess the late 90s. He basically took me, dropped me off in front of one of the big office buildings in downtown Birmingham and said. I’ll come pick you back up when you’ve knocked on every door in this building. And this was a time when copiers were not very big. You could take him. I mean they had the big ones, but these were kind of your personal type copy. You can take him in a little like a hospital burn and you get out of your car.

You will it in somewhere menu demo what form you show him all the bells and whistles and and they either buy one or not and you go to the next. So I knew we had customers in that building and and the Boston look I’ve got. I’m looking out for you if you don’t go visit them. I’m going to know it and so he drops me off and and then there’s probably 300 offices in this one building, so it’s a multi day process to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But I did it. I went through every one of them and I sold a few and got a lot of nose and different things for speed and agility training Tulsa. But the first day? I got nothing. I didn’t get a demo, I didn’t get anything, but I knocked on the doors. I saw some of our current customers knocked on the door step go second day. Got a little bit, but still look discouraged. You know, as I’m working my way up the building. The third day. You know, I’m working on getting a little bit more and I’m beginning to realize something. You know, the higher you go up in the building, usually the bigger the companies they are usually, the more money they have and the more eager they are to spend. So as I’m going through, you know it’s towards the end of the day. And I’ll get ready go down. You know what I know, none of these guys are current customer. You know I’ve already had like 4-5 sales today.

Maybe I’m just I’m exhausted for speed and agility training Tulsa, I, you know, I’m just going to go down nobody’s gonna know. I mean they’re going to be here to pick me up and then like 30 minutes. So. I’m like now, you know, I’m not gonna start off with a new company that way we can improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We can go, knock and take my lumps, and then I’ll go and I’ll be happy with the you know, six or seven cells. I’ve gotten over 2 day period of time up. Also be happy with it. So I’m going to knock on one. Nothing knock on the next with nothing more than next. A last door I go and knock on and I go in and there’s a man in there man and he’s just, you know he’s frustrated. You know how you get? If you’ve ever used a copier and it just keeps jamming onya or you know for you guys who don’t use conquers your computer it freezes up all the time but you get that level of frustration.

Man, I could tell when I walked in the door. That’s where this guy was. You know he’s over there and you know he’s proverbially kicking the old machine and trying to get it going to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Hit on top and it’s just not working for speed and agility training Tulsa. So you know, right place, right time I go in, I’m going in a copy. So he said. We’ve got a company we deal with. But I’ll let you demo it for me if you’ll do this number of copies and I’m like. OK, sure, whatever. So I did him. Copy ran smooth, everything worked great. Needless to say, ended up making that sale pause. That company had multiple branches around the country that I ended up getting that whole corporate account for, and probably making my biggest cell of my four year career there in the copier business. So that’s a long story. To talk about one thing, and that’s the ground that’s not giving up. That’s not seeing those last four doors at the end of the day, or those last four names on your list at the end of the day and saying, you know what? Nobody’s gonna know if I would call them. You know what these kids can, you know, they’re borderline. I’m not sure they can really play, you know, you never know. What’s going to happen if you make that last call of the day for speed and agility training Tulsa? Because I surely what’s gonna happen if you don’t make improve vertical jump training Tulsa, somebody else will OK so you always wanna do it. You always want to be there.

You always gonna be the one grinding now. As a long, long story to get to that point. But the reason I did this without talk about something that we were on. Our Academy calls this morning and, you know, we talked about the funnel. And what about? You know, one of our scouts came out and said, well, we should call it the anti fun bold because it’s no fun. It’s a grind to build it. And that’s 100% true guys prospecting. In any business in any industry is the bane of. Most people OK, you know you hear people talk bold time. Oh I hate making cold calls for speed and agility training Tulsa. I don’t wanna speakerphone. Call great. We don’t want you doing that. You know that’s counterproductive. But you do have to prospect. You do have to get out here for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You have to do some other things at the top of the phone and already talked about. You know, collecting the tournament boats, collecting evaluation forms, you know, going to facilities, going to practices, getting referrals once you start, get some kids enrolled scouting practices and games, thinking outside the box, you know social media prospecting. All types of things. Prospecting is a big part of your day.